DESTROYING A WOODLAND MANSION – So I can rebuild something else from


  • SourDragon 121 7 months ago

    Wow, I can’t belief I’m early, I have commented on most of your videos and i know I’m not the only one wondering, will they be adding shields to the Combat update, and will we get spectral arrows then?

  • THE_KrazyCouch2 ' 7 months ago


  • No Name 7 months ago

    Why do my parrots keep disappearing in minecraft when I go on a boat and sail away? Like so toycat could see

  • zkp221 7 months ago

    I love your channel but you sometimes talk to fast

  • Chris Morris27 7 months ago


  • David gamer 12 7 months ago

    toy cat u da bes

  • jwcoolkid 2004 7 months ago

    Check out Dragonblade162 youtube channel he is a new monecraft youtuber and he’s pretty cool

  • Tommytrex 2005 7 months ago

    1:22:02 yayeet

  • Josh Perry 7 months ago

    Ibxtoycat try out this seed
    Water temple right by spawn
    The seed was a seed for one of the old TU maps, one of the first tutorial maps

  • pink bubbles 7 months ago

    Omg I found the best seed ever 1 dark oak mansion right by spawn and a village a there’s a dessert with a village a temple we just expolde it for 1 min 9124232058964395580

  • GamingWithHunter 7 months ago

    My village took me 3hr to take down I used enchantments and commands

  • GamingWithHunter 7 months ago

    IbxToyCat I think that is KFC

  • Im Just Bland 7 months ago

    #QnA do you think ib axe toycat went to a hevean mansion so he could break it

  • Zachary Hanson 7 months ago

    baby x toy cat I found a seed or I just loaded up a random flat world and it spawned in 12th and a half Woodland Mansions if you like to know the seed please let me know

  • NeonSplatBall 7 months ago

    See u in the morning

  • Viggypoos XD 7 months ago

    I would just burn it down

  • Eli Hamilton 7 months ago

    Anyone else notice gardians spawning outside ocean monuments in certain areas

  • Fellipe Da Silva 7 months ago

    Ibxtoycat how do you find the patience to do something like this…l would quit on the 2 day…

  • Louetric 7 months ago

    RIP Ib Axe Toycat.

  • Jayden Ferrara 7 months ago

    Go on the First World on XBOX

  • King Brent 7 months ago

    I tweeted you early saying please read now I feel bad.

  • Sp44t Gaming 7 months ago

    73rd comment? dang I’m early!

  • Minecrafter 1789 7 months ago

    Toycat for President

  • Toystar428 7 months ago

    12 like

  • Timothy Wolfe 7 months ago

    #QnA When the better together update comes out, will Xbox, Switch, WiiU and PE have a debug option?

  • Dino Eevee 7 months ago

    Can you make your being more exciting

  • Charlot Eberlein 7 months ago

    Because you totally need a bow but no arrows… 😑

  • *MT* Legends 7 months ago

    Come watch my Live Stream for a shouout

  • Super Creeper Gaming 7 months ago


  • Fresh I 7 months ago

    Face reveal

  • Simply Germ 7 months ago

    Toycat I play PC minecraft and, idk if it’s not possible on console, but you can fully repair anything with another of it on the anvil. So things like a shovel or an axe would only take that many diamonds.

  • Andre Pirex 7 months ago


  • TKB42HD Official 7 months ago

    You broken diamond axe 1:47:16

  • David Ha 7 months ago

    if you want 6 dessert temple and more put the biome scale to large and type in 4776732493467827734

  • StinaStar15 7 months ago

    OMG no wonder I was missing the streams…. I forgot to click the notification button…

  • Kinyar gaming 7 months ago

    #qna there is a room in the woodland mansion to the skyblock game do you think its a hint to the next mini game or what is it about

  • Cross Bow 7 months ago

    I found a secret feature in the new update if you rename an item and you put it in an item frame it shows the renamed item name above the item frame

  • KoryintheHouse 7 months ago

    You should recycle the whole end

  • FascinatingFacts 7 months ago

    Hey, you actually hit 800k. Congrats

  • AJ MCARRON 97 7 months ago

    I skipped to toycat (I missed stream) talking about eating lots of pizza

  • Tsunami bob 696 7 months ago

    I saved TNT for 6 months now then let it blow stuff recycleing it

  • Gamer Llama 7 months ago

    Try recycling an entire desert temple

  • Video Cube Animation. TV 7 months ago

    Mmmmmmmmmm daddy I want to suck you until all the moisture from you is in my mouth

  • Antoin Judge 7 months ago

    Toy cat is a boss

  • Super Pizza man 7 months ago

    Don’t take a break from pizza ps I know I am late

  • The word is deteriated

  • Γιαννάρας Gr 7 months ago

    Press F to pay respects for Toycat’s axe .

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