• Julia Leon 8 months ago

    she’s in love

  • Sibling Gaming 4 life 8 months ago


  • Sibling Gaming 4 life 8 months ago

    I’m a YouTuber!

  • Tracy Drawyer 8 months ago

    Oh my god It’s Mackenzie! ( Kakona. I got Mackenzie from Markiplier )

  • in the words of LarenZside “BEST FRIEND!!”

  • RockStar 8 months ago

    Yandere chan’s real name is actually Ayano!!

  • Max Morris 8 months ago

    Too many people who have a crush on Senpaii!!!!!!

  • sans the skeleton 8 months ago


  • What I need a name?! ! 8 months ago

    Did anyone else her the word sensei? No? Ok bye then, XD

  • PhexO Gaming 8 months ago

    Yan chan has found the toy knife

  • love love 8 months ago

    I want cory and uni Pls

  • PigFlooper 8 months ago

    Would you rather have a yandere waifu or tsundere waifu?

  • PigFlooper 8 months ago


  • Kelly Largent 8 months ago

    yay you are doing yardere simulator

  • Ultimate Autobot 8 months ago

    I don’t like Yandre because it’s so twisted and demonic

  • crazyspringfield 04 8 months ago

    can u do when ayano is about to kill Osama u go and save her (newscapepro)

  • Furry Cat 8 months ago


  • Tadajah Mccall 8 months ago

    i fogot how much i live ayano aishi so much

  • xcrybaby hamiltrashx 8 months ago

    Aww, I love Kokona in this! What she asked of Ayano, and how innocent it was, and how dark it would’ve become.

  • Just the tip 2005 8 months ago


  • Maddox Meyer 8 months ago

    You have the good looks eventho you have a camera for a face 😂😂

  • Fgn101 _clb 8 months ago

    We need Shelby in this series as Oka Ruto

  • C0bblestone IceCream 8 months ago

    11:39 Sensei?

  • Dope Animations 8 months ago

    are you the camera-man

  • Izzly Rosely 8 months ago

    Sempie: you got all the good looks in this family.

  • Harmony Martin 8 months ago

    man Ashlie that laugh at the beginning 😲🤣

  • Jeniel Barangas 8 months ago

    Hey NewScapePro Make An Enemy Named Megami Sakoui

  • Maddison Simpson 8 months ago


  • Sonomabeast 8 months ago

    thumbs up so far 😉

  • Gamer Reaper 8 months ago

    How about not killing people!? huh, is that a good idea of how to get love?

  • Bonniegirl 1215 8 months ago

    I am So Sad now D: . Im gone leave This 9 i wont see the next Episode. This Roleplay Is sooooooo Cool. so im sad now that i couldnt see the next episode for 2 weeks.

  • Luna Feroz 8 months ago

    lol its so cute everyone loves him 😀

  • what is this

  • Rocky Gunter 8 months ago

    Vic cvcdc. C. C c. C. C. Cv v v v

  • JC GamerCraft 8 months ago

    What would I do is…hmm I be friends with him, Talk to him and know him better, then find the right time to confess your love
    For me it was a bit more easy cause he is the weirdest guy in my school and that’s why I like him, for his humor and weirdest. Luckily he liked me for the same same so…But I think that the advice I said might help

  • Fireaqua Lonehero 8 months ago

    Stop the real game the creator is working hard and u do this ur stupid

  • Blahble splah 8 months ago

    *is a major fan of Zreshlie, *sees Ashlie is playing Yandere and Nick is playing Senpai (is his name ever revealed in the game? I don’t remember) HMMMMMMMMMM

  • Dat Gurl 8 months ago

    She hit the bish wit a brick😂😂 im dead💀💕💕💕

  • Lexi DaLurker 8 months ago

    this is just like ashlie x Nick

  • joy ro 8 months ago

    i like osani s voice

  • Buffalo scause plays games 8 months ago

    Is this Zrez he has a high voice

  • Chuck49450 4940 8 months ago

    “Onii-san” I cringed so hard

  • Saysooo Chan 8 months ago

    The rival i hate dies first…..


  • Mr.Gamer 8 months ago

    Man if only if yandere dev add this to the game

  • Audrey Weber 8 months ago

    Yan~Chan’s laugh is so creepy!

  • Fluffkingirl_180 TM 8 months ago

    Does anyone miss the old skins

  • Coman Gina 8 months ago


  • Chocolate Petals 8 months ago

    Its not Kokona Haruna its Kokona Haruka! ORRR I’M WRONG!…..

  • EPIC KILLER 8 months ago

    SHE BE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CptFoxy // MapleKitten 8 months ago

    i bet yan~chan will kill cory~pai too =0

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