Answering YOUR questions about updates For Minecraft Xbox 360,


  • TorqyBeast96 Gameing 2 weeks ago

    Toycat when do you think we’re get the update aqutic do you think soon and do you think super duper graphics pack we’ll get deleyed to summer

  • Gamer Craft 77 2 weeks ago

    My question is if you were aloud to make a minecraft update with mojangs permision for every platform what would it be about?

  • Gamer Craft 77 2 weeks ago

    I hit the bell,subscribe button and like

  • Evan McDonough 2 weeks ago

    Can you see the fish come to your fishing pole

  • Wheatley Gaming 2 weeks ago

    QNA Hey toycat do you think they should ad a portal 2 skin pack and map also a pun for the end of your videos whats a skeletons fave instrument? the trombone! ba dum tisss

  • Ansixi 2 weeks ago

    I like how the video sneezed in the first few seconds

  • Herobrain Playz 2 weeks ago

    When is TU63?

  • Crazy Bros Cael 2 weeks ago

    Some legato glitch at the start

  • Jeff Cooper 2 weeks ago

    I live right next to minnesota!!

  • Crazy Bros Cael 2 weeks ago

    My worlds keep disappearing on bedrock

  • ProChamp95 2 weeks ago

    Guess what I realized while watching this video, I had a dream last night that update aquatic came out

  • Crazy Bros Cael 2 weeks ago

    My worlds on bedrock keep on disappearing

  • ProChamp95 2 weeks ago

    Pirañas could probly be in the deep oceans when ur inside a under water ravine

  • Thatfoxguy70 2 weeks ago

    Hey toycat, what feature you want to be added in Minecraft I love you’re videos and I hope you’re always gonna be in YouTube

  • Drew Meier 2 weeks ago

    pirhanas are freshwater though

  • Allsomekid3000 2 weeks ago

    Toycat I watch all of the video. Great videos keep it up

  • JessicatMC 2 weeks ago

    I have a very small channel and I think there are advantages and disadvantages to it. You definitely get much more personal and specific interaction with subscribers, but at the same time it’s kind of disappointing to put a lot of work into a video and then have it only get 3 views. At the same time, I’m definitely enjoying it and it’s certainly making me better at making videos!

  • Pineapplec15 - MINECRAFT 2 weeks ago

    Do you think their will be new river and lake biomes like a stream or a straight or new types of structures in rivers like bridges at villages near rivers.

    Also here’s a joke:
    I was playing with knifes… Now i’m scarred for life.

  • pokesamvz 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else got a minecraft ad?

  • Jmackley 2 weeks ago

    Q: Do you think manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony will continue to release consoles forever or do you think they will eventually switch to making gaming PCs and releasing pc games instead?

  • Emperor Zoditron 2 weeks ago

    If Pirahas we’re added to the game they need to spawn in swamps

  • SlipDog 2 weeks ago

    Toycat, is minecraft xbox one edition still be updated

  • Dylan John Cahill 2 weeks ago

    It come out on Sunday

  • COOLMANJR 2 weeks ago

    Are you going to MineFare in Houston TX? If so can’t wait to meet you!

  • drierstone71 2 weeks ago

    Toycat what made Minecraft change their mind to remove the shark

  • John Furrh 2 weeks ago

    Is the switch version going to have 1.13 too

  • David Schein 2 weeks ago


  • Christian E 2 weeks ago


  • Yo it's Steve 2 weeks ago

    i think a good hostile fish should be a stingray

  • Beluga Whale 2 weeks ago

    You talk fast. I like it. 😊

  • Ender Andrew 2 weeks ago

    How do you get the beata

  • Levi Filllinger 2 weeks ago

    So whens this update supposed to be out anyway….

  • czechmate 2 weeks ago

    Thought, the more fish you stick in a body of water, the higher the rate of fishing.

  • Levi Filllinger 2 weeks ago

    Q&a: does that mean doors wont work as a water barrier?

  • Fierce Spieder 2 weeks ago

    Are they adding hit cooldown?

  • Austin Crisp 2 weeks ago


  • Are mojang just going to tell us before the release the update like a couple days before or no?

  • SladerProductions 2 weeks ago

    “More hostel threats=more better” -Toycat XD

  • Boss Some 2 weeks ago

    So when you 400 subs and 20 of them show up really 420

  • DR. CRAZY 2 weeks ago

    G@A Do you think for the acutic updut thay should have a reef biome like on ship rects the corel sporns on them and terns in to a reef

    Ps i like watching your vids there very helpfull

  • Alex Paniagua 2 weeks ago

    Why can’t I transfer a stack from my inventory to my chest or vise versa in pocket edition?

  • DingoDancinWill 2 weeks ago

    You seriously clickbaited us about the pirhanna?
    You didn’t even have the decency to use the word ‘Concept.’


  • Dailyn 796 2 weeks ago

    Are pictures of a cute little pikachu ur weakness to get on the QnA?
    Cuz if so we now all know what to do lol

  • Your best friend 2 weeks ago

    Are you good at redstone?

  • Nic West 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft doesn’t actually give you updates anymore they just talk about updates and then talk about new update so you forget about the update they talked about previously. garbage

  • allmightyvon AV 2 weeks ago

    Do you think they will add an in world under water/ ocean boss? No portals.

  • Mihai Spahuta 2 weeks ago

    ☻/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over youtube.

  • Trone 2 weeks ago

    Q&A When will you next do a Minecraft reddit suggestion video?

  • fro ggy 2 weeks ago

    Hey you reading this comment

    Read more

  • RentalLeader745 2 weeks ago

    Qna Toycat do you think that there’s a chance of custom texture/add on packs on xbox bedrock.

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