Answering YOUR questions about updates For Minecraft Xbox 360,


  • Michael Seruyange 3 weeks ago

    Add me as a friend please my namer tag is ProvidedTrash18😂😉😀

  • Janette Reeli Baumann 3 weeks ago

    I have an amazing idea, someone make a pe mod for having a pet skeleton, when it kills creepers, they drop music discs, the skeleton also would have an inventory, also when u have the skeleton with u, the other skeletons would be friendly.

  • The Sus Bus 3 weeks ago

    I have a couple questions for next Saturday (I know I’m being annoying):

    1. For certainty, will the Aquatic Update come out on console? Not just Bedrock, but console.

    2. Is there going to be Buffet Mode on console?

    By the way, I’m a console player if you haven’t figured that out yet.

  • marc Carpenter 3 weeks ago

    Should they add palm tree and Quebracho tree. If you don’t know what is a Quebracho tree look it up it may interested you. The name come from Axe breaker

  • marc Carpenter 3 weeks ago

    You welcome to comment on the next video when you have a chance.⬇

  • marc Carpenter 3 weeks ago

    if you want⬇

  • I Play Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    i made the likes go to 666

  • gamex-A player0-1 3 weeks ago

    *why does no one see that better together update has ended and that the ps4 is just not getting updates* i was right all along, and no one belived me, microsoft are evil, they ruined halo they’ll ruin minecraft i mean come on ps4 hasnt recieved an update in *HALF A YEAR* and xbox get a nice fancy pvp turtle helmet, i just returned to gloat, now that your game is ruined i will make my own games so bye all.

  • Twitch.Tv/Craft 3 weeks ago

    Why is the link to the tweet not in the Description….

  • PennySaver44 3 weeks ago

    When will bedrock get the new trap door and regular door sounds?

  • The Woodpecker 3 weeks ago

    Its true about Minecraft being more catered towards kids, I just wish there was more big servers that didn’t panda to kids so much!

    Also, a Cave Creeper sounds really cool! 😀

  • the lone wolf 3 weeks ago

    Do you think crossbows would ever be put into minecraft?

  • Lord Vortech 3 weeks ago

    QnA Do you know how some people calls the Minecraft player (Kind of related with the kid thing in the video) ,like in Mexico and Spain etc ? Well they called us “Rat Kids” or “Niños Rata” in Spanish , supposedly we are people that are kind of fool,that don’t know how to play,bad losers, aggressive,etc (That’s not all) , What do you think about it?

  • SniperGamesOP 3 weeks ago

    QNA do you think the red dragon (if it ever comes) will be a boss mob?

  • tnt clasher 3 weeks ago


  • REUBEN HOMEWOOD 3 weeks ago

    Camouflageing creeper would be a great new creeper variant. It could camouflage to look like the block it’s standing on and could drop camouflageing armour which you can wear to stop creepers from seeing you.

  • Jayden Draws Things And Stuff 3 weeks ago

    QnA What is your opinion on time travel and do you think it will be possible? Also subbed since 100k

  • Kacee 3 weeks ago

    You’re so right about how every age group looks down on the one below, it’s especially common in schools. My grade (9th) absolutely hates the current 8th graders and thinks they’re to worst. Once my english teacher pointed out how every grade says that and everyone argued with her and said they were actually the only ones who were right and the current 8th graders were actually the worst. It was kind of frustrating I felt like I was the only person sitting there like really you guys actually think that? I don’t know how so many people think those younger than them are worse, and have thought that for so long, but still no one realizes it’s not actually accurate…

  • KingBecks123 Games 3 weeks ago

    Please bring back where we enter coordinates and you build them!

  • MrSpidey Craft 3 weeks ago

    I hate creepers thy all ways kill me i hate them

  • nkurta0505 3 weeks ago

    What’s your opinion on LEGO Minecraft? Hashtag ask toycat

  • Michael Resh 3 weeks ago

    What about an autosort button?

  • Southpawjr 3 weeks ago

    I get judged a lot because Minecraft is my favorite game..

    I don’t care xD

  • puggy the pug 3 weeks ago

    U talk really fast

  • Magic Karp 3 weeks ago

    The reason Minecraft is seen as a kids game is probably because one person decided it was a kids game and someone else took from that and so on so forth until Minecraft was turned into a game made for little kids but either way it’s still a fun game to people like us and people should learn to respect that

  • Caitlin Lowery 3 weeks ago

    QnA Since you have a Switch, what do you think of Nintendo Labo?

  • Rachel W 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft is for everyone

  • Infinite Spiral 3 weeks ago

    QNA will Microsoft change all the console names to just MINECRAFT?

  • Bonnies World 3 weeks ago

    There are already two types of creepers the normal creeper and the charged creeper.

  • Mark Smith 3 weeks ago

    Q and a will the switch beter togever fix bugs on xbox as well as the switch

  • Mark Smith 3 weeks ago

    Q and A when will switch beater togever cum to swich because evey up date I am like it has to cum

  • Mark Smith 3 weeks ago

    yes toy cat phons wegen media suk ps do you ever get ppi calls

  • James517 gillis 3 weeks ago

    Let gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogoooooooooooooooooooooo that good Shield

  • Epicoolguy 64 3 weeks ago

    (Qna) if mojang adds emerald armor would you use it? And how strong will it be?

  • MB Blaze Rodz 3 weeks ago

    If you have the old minecraft on your console, then you can make a custom super lat and transfer it to bedrock!

  • Mike Jr 77 3 weeks ago

    Im sorry but I’d give up on Mojang with the bedrock getting the combat update, they’re not trying anymore because it seems that minecraft is dying slowly. As much as I hate to say it

  • xboxbossgaming 360 3 weeks ago

    Omg new creepers?😨😨😨😨😨😱😰

  • Nathaniel Grauel 3 weeks ago

    Yes! A new pun! That just revived my day 🙂

  • Jblitz 15 3 weeks ago

    So, on the topic of that kid thing… What are your thoughts on children today?

  • Fresno Walking pants 3 weeks ago

    Q&a what do you think 1.14 will be about? Maybe a forest update?

  • THECOOLKID24 3 weeks ago

    QNA do you think that we will ever get a mob/boss that is bigger than the ender dragon

  • pug64 3 weeks ago

    QnA what do you think will happen to minecraft java

  • Aj Cyrill Dy 3 weeks ago

    Creeper caves are rediculous

  • Josiah Legg 3 weeks ago

    What did you have for breakfast today?

  • FireFoxGames 3 weeks ago

    *crosses fingers* “PLEASE LET THE NEXT UP DATE BE THE DESERT “

  • Dongyup Lee 3 weeks ago

    Just….. Will you and if yes, when will you come to Korea? ^^

  • Taylor Summers 3 weeks ago

    What about a jungle creeper?

  • Jameso 2004 3 weeks ago

    I get made fun of playing Minecraft and I’m 14 and my 14 yeah old friends keep doing it

  • Zakk Avery 3 weeks ago

    Will they add more wildlife like the wildlife Savannah pack

  • Adam Wiktorek 3 weeks ago

    Who designed the Notch skin?

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