• BreezierCoyote8 1 month ago

    Yay the update is out now =D

  • Jake Deasy 1 month ago

    notification squad and I liked and subbed a long time ago

  • Star struck 1 month ago

    Bigbst4tz41 uh my update on my ps3 isn’t working could you tell me how to fix it

  • Aisha Harris 1 month ago

    I whach your video s forever

  • PRO Games 1 month ago

    Sou brasileiro Salve

  • Kawaii Cupcake Gamer 1 month ago

    Im a cookie girl

  • Kawaii Cupcake Gamer 1 month ago

    Your da best youtuber in da world

  • Ethan Boyle 1 month ago

    I played MINECRAFT it dosent come out until try of August 14th and 15th it’s in 2 parts

  • Killer Xx 1 month ago

    Right when I was gonna play minecraft I had a notification of the video 😂

  • veronica zavala 1 month ago

    Bigbst4tz2 hope you reply cookie clan for life

  • Lazy Lemon 1 month ago

    Amazing Video BigB

  • Stevo 1 month ago

    If you like your fans this comment will be pinned

  • Wht Sky1 1 month ago

    ‘Hey what’s going on guys! It’s at honey or big beast stand’ – subtitles 2017

  • Food Mcfoodf 1 month ago

    I just noticed I can update it now, the update was a little delayed but it’s updating now!

  • MANgotFANZ Wow 1 month ago

    When you see a update on Minecraft and the update is not what you expected to be. P.S thanks for telling me and my brother the update we we’re confused because it did not tell us the update once again thanks 😀

  • Gaming with Ava and friends 1 month ago

    Oh my Gosh I can’t believe it’s out

  • Gaming with Ava and friends 1 month ago

    Dang it it’s not the real one

  • JAMisJAMBO 1 month ago

    I actually do like these bugs that 4J are fixing. If there would not be any bug fixes, then the game would be all glitchy.

  • Nathan-Plays 1 month ago


  • Jordan Todd 1 month ago

    no pewdiepie is

  • Sil3ntPlayzMC135 1 month ago

    It didn’t come out

  • Dominus RBLX 1 month ago

    Big the boss

  • TMGHD272 1 month ago

    I love update than the downgrade

  • 36gaminggold 1 month ago

    can you play tu56 plz bigbe

  • wales2k 1 month ago

    Good thing they fixed the “Sniper Battle” achievement glitch. I was trying to unlock it and I had done it correctly but it never unlocked it for me so I’m glad that’s fixed. I’m gonna play some Minecraft right now so I can do that. Also, I’m waiting for shields to be on console. BTW this video was AWESOME!!! Thank you!

  • Epic Punch44 1 month ago

    When will they add shields!?!

  • MrJupi 24 1 month ago

    Can u pls start minecraft survival lets play??

  • Kevin Gordon 1 month ago

    You should play with dan!

  • Zero Cursedwolfyt 1 month ago

    Not yet 🙂

  • Kitty Breeze 1 month ago

    Lol I wanted to see what it was in it cus I don’t have wi fi at my dads house and that’s were my Xbox is in.

  • Alex The Best 1 month ago

    Can I play with you on Xbox one plz

  • Blazeking The king of fire 1 month ago

    My boy big b needs more subs and comments tbh

  • Jamie Wright 1 month ago

    What is sniper duel and camouflage????? (TT)

  • Leah Peregrino 1 month ago

    Thanks to school I’m late but school is fun in my opinion not yours mind your own business

  • x tube 1 month ago

    Who wants magma armor and tools I do 🙂

  • Games_Page 1 month ago

    Minecraft boiii

  • Catgamerface Tuesday Talk 1 month ago

    Since I got the Xbox one 3 weeks ago I’ve already had this upgrade since 3 weeks ago

  • Splashmac 1 month ago

    What about shields

  • tailsboy07 6789 1 month ago

    When build battle on xbox coming

  • Dr. Dank 1 month ago

    Thanks for keepin us updated dude!

  • ZombieZapper 1 month ago

    awesome video

  • Matty The Ripper 1 month ago


  • Edgar Yanez 1 month ago


  • Jakob Eriksen8762 1 month ago

    Wow that’s a bib B

  • Creepykiller 540 1 month ago

    Notifications ✅ subscribed ✅ liked ✅

  • Teighlor Johnson 1 month ago

    I’ve been watching big b so I’m gonna sub I like his content and stuff

  • Sapna Parekh 1 month ago

    how to download

  • adam Strong 1 month ago

    plz watch my videos and coment on them in begging you plzzzzzzz

  • Ruben Mendo 1 month ago

    I could play Build Off for hours

  • good dog 1 month ago

    Best seed for Minecraft Xbox 360:

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