A new update just came out for Minecraft Xbox, Minecraft Windows 10 &


  • Kynan Rowan 1 week ago

    I saw the update on my Xbox one and I thought it was the update aquatic then it’s just bug fixes again…

    You just got pranked boi
    Now we have to wait another month for the next bug fix then probably not the update aquatic…

  • Preatomic Gold 1 week ago

    this isnt for phones right?

  • Rayqusa King 1 week ago

    Is it for ps3

  • Andy Romaq Smith 1 week ago

    Dual-wielding maps… is so you can have two maps that border one another and you can fill in both maps at the same time. This is a big deal for map makers!

  • Love Brothers 1 week ago

    Phantoms are undead mobs. That’s pretty sweet! =)

  • Harvey PlayzGames 1 week ago

    It’s not out for me

  • BlockTuber YT 1 week ago

    Is that update available for iOS? Because, I didn’t get it.

  • Issac 1117 1 week ago

    I don’t keep up with the updates but did shaders ever come to Xbox one????

  • vanessa Proscelle 1 week ago

    My question is why is it not on iOS devices yet

  • JJay2294 1 week ago

    thank God! grass spread was SOOO SLOW

  • T Studios 1 week ago

    So I wasted my 3 ender pearls to try and get the beam me up achievement? God damn, gonna invite my friends over to Enderman hunt now since it now works.

  • Everettgamer265 1 week ago

    I don’t have the update on my phone 📱

  • Helpful Doge 1 week ago

    I hope this doesn’t mean the end for Xbox One edition… I’ve come to love it, and I would hate to see it die off in gaming because of the Bedrock Edition

  • SlyGuy 24509 1 week ago

    On PS4 there is no chat

  • Janette Reeli Baumann 1 week ago

    Bought pe, ur a beta tester they said, it’ll be fun they said, fun to test alone with no other testers, lonelyyyyyy i am the lonelyyyyyy, i have nobooooooodyyyyyyy to test the betas wiiiiiiiith!

  • Time for Max 1 week ago

    Is it out at ps4

  • Liamgamer147 1 week ago

    i been waithing this duo maps in Bedrock

  • Craig Plummer 1 week ago

    Wait its out on 360

  • Hockeymaskbob 1 week ago

    D e c a f

  • Yoro Tassaumee 1 week ago

    I prefer the Old Xbox One Minecraft

  • Bobby Mojave 1 week ago

    I’m Xbox One and have the upgraded version of Minecraft, for some reason I can’t invite my friends. I can’t use the in game invite menu or the xbox tabs(the option on the Xbox Live tabs is always greyed out)

  • smol bean 1 week ago

    I’m just waiting for fish in mcpe tbh

  • Ps4 Gaming 1 week ago

    PST update

  • Ps4 Gaming 1 week ago

    PS4 update

  • ItzN1ghtm4r3 .-. 1 week ago

    I’m gonna assume that if they fixed wool for the recipe book, they also fixed the bug where when I try to craft Mossy Stone Bricks, it tells me I needed Vines and MOSSY STONE BRICKS.

  • ANDR1OD 17 1 week ago

    Can you exit without saving now

  • Saturn Burnz 1 week ago


  • Omega Shenron Productions 1 week ago

    All I want to do on bedrock is be able to leave the wrold with out it saveing cuz if something gets messt up I have to fix it before I leave the world and its very anoying.

  • Annabelle Smith 1 week ago

    QNA Will dolphins be in the update because I think they got rid of it and replaced with the turtle p.s. your a great youtuber

  • Kjetil Erga 1 week ago

    I wish it would come to ps4🙁😭😭

  • Sayori-kun 1 week ago

    I’m just hoping for less gravel. :c

  • The Boss80 1 week ago

    U should be a rapper

  • The Boss80 1 week ago

    2.13 I thought 15.0 was the longest bugs update thing

  • EnyBoyGaming_ 1 week ago

    Ребята оцените канал плизз. Снимаю ролики про майнкрафт

  • Sayd Monirul Islam 1 week ago

    Hope ps4 will get crossplay and sony would not be a bit*h anymore

  • ItzWhite1k 1 week ago

    20 maybe ;))

  • Homie Squid XZ 1 week ago

    The maps were in 1.7 when you could put the map in your other hand

  • DJLNR WRTV 1 week ago

    Let’s get xbxtoycat to a million subs because he has done loads for the minecraft community!! Like and share

  • Bigbigs 1 week ago

    Not for the 360?

  • TAA AZ 1 week ago

    It is coming to ps4. Microsoft and Sony struck a deal.

  • Examinedcat669 1 week ago

    Only on Win10?!

  • Bryan Butler 1 week ago

    ibxtoycat pin me do you know why, hit the reply on my comment.

  • Quick Silver 1 week ago

    They patched the capes for custom skin😞😞😞😞 unfair

  • Pawel Bosakowski 1 week ago

    when is the update coming out for ps 3 it as to come on sunday


    What about Wii U?

  • The 8-BIT gamer 1 week ago

    The exit overlaps in the chatbox

  • Dot Man 1 week ago


  • peeling onions 1 week ago

    I keep on seeing this weird glitch where whenever I turn on any texture pack, cocoa beans have a weird command block texture shooting out of the back, and it happens with every texture pack.

  • Erin Hall 1 week ago

    I have the update

  • ToastySavageYT 1 week ago

    Um, my capes don’t work anymore…

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