What we will see in 2018 Updates For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft


  • Legend Bros 4 months ago


  • Loaf Bloke 4 months ago

    i love the mythology packs D:

  • Doezii 4 months ago

    A new tutorial…my fav tutorial was the 1.8 I want a similar one like that

  • MLGPRO_200 4 months ago

    Wait is 4J Studios doing a massive update to consoles they do it at the end of the year did they make it or are they not making it

  • toonahead 22 4 months ago

    I heard papyrus’s theme!

  • RyneTheGameriaFan 4 months ago

    Sonic The Hedgehog Mashup Pack (Yes I know this will probably never happen but I would definitely buy it if it happened)

  • brady minecraft and more scott 4 months ago

    A bedwars game

  • Road man Dave 4 months ago

    Will minecraft Wii u still get supported because I have PS4 but I thought Wii u looked cool

  • Road man Dave 4 months ago

    Just wanted to know if you could still play minecraft on it

  • PB&J Gamer 4 months ago

    I’m here for bedwars

  • Justin Groats 4 months ago

    ibxtoycat I’m doing a video on why ps4 needs the better together update, as a big channel for news and such about Minecraft, I would be awesome if you can give me your opinion on it or why ps4 should have it, and can I use it?

  • Hai ppl! I’m your normal guy! 4 months ago


  • Matt Kaszuba 4 months ago

    @ibxtoycat when you get maps such as lab escape do you get the texture pack to?

  • Jareth Klaassen 4 months ago

    *why can’t I escape you!?*

  • The Pikmin Stamin 4 months ago

    I want a portal 2 mashup pack.
    I want them to build the facility that you’re in and maybe GLaDOS to.
    And maybe some of the textures they could change is the bow to be a portal gun, the dispenser to a turret, a painting to become a door like in the game, a painting for GLaDOS’s face,
    And 6 different blocks for the different portals.
    And if they would add a skin pack for portal that would be cool(there are Already 3 skins available on console) and if they could like make a texture for the cores too

  • bo3gamer raygunmark2 aj 4 months ago

    the aqutic in ps4

  • Tripsystem PS4 Gaming 4 months ago


  • CanadianPrince14 4 months ago

    Anyone else thinking the Zombie Baby riding the sheep is adorable or is it just me? >w< 💜💖

  • Pet Paradise 4 months ago

    What about the updates for 3ds?! Just got one today!!.

  • Racingcar 3 4 months ago

    Roblox becomes worse and minecraft better: going to quit roblox

  • Nadia Scieszinski 4 months ago

    Is anyone watching this in 2018

  • NickyDaSavage 4 months ago

    Happy 2018 toycat

  • DarkPandaLord 4 months ago

    I hope 2018 makes development great again. The recent updates have been crappy “fantasy” updates, and have been very small, not to mention the lackluster amount of them.

  • Timmylogo 4 months ago

    I saw that

  • EPIC Fails 4 months ago

    This dud speaks to quick I’m out

  • Unbqrable Fortnite&More 4 months ago

    I thought they weren’t gonna update the bedrock version?

  • FireSkull the cat 4 months ago

    Toycat do you think that they would ever have a call of duty mash up pack?

  • Liam Luke 4 months ago

    1.14 will be the best update since 1.9 (in my opinion) and yes… I do like the current combat.

  • Rapping Pirates 4 months ago

    Was this also for PS3?

  • Links adventure channel 4 months ago

    Maybe Mojang saw this video and thought the sheep jokey was funny then on April 1st they replaced all zombies and sheeps with sheep jockeys for the April fools joke update

  • Jonathan Capper 4 months ago

    I bet tu100 is just going to be a bug fix

  • JaWuan Gibson 4 months ago

    pokemon mashup pack

  • Brendan Chapman 4 months ago

    Meh, I won’t be going back to that version of Minecraft until Command Blocks are added

  • Kenta Ishikawa 4 months ago


  • Kenta Ishikawa 4 months ago


  • Goldsmobile 442 4 months ago

    I’ve been gone since the new boats came, I need to be updated.

  • Arctic Fir3 4 months ago

    They should do rick and morty since they played minecraft in the show

  • Staš Zakon Konečnik 4 months ago

    I can’t wait for Nintendo switch better together

  • Anthony Sega 4 months ago

    When you say customization update, you mean custom skins on new Minecraft console (Xbox One)?

  • Elite cookie gaming 4 months ago

    Have they announced when the bedrock edition for the switch will come out?

  • sis v bro unicorns and robo 4 months ago

    I couldn’t understand most of the vid because you were speaking very fast

  • Curious EmRaLd 4 months ago

    Skippy already made this video……. Running out of ideas are we Toycat?

  • Eli_Monster123 Studios 4 months ago

    on the console version of minecraft does anyone get attacked by endermen even if you don’t look at them?

  • Paul F 4 months ago

    Harry Potter mash up pack. I’d gladly pay any amount they wish to charge

  • corrupted mark Newbold 4 months ago

    I want mine craft solar system mash up pack

  • that-one-guy 4 months ago

    Omg who else got a minecraft ad

  • Kattyplayx 14 4 months ago

    I wish they make the rail track so you can place them side ways upside down so you can make loop de loops that will be amazing now if they add that we can make amazing rollorcoaster like if you agree

  • Javkhlan Uuganbayar 4 months ago

    How to screen recorder

  • Joshua Caslick 4 months ago

    Question: What was your favourite update in Minecraft. And why?

  • RobotC14277 637 4 months ago

    I’m really not looking forward to better together coming to Nintendo Switch. I think the bedrock edition is unstable, has terrible graphics and is filled with micro transactions. I wish Nintendo had refused the update like Sony did.

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