Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • noahj2560 fireflame 1 month ago

    What is your word on

  • Jordan’s World 1 month ago

    Stampy your trapdoor window will look better when it pokes a little bit

    Trust me

  • SteelBanana 123 1 month ago

    Stampy is the best, better than the rest, he always entertains, with his great fun and games, he’s my favorite cat, no one can be as cool as that!

  • DJ jonesone 1 month ago

    hewo im new to yer channel and i abzolutly love da wae u do yer vidz because it iz differnt from other peopls

  • ??????? 1 month ago

    Make a lovely world MOVIE with an was story line

  • DJ jonesone 1 month ago

    i also love yer surronding buildings

  • EpicGaming299 1 month ago

    stampy you know hou can place trap doors wherever you want

  • Alan Capps 1 month ago

    Send him a picture from terrea and get in his love garden and he will remember to record that if he did remember

  • Taytay07 Hi 1 month ago

    This reminds me if when I was younger watching him now I am older Great Job 👍

  • Stacie Lopane 1 month ago

    You have a good world
    Fizzy enderpurld
    I love your builds
    You Barack lots of hills
    All of your videos make me smile

    Your grate

  • Stacie Lopane 1 month ago

    I’m your friend on the Xbox

  • The HardCore Beast 1 month ago

    I’ve been a fan sense 1 million

  • Jacob Hartzog 1 month ago

    Name the restaurant “Winner Winner, Fix Your Dinner.”

  • Brandon Fuentes 1 month ago

    The building honestly looks so unique and has an old traditional feel to it.👍💛👌

  • Invader95 Gameplays 1 month ago

    THE NOSTALGIA!!!😍😍😍Man The Last Video That I Saw Of You Was Episode 309😂❤️,Nice To See My Childhood Favorite Minecraft YouTuber Still Here,I Love You Stampy You Made My Childhood Great And You’re Beautiful And Entertaining Videos🙂❤️Now Im 14 And I Remember Watching You When I Was 9❤️Love You A Lot Man

  • Junie Boonie 1 month ago

    It would be cool if Stampy spawned Rainbow Steve. But he can’t. Oh well. 😔

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Teacher:who ever thinks that herself or himself stupid stand up

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Nobody stands up

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Teacher: I think someone here thinks he or she is stupid

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Teacher: whoever thinks himself or herself is stupid stand up

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Teacher: I think someone is stupid here

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Little Johnny stands up

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Teacher:Ahhh little Johnny so you think your the one who is stupid

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Little Johnny: No teacher,I just feel ashamed that your the one who is standing up

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    Joke number 2

  • Fernando Presno 1 month ago

    P.S whoever is reading this read this from the bottom to the top : )

  • Steve The Miner 1 month ago

    16:53 trapdoors don’t do that anymore since WAAY back… I think way back. But they don’t do that anymore

  • Joseph Mujtaba 1 month ago

    1day ago 1 omg

  • TheMicrowavedPencil 1 month ago

    Here’s a name idea! The challenging chicken restaurant

  • Reem Oliba 1 month ago

    Stampy can you plz show what your are doing Because i cant build any of your buildings

  • Ethan spider 1 month ago

    stampy your the best and could you make a vid with all your friends in pls

  • Jason Alderton 1 month ago

    to have the stair upside down you need to have the cross in the top half of the block

  • Alisha Lawlor 1 month ago

    I stayed up all night trying to find this video and missed the notification. I was sooo tired when I wrote this comment.

  • Sam Lewis 1 month ago

    You used nether brick with lovely inc

  • Good troll Mursell 1 month ago

    Stamps I love you videos and your the best

  • Rhys Jenkins 1 month ago

    play with all of your minecraft helpers

  • Coolkid Gaming 1 month ago

    Name it winner winner chicken dinner

  • The Witch 1 month ago


  • Rainbow Roxz 0312 1 month ago

    Stampy my men I’m a big fan

  • Timmy Puppy 1 month ago

    Do Ocean Adventure Part 2

  • Qazi Alvi 1 month ago


  • Pretendcastle 61 1 month ago

    You have 10 restruants

  • Louise Yourell 1 month ago

    Do a hit the target video

  • Adam Jura 1 month ago

    Stampy build a marvel minigame in funland

  • กชนภัส นาสมใจ 1 month ago

    👋 hi

  • Theara Cool Theara Cool 1 month ago

    What is that mean of this building’s.

  • John 227955 1 month ago

    I realize that stamps always remember which dog is which

  • Projectkeystone 2000 1 month ago

    The new ni no kuni is coming out soon just wanted to know if you will do a lets play on it

  • Christine Ahvaiye 1 month ago

    Love it

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