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  • FG Villeda 7 months ago

    When are they going to release mob spawners to creative

  • EmeraldSmashBro 's 7 months ago

    No I Wanted a UHC Boi

  • Kyle Serio 7 months ago

    Wither skeleton should drop soul sand

  • Dalton Copson 7 months ago

    This was probably the shittiest update EVER all they do is add a rediculously hard map and expect you to blow your good money on a retarded skin pack nobody likes

  • john adam 7 months ago

    can someone plz tell me, why do all youtubers even him, always run away or turn around and not look at theirs fans. even look at 22:05 he turn around, and not look at his fans while looking at the skins

  • that weird guy 7 months ago

    I like bug fixes because my villager breeders didn’t work before this update 🙂

  • Pandas love Mangos 7 months ago

    How do I join a toy cats game

  • Theyokaigamr _ 7 months ago

    what’s your Xbox account name

  • Illumination eye 7 months ago

    Chicken nuggets

  • Theyokaigamr _ 7 months ago

    what is your Xbox 1 account name I wanna be yo friend

  • KappedSpark 7 months ago

    Temple took me 8 minutes

  • intro maker 7 months ago

    Guys want a intro in my comments say #intro we will make you a intro

  • Kyle Serio 7 months ago

    It would just be a cool feature

  • b berner 7 months ago

    play solo

  • Onion Ninja 7 months ago


  • Shavono 7 months ago

    love these world record attempt videos 😀 keep it up!

  • Trisha Hanel 7 months ago

    U win

  • Kinyar gaming 7 months ago

    #qna I see a reference to skyblock in the woodland mansion do you think its a reference to the next mini game?

  • MaxPlayz YT 7 months ago

    I got 1:25:400 on Canyon. Lolol.

  • revoledursu 7 months ago

    go toy cat

  • evasivemanix the master gamer 7 months ago

    love the gameplay and your doing a great job with the stream

  • Superc00per 123 7 months ago

    Can I play with u on Xbox 1 my gamer tag is “superc00per123” thx toycat btw I subscribed

  • Clyde bobman 7 months ago

    dangit. I was asleep during the stream

  • CrushCup Series 7 months ago

    Wii U didn’t get the update

  • ALEXthaMINEboy ALEXthaMINEboy 7 months ago

    Ur gamertag is toycat

  • Javer Ramirez 7 months ago

    how about a candyland map🍫🍬🍭

  • Evan Bopp 7 months ago

    my friend is your friend its realy awesome and do you play forza horizon 3

  • BoltingLightning 7 months ago

    Jeasious he streamed Til 5:00 to like 12:00

  • Superc00per 123 7 months ago

    O ok😰

  • flashgaming 7 months ago

    I found a secret feature it’s auto jump

  • Calvin Clark 7 months ago


    Should I get iOS 11 beta 4 or wait till it comes out officially

  • Gamer Llama 7 months ago

    Skin 4 has 4 skins with capes and they are free!

  • Lee Coke 7 months ago

    Ibxtoycat I have a glitched out minecraft where all my worlds have gone missing and every time a create a world and save and exit it isn’t there (PS4)

  • zellski1234 7 months ago

    has this come out for switch yet i dont see any difference

  • Kids Gaming 7 months ago

    I add you a friend on Xbox one

  • angelina ponciano 7 months ago


  • 1815Offixal 7 months ago

    Pin me… No? ok… 😭😂😂

  • Dani Bug 7 months ago

    My first run was 2:14.30 is that bad? I always feel bad at these after I watch these streams…. ♡

  • Karen McDonough 7 months ago

    When it said a new update to minecraft I thout it was the better together update I 😢when it was a small update

  • 304 subscribers with no videos 7 months ago

    I’m at 1:17 right now, 6th in the world. Gt is u got owned 987.

  • Blaine Cuautle 7 months ago

    This is Gavin 1 like=1 year old

  • DallasStarsFan91 7 months ago

    wot? Tu56 is here?!?! I remember tu12! Wow…

  • epicminer 3598 7 months ago

    Is this on ps4? It’s not in my store

  • Babara Burton 7 months ago

    You get in most countries P r e m i um Acc o u nt free the healthy together with gets results –

  • Super Bored 3 7 months ago

    Lol the slimeynoodle

  • Jonas 6032 7 months ago

    I can’t watch this because my internet is terrible and loses connection when I try to play the last half an hour.

  • Bright White Lily 7 months ago

    He kinda talks like stumpy :/

  • kur2003 7 months ago

    Actually i was the very first to play canyon because i was playing then the update popped up and i completed it cuz i had bunch of space and it was fast

  • Sean Jeanes 7 months ago

    I like you and the best

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