Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Gamer King 4 weeks ago

    Stampy: king of minecraft
    Markiplier: king of fnaf
    Jacksepticeye: king of ???
    Dantdm: king of ???

  • Aaron Voss 4 weeks ago

    Is desert drop in the temple family?

  • magical Weaver 4 weeks ago

    Stampy you should make an aquarium

  • Nickolas Becker 4 weeks ago

    Nice Video Stampy!

  • Jofo ol lomo 4 weeks ago

    Willemstad beaver the ninja😜

  • Julia J. 4 weeks ago

    Hello, Stampy! I last watched your videos when I was 10 years old and now I’m 13 years old. I decided to watch one of your videos today to remind me of when I was little. Thank you for making my childhood so bright and cheery! Love You!

  • Cubic Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Shouldn’t desert drop count as a temple mini game if you change the name to temple drop.

  • Seabass awesome 4 weeks ago

    Good work on your world in minecraft

  • Torigirl478 4 weeks ago

    Roses are red violets are blue stamps is awesome and probably u two

    Unless your not then u not

  • Jose Perez 4 weeks ago

    ever since the b.o.a.t. episode fizzy hasnt been the same either thats hit the target in disguise or hes been working for him the whole time

  • Jose Perez 4 weeks ago


  • BRYCE LESINSKI 4 weeks ago

    Hey Mr. Stampy, your description says you finish building your home dome. But this is your PVP Arena. It’s my dream to be one of your helpers one day Stampy!

  • Blaizcraft 4 weeks ago

    Can u play subnautica?

  • Gavin Games 4 weeks ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I love this video and I’ll watch more too

  • Holly Cooper 4 weeks ago


  • glorykills456 4 weeks ago

    I remember his 100th episode..

  • Brynn Davis 4 weeks ago

    How do I send a pic to Stampy??? ( I’m such a noob!!!!!!)

  • Peewee Rivera 4 weeks ago

    You the best

  • Nolax 4 weeks ago

    {_/} {_/}
    ( ▪. ▪) (▪ .▪)
    />🍬🍭 💲💵<

  • Blueberryboss2 4 weeks ago

    When do you run out of ideas

  • Noah Xavier Teopiz 4 weeks ago

    Do you have the aquatic update?

  • Marie Soria 4 weeks ago

    hiiii i am just a random commenter

  • Marie Soria 4 weeks ago

    who is a stamp fan

  • Marie Soria 4 weeks ago

    stampy fan* welllll baiiiii

  • L McCoy 4 weeks ago


  • Stamps! Please play Fortniteeee

  • Neno 203302 4 weeks ago

    0:00 to 25:18 is best

  • Dennis Baluarte 4 weeks ago

    I saw you with the kitchen crew of annoying orange

  • Tellotube 4 weeks ago

    what if that was ester

  • James Garden 4 weeks ago

    when will hit the target attack once again

  • eurilongnose gaming 4 weeks ago

    Fizzy your grounded because your being weird today!!

  • crazy gamer 4 weeks ago

    go in le bears painting

  • BLITZ_ ANIMS 4 weeks ago

    This brings back so many memories! I miss the old YouTubers

  • You could use red sandstone stairs to make the pattern.

  • Limes Chilli 4 weeks ago


  • graham owners assistant paul 4 weeks ago

    please add a new dog

  • The Club penguin 4 weeks ago

    You need to put fizzy in the police station and put her in gale

    PS: my Spelling is terrible

  • docptfc 1876 4 weeks ago

    Play fortnite that is way better than Minecraft you would she a pro at fortnite

  • Shareef K N 4 weeks ago

    your world is awesome

  • Noah Oakes 4 weeks ago

    You should play fortnite

  • Eweliną Marcinkowska 4 weeks ago

    I wody i got sztampy E_Z start 🙍🙍🙍

  • RandomStuff 4 weeks ago

    2:32 Sure……. a silly game in which Ester are being shown a skinned corpse of his own species.

  • EdzZz Burlaos 4 weeks ago

    I think that stampy’s description mistakes will be a hit the target attack
    What are your ideas?

  • Animal Toys 4 weeks ago

    Roses are red
    Violents are blue
    A cat that eat cakes and that cat is you
    By Leah

  • Vanfist360 Gamer 4 weeks ago

    For..year’s Stampy’s world ..have been a lot of building ..that’s all

  • Jessie Nguyen 4 weeks ago

    Stamps what are U gonna do when U reach The 9Mil? Plz do a Live stream on Stardew valley or even playing all ur MiniGames!

  • leighelke 4 weeks ago

    Kaden jack

  • Juliasings 456 4 weeks ago

    Stamps should make his next mini game have no red stone 👍🏻

  • blaziken gaming 4 weeks ago

    Do fortnite

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