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  • stampylonghead 1 week ago

    Sorry about the typo in the title of the video. The video is the right one though. 🙂

  • applechristopher 1 week ago

    Comcrats to miles and sidny sorry if I spelt your names wrong I did it by memory

  • R3dstoneMaster11 1 week ago

    To be fair stampy showed the wrong order so William was correct according to stampys order of the fish.. 🐡🐙🐠🐟

  • John Anastassiou 1 week ago

    I love your videos so much

  • Gretchen Gross 1 week ago

    Have you ever added all our dogs present and the ons who have done there part in the world, the Stamps Love Garden, and Ester.

  • Linda Koh 1 week ago

    I can remember ester alot

  • OwenRadiation 1 week ago

    i remember watching stampy when i was 10. the good days those were.

  • John Klassen 1 week ago

    Stampy messed up the order when showing the fish to William.

  • Crazed Gamer 1 week ago

    3000th vid

  • Erumphoney 1 week ago

    Hey Maybe This Year He Will Spell Santa Right Lol

  • X Cross X 1 week ago

    It’s really nice how you’ve kept the intro the same.

  • X Cross X 1 week ago

    Oh jeez I forgot you card him Bengie and I got scared because I thought you were saying my name XD

  • cayden reset gameing 1051 1 week ago

    What happened to episode 31-1

  • Aleksandras Kersnauskas 1 week ago

    Make a video with Hit the target!PLEASE!!!!

  • Skittles HD 1 week ago

    take Duncan and Mittens with you in the next video

  • jd 10 1 week ago

    Did anyone realize this is stampy 3,000 video

  • NateDaGreat 530 1 week ago

    Wheres terraria stampy

  • Arctic Wolf 1 week ago

    Its says in the begining of the video it says looking good not sign language ! 🙁

  • Arctic Wolf 1 week ago


  • ronnie martinez jr 1 week ago

    stampy i am your bigges fan 🐱🐱

  • Sean Michael 1 week ago


  • Mancity Fan 1 week ago

    So many memories

  • applechristopher 1 week ago

    The sign at the beginning of the episode said looking good but the title of the video is sign language and three episodes ago you were building the doggy disco and that sed looking good

  • Stampy Cat 1 week ago

    Poll of the week: who is better?
    Stampy or DanTDM?

  • Stampy Cat 1 week ago

    Name it
    It’s getting fishy

  • Phoebe Copeland 1 week ago

    I have a butty whose a mushroom he’s a real fun guy 😂😆

  • BOOM_Girl_ 123 1 week ago

    My god it’s been months since I watched your videos.

  • Gary Bender 1 week ago

    Hey he wasn’t lieing about the Redstone this time

  • Livy Hunley 1 week ago

    stampy if i scroll down on your videos it says looking good

  • Amy T 1 week ago

    Jenga blocks… nobody is creative anymore, no offence 🙁

  • Dylan Khraud 1 week ago

    Bad YouTuber plz stop kys

  • Dylan Khraud 1 week ago

    This sh*t should be stopped

  • Techno Art 1 week ago


  • Fart Robins 1 week ago

    Are you going to do a Ni no Kuni 2 letsplay? I absolutely loved the first one! It comes out January 18!

  • Freezy J 1 week ago

    Yay I love u stampy

  • Katzei Hi 1 week ago

    I haven’t watched stampy in 2 years, the nostalgia is real
    This makes me so happy 💜😂

  • Kathryn Miller 1 week ago

    The animals in your underground love garden are spies sent by hit the target to spy on stampy

  • crystal claws 1 week ago

    Stamps, you should make another lovely world, maybe you can get a few more different types of animals and different blocks!!!!!!!!

  • Red Hunter 1 week ago

    Hey Mr. Stampy how about making a map room somewhere in your house.

  • Peter Meehan 1 week ago

    LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • minecraft building and redstone 1 week ago

    Where is hit the target I miss him 😩😫

    I want him

  • Andythepanda 1 week ago


  • Andythepanda 1 week ago

    Will u change the title

  • Erin Gauntner 1 week ago

    the next hit the target episode should be hit the target captures you in your sleep and then you wake up in his temple there is a time limit to get out or else you die forever and there would be no respawn button Episode Title: Time Troubles

  • Christopher Haniff 1 week ago

    k stampy your my bff[best friend forever]

  • Kyra Huenergardt 1 week ago

    Ever since you started, ( I was 6) I would eat a peanut butter sandwich while I watched your videos. I’m eating one now. 😊

  • Peter Walker 1 week ago

    Stamps I know a perfect revenge for hit the target so sneak in his castle get an iron door then mod it for invisible blocks then under neath the pressure plate put invisible TNT so he will blow up then steel his stuff plus destroy his bed then delete him from the world . That’ll teach him.😈😈😈😈😈

  • Shannon Rose Riddle 1 week ago

    When is the next HitTheTarget and VeevaDash video coming out? I am on tenter hooks to see what they do next.

  • Simon 1 week ago

    inhale my gas lol

  • Jacob Magdalena 1 week ago

    Stampy can yl do a murder mystery minigame?!

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