Exploring the 1.3 beta for xbox / PE, with blue ice, iceberg biomes


  • Big Shaq's Twin 3 weeks ago

    his laugh though

  • RuddiestCandy29 -Gaming 3 weeks ago

    What happenes if the furnace minecart goes underwater? Will it stop moving?

  • Evan FireCat 3 weeks ago

    Are you on console? ._.

  • Icybubba 3 weeks ago

    Those menu animations though

  • REAPER4662 3 weeks ago

    Just found a feature you can put fish in a bucket

  • Megatron Jr 3 weeks ago

    It’s not working for me I went to Xbox insider hub and joined it and it’s still not working so can someone help me out

  • robinsidekick25 3 weeks ago

    QnA Hey toycat will xb1 and ps4 ever get custom heads?

  • Xavsim777 3 weeks ago

    I don’t have the option exprerimental gameplay

  • james dresner 3 weeks ago

    When will this beta come to xbox1

  • Joverlord 3 weeks ago

    I just want the switch update to come already

  • Tacameron Hunter 3 weeks ago

    Why don’t we have the 1.13 yet I have xbox 1

  • Mike Bizhub 3 weeks ago

    What about ps4 editon

  • WOWSWOSH Pryke 3 weeks ago

    When you drowned a zombie I think it’s a chance thing kinda like skeleton traps thy won’t always spawn

  • Charlie Wake 3 weeks ago

    what is the seed of that again

  • MC Gamer LP 1.13 3 weeks ago

    Dolfins ????????????????????????????

  • TapsOG 63 3 weeks ago


  • Pixel 1606 3 weeks ago

    Hmm bedrock does have stripped logs on the shipwrecks… maybe they’ll change it after all

  • Xavier Viel 3 weeks ago

    How do you download the beta for bedrock edition on pc? I just can’t find it

  • Examinedcat669 3 weeks ago

    Honestly in my opinion… They ruined the spawn eggs!!!

  • Sebastian Lopez 3 weeks ago

    If u explore a map a whole map but not the whole world will the aquatic update affect it pls someone reply I need help

  • Totoy Zabala 3 weeks ago

    I already see that

  • TERRARIABOY208N20 YT 3 weeks ago

    It’s 1.13!!!!!!!!!! NOT 1.3!!!!!!!! Your getting mixed up with terraria and Minecraft

  • Rishan Ray Sardana aka dj ray 3 weeks ago

    qna hey ibx why did they remove the herobrine skin in skin pack 1, are they going to add a higher chance of herobrine entering the world??? i love y

  • Per Blomberg 3 weeks ago

    it is

  • boshygamer32 El Canal De las Locuras 3 weeks ago

    Bedrock better than java… Yeah sure

  • David Pattemore 3 weeks ago

    Picture frames can share space with buttons,mob heads and tripwires I think,make a wither underwater might work

  • David Pattemore 3 weeks ago

    I hope they keep that rails thing in,,funny creeper ride

  • David Pattemore 3 weeks ago

    Tripwire would work,redstone torch is burning like a normal torch so ,no

  • David Pattemore 3 weeks ago

    Sideways daylight sensors

  • Troodon Games 3 weeks ago

    I wish we could add Redstone under water so we could make cool under water Redstone stuff

  • Heather Kimel 3 weeks ago

    Omg omg omg omg omg omg

  • Lex React 3 weeks ago

    mumbo needs to see this

  • Wafity 3 weeks ago

    this is amazing, underwater roller coasters!

  • XcreeperdestroyerX 3 weeks ago

    Toycat i love your vids, Keep up the good work, dont let people say your bad when you have an amazing channel -Creeper.

  • SillyMarioBros 3 weeks ago


  • Dittoice Labs 3 weeks ago

    I know when I see a glitch and that’s one

  • Colorless 3 weeks ago

    How do you get it!?

  • Xcovd The best 3 weeks ago

    The trees turn white in snow

  • Best Bro Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Plz play ark survival evolved

  • Zz-Destroyah-zZ Productions 3 weeks ago

    Is this real and if it is, is it released in June or in April

  • jarrett landrum 3 weeks ago

    what is the difference between loyalty 1 and loyaty 3?

  • Snoopygolf08_Edgar Rascon 3 weeks ago

    Im confused (and stupid ) so tell me is update aquatic out?

  • That One Person 3 weeks ago

    I can see why the redstone dust doesn’t work underwater, because considering the fact that it’s dust it would just float away.

  • Pie 'n Tie Animations 3 weeks ago

    The tropical fish eggs look like bubble gum!

  • 《Kunin Itami》 3 weeks ago

    an iceberg biome with a new block. a coral biome. The new textures of spawn eggs for fish. everything looks very strange. but finally there is algae

  • Debbie Macrae 3 weeks ago

    How do you get beta?

  • vanessa Proscelle 3 weeks ago

    How did you not realize you still had the water breathing effect when you were sleeping

  • Ryan Tredwell 3 weeks ago


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