• Mirkinator 15 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for Episode VIII:
    1. Make a ZombieXPFarm
    2. Get a Villager or two
    3. Make and enchant a full Diamond armour
    4. Get one witherskulls
    5. Make a Trophy room

  • Frankie Toms 2 weeks ago

    5 challenges for ep 8

    1)Make full diamond amour
    2)Get one wither head
    3)Make the zombie spawner in to a xp farm
    4)Get a diamond axe with fourtune (1,2 or 3)
    5)Enchant atleast one peice of amour.

  • Hoot Owl 2 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed the stream! When the 3 of you get together there is never a dull moment and tons of laughs. Keep up the amazing content. Take care.

  • Hoot Owl 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for next episode:
    1. Make a brewing area.
    2. Find and heal 2 vombie villages.
    3. Make diamond armor.
    4. Work on getting xp to use in enchanting diamond armor.
    5. Turn zombie spawner into a grinder.

  • I touch Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • I touch Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Ender Emperor 2 weeks ago

    This video rocks!
    (Pun unintended)

  • Tyler Martin 2 weeks ago

    Hey Eckosoldier

  • Viral Past 2 weeks ago

    Can we get a realms for subs? I wanna play

  • Aaron Zhou 2 weeks ago

    Sorry I was so late

  • Thomas Ward 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for next episode
    1. Make a record farm
    2. Cure a zombie villager farmer
    3. Make a fully automatic food farm
    4. Look at Grian’s videos and decorate your cave.
    5. Make a bed

  • Spidi_ mc 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for episode 8
    Make a zombie xp farm
    Try and make full diomand armour for u Rob and stroonz and enchant it
    Make a brewing area
    Try and get fortune back
    Go mining for ores
    Extra challenge if stroonz has got a Steve skin on tell him to change it that skin triggered me XD

  • Abia Jeremiassen 2 weeks ago


  • Kass Eagleman 2 weeks ago

    1 XD

  • pollo negro craft 2 weeks ago

    Lest play to mi

  • Fake plush PRO duck 47 2 weeks ago

    NOOO!!!!! I left

  • Xtinction PG3D 2 weeks ago

    What’s the song?

  • Esequil Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    I love the song

  • Angela Camajalan 2 weeks ago

    Ahhh ok I will just lessen the music I thought this is a video

  • Crystal Taff 2 weeks ago

    How to make auto fishing thing

  • Conquave .v 2 weeks ago

    Challenges get 10 leather make 9 book cases
    Make a secret base
    And fight the wither in their
    Bonus: make a statue of your self then blow it up

  • Michelle Archuleta 2 weeks ago

    Missed the stream, Love the videos. Keep them coming

  • Ali Maisaan 2 weeks ago

    I bet he will not pin this

  • PoisonousPotato YT 2 weeks ago

    Oh wow , this episode was really funny. Its really funny when all 3 of you come together. Enjoyed the stream Ecko.

  • dylan zosimo 2 weeks ago

    When is the bedrock going to have turtles phantoms and pickle ricks?

  • Bartek Mach 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for episode 8.
    1) Make a brewing room.
    2) Work on a nether wart farm Inside the nether.
    3) Make full diamond armour.
    4) Do some enchanting.
    5) Turn the walls and roof of the farm to stone bricks, wood etc.

    Additional Challenge – Turn the zombie spawner into a xp farm.

  • the legendary legend 2 weeks ago

    1. Trap some zombie villagers
    2. Try to find a fossil
    3. Do the ceiling in the farming area

  • ECKOSOLDIER 2 weeks ago

    remember to comment 5 challenges to complete next episode 😀

  • Zember Amarado 2 weeks ago

    I love your vids
    Title of the first song?

  • Ty Baker 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for episode 8 make a creeper xp and gunpowder farm and do some tnt mining

  • Potato Boy 2 weeks ago

    Ecko watch llamas with hat’s on YouTube so funny 😅😂

  • Infinite Playz 2 weeks ago

    Ecko your the best

  • Infinite Playz 2 weeks ago

    Oh wow!!!!

  • Zember Amarado 2 weeks ago

    What texture do you use ecko?

  • Dakota gaming 85 2 weeks ago

    Clen the base get 5 dimons

  • MC MEW 2 weeks ago

    Challenges for Episode 8:
    1. Find 20 more diamonds
    2. Make a new sword and enchant it
    3. Get mending
    4. Get a wither skull
    5. Get a good and renewable food source like FEESH

  • MC MEW 2 weeks ago

    ECKO Fire Protection 4 on diamond chestplate means you won’t lose ANY DAMAGE to lava or fire

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