• Melone Swagger 1 month ago


  • QuantumKing 1 month ago

    i dont know what i think about the outfit

  • Tin Tin 1 month ago

    Like man could the next season use link summonig

  • adrian lopez 1 month ago

    can you upload netx ep this week

  • Blizzard Snake 1 month ago

    Can you add slider the sky dragon

  • 7154gonzo 1 month ago

    dammit canadian XD

  • KingOfGames123 - Your new King of Games 1 month ago

    How did you get the duel disk

  • Exodia the destroyer 1 month ago

    Xylo for an episode think u could duel a spirit of a monster? that would be so cool

  • Breon Jackson 1 month ago

    zelo is the next jaden

  • Jay Demigod 1 month ago

    I am the true wielder of the Three Sacred Beasts. You’re just merely wielding a copy of it

  • Caleb Truscott 1 month ago

    I call the sacred beasts hamon cheese, Oreo, and Ravioli, lord of spaghetti

  • Skull King 1 month ago

    Of course zeelo destroyed the wall of a vacant room, him and general baboon would be great friends from this

  • The gaming siblings 360 1 month ago

    OK so basicly zello is jadien from gx and Dan is basicly syres

    Sorry for spelling syre’s name wrong TWICE!!

  • Dim nightmare Dayton 1 month ago

    I like this Zeelo guy my type of guy I would like to be his roommate LOL

  • Johana Rivas 1 month ago

    love the accent

  • vilma ksp 1 month ago

    hey, silly question, but where do they play the yu gi oh part of the roleplay?

  • Zombie gamer 196 1 month ago

    How does xylophony only have 167k like dude he should have 1million subs man good work on the rp you did an amazing job keep up the good work i love yugioh😎

  • Exodia the destroyer 1 month ago

    “together we have ham and oreos” anyone else just die of laughter do to zeelo

  • Dragas21243 1 month ago

    I think a character that pops in to tell Zello things about class would be very funny.

  • RealMelodyHope 1 month ago


    That dude is protagonist material.

  • Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdul Rahman 1 month ago

    So true always be prepared if ou cannpt walk bring a wheelchair

  • The Night Wolf 1 month ago

    This was a really fun duel to watch! Zeelophonay will be the best, like no one ever was! Wait…wrong game again XD

  • Janice Wong 1 month ago

    where is your dino decks

  • Andi Kryeziu 1 month ago

    please stop that Canadian voice

  • HazamaDude 1 month ago

    I am very interested in Zeelo’s deck, have you, or are you eventually gonna make a deck profile for it?

  • TimeBeast 13 1 month ago

    i like to always go second in yu gi oh duels gives me an extra card and get to attack first

  • Australia Vids 1 month ago

    you sound difrent

  • Jash 0oO 1 month ago

    Zeelophonay could’ve brought out Crazy Box with call of the haunted

  • Anthony Cotter 1 month ago

    I just now noticed that Chad was there in the background look at 31:15

  • Ioan House's House 1 month ago


  • super felix9 1 month ago


  • John Haugen 1 month ago

    you racist its canaidian

  • Fabian Karolczyk 1 month ago

    is xeelophonay using a fire deck

  • Chance Dyches 1 month ago

    still don’t know what type of dueler zeelophoney is ik he is a Slifer but idk what main cards he uses

  • clumsy cody 1 month ago

    im sooper good at yu gi oh

  • James Knaub 1 month ago

    Is readily available the following P r e m i um Acc o u nt completely free its own safety as well as is most effective plus.google.com/u/0/+MineCraftyAcc/posts/SqyCKq4NPXj

  • dr Enthusiastic 1 month ago

    no dinosaures.


  • Kost Mine 1 month ago


  • Shurboto 1 month ago

    A roplay video actually made me laugh… wowwe your good

  • Octo Missle 1 month ago

    So 😎

  • Pearl Chris 1 month ago



  • Unknown Animations 1 month ago

    Have a bootleg Goku as the bad guy XD

  • ninjamaster111 1 month ago

    woohoo zeelo

  • Andrew Silva 1 month ago

    I made a new skin for you

  • Andrew Silva 1 month ago

    Do you want to see it

  • TheAnimeGamer Team 13 1 month ago

    what game are you useing to play yu gi oh with in the seires

  • beybladerdx17 1000 1 month ago

    how do you do minecraft yugioh

  • spartan king 1 month ago

    will mev or tyger be joining by any chance?

  • Blackraptor 1 month ago

    What accent is that

  • Pink Anime Gengar 1 month ago

    I love man, but I love the dinosaurs.

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