TU57 is now out, filled with PE exclusive features For Minecraft Xbox


  • liongangsta 2000 3 weeks ago

    They took out all the birthday skin packs again

  • DIYSlimeMaker Satisfyer 3 weeks ago

    oml there’s an update for xbox 360 as well noob

  • Eagle Vision The Great 3 weeks ago

    We all want to copy all the features from pc version of minecraft… We also need a balanced “unfair” pvp comabat like 1.8 and 1.9… I dont know why 1.9 sucks but i would prefer shields and refreshing or reload on the crosshair…. Also this update is just a pe exculsives

  • RyyGuyy16 3 weeks ago

    When I was playing minecraft yesterday, I punched a squid and it inked, it was pretty cool.

  • Mairi MacAulay 3 weeks ago

    You are fake

  • john4 is crazy & funny 3 weeks ago

    I subed and you are the best

  • SEPTXK 3 weeks ago

    I’m not sure if other people also got this problem… but I did not get the update on my wii u edition.

  • Dook larue 3 weeks ago

    I got this update

  • Energy Ultra 3 weeks ago

    I am a 2013 PE player.And I stopped playing Minecraft PE at 2015,Looks kinda bad now,I’m getting PE on my B-Day.

    Edit:I still play Minecraft PS,Love the old updates, I don’t play too often.

  • ashley t bell 3 weeks ago

    this update has stopped the observers working properly.

  • Cindy18175 3 weeks ago

    I’m sad I have like 19 games but I can’t update minecraft 😔

  • Brady Krause 3 weeks ago

    no 🙀

  • Frogicidal Gaming 3 weeks ago


  • Raccoon Animations 3 weeks ago

    In my opinion, minecraft is going downhill with this “Better” together update

  • Hero99 3 weeks ago

    youtube updated 😀

  • Just Magikarp 3 weeks ago


  • Joshua Owen 3 weeks ago

    Idk I bought PE and hated it. I didn’t spend my money on the console version to end up with a PE clone…

  • iTzYaDi 3 weeks ago

    Why are they trying to make it more like pocket edition pe is trash if you game on a mobile device you are the problem

  • Shadowmoon Wolf22 3 weeks ago

    I’m first!

    To like my comment that is…

  • Sneaky squirrel 3 weeks ago

    What do you mean by a
    Last like forever because I thought there was a better together update and they have to update all versions for it to work

  • Sneaky squirrel 3 weeks ago

    Also that was a #q

  • GoodHeroBrine79 3 weeks ago

    Why xbox one? thats what me and my frineds play! lazy retards…

  • Justin Jurado-gonzales 3 weeks ago

    Are Endermen farms broken?

  • TMOD023 023MOD 3 weeks ago

    Good thing this update broke 75% of my redstone…

  • Cesar 3 weeks ago

    Does Bedrock edition or the 4k version require the Scorpio? Obviously you need the Scorpio to run the game 4k but can you still play it without Scorpio? (Don’t bother answering if you aren’t 100% certain.)

  • ninjaboi136 ninjaboi136 3 weeks ago

    ps3 man

  • Thebulletcraftt 3 weeks ago


  • Jasper Wolford 3 weeks ago


  • ScRaVe 3 weeks ago

    every time I complain of the Minecraft crashing on PS4 and ask then to fix it they fix it the next day PS4 GT (carchamp1) I mod

  • Luukiboy 48 3 weeks ago

    Im waiting for a GOOD update, not really small extra features

  • Yul god gaming Savage 3 weeks ago

    Me to

  • Pragetamiiear 3 weeks ago

    Wait. Can someone answer these questions?

    Is the next update the last UPDATE for Xbox or the last like map or something?
    What is the minecraft beta? I mean I thought minecraft xb1 edition was the full release?
    Does this mean they don’t care about Xbox one? 😭😭

  • zaingaming 44 3 weeks ago

    i think minecraft is going down hill not up hill what happen to add mods and being able to tame a dragon

  • SwiftlySewn81 - Xbox Account 3 weeks ago


    There’s going to be shaders

    There’s going to be Better Together

  • ACIDMOD 3 weeks ago

    Observer blocks were broken this update 🙁 can’t detect most things. All other redstone seems unchanged.

  • GAmer PRO 3 weeks ago

    Wait I thought there are no more updates

  • TheMinecraftPlayer 1 3 weeks ago

    There was already a way to tame a skeleton horse. I was trying to get a charged creeper in creative when I found out. A horse has too be struck by lightning to create a skeletal horse, but when a skeleton horse is struck by lightning, it multiplies to four or five, with skeletons with a full set of armour, sometimes enchanted, on top of each one. Once you kill the ride of one of the horses, it will be automatically tamed, and you can put a saddle on it. Riding one is more for looks than health and speed though.

  • tristan rosario 3 weeks ago

    This update is bad

  • Adam Prince 3 weeks ago

    I hate the beta

  • Minecraft Master 3 weeks ago

    Ban fidget spinners like if you agree

  • It's me Malakas 3 weeks ago

    Whats the difference??????

  • Metalhead666 3 weeks ago

    so when is the update coming that was at e3?

  • XMA channel 3 weeks ago

    I miss tu 8

  • Super Mario bros minecraft Xbox wii u. More GameBoy 3 weeks ago

    subscribe me i say bro I subscribe you I subscribe back

  • Super Mario bros minecraft Xbox wii u. More GameBoy 3 weeks ago

    Subscribe for good luck guys I subscribe back

  • Lordxmod YT 3 weeks ago

    I can’t install this update

  • gawreluck 3 weeks ago

    aargh still no combat and shields

  • Yoshi's Gaming Channel 756 3 weeks ago

    Pin this and

    Your dream come true

  • Alexander26088 aj 2 weeks ago

    I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
    I aim with my eye.

    I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
    I shoot with my mind.

    I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
    I kill with my heart.

  • Genesis Titanium 2 weeks ago

    Dang it 4J y you nerf everything

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