A speed run for all 4 bosses, seeing how fast I can kill all 4, and


  • Waffleking 1 month ago

    When you killed the enderman it was golding a grass block and it dropped it!

  • ogDoofMaster 1 month ago

    I was in a mansion with several evokers

  • King Ownage 1 month ago

    This evoker isn’t a boss, it’s just a powerful average mob

  • EXPLODI FIER 1 month ago

    magma cream makes fire resistance
    ghast tears makes a healing potion

  • Maura Tapia 1 month ago


  • Lucas Pratt 1 month ago

    I know this isn’t relevant to the video, but how can you make the old seeds work with all the new world options? If you can’t, it kinda makes your old seed sundays useless

  • Your boy Penny 1 month ago

    When u see a top comment don’t u think I should have thought of that

  • TurboCupcake 1 month ago

    I found 4 Evokers in 1 mansion!

  • Elijah Louis-Seize 1 month ago

    Congrats toycat! You did well!

  • Ps4 gamer 1 month ago

    i am 58th commet

  • Ivenson Dumervil 1 month ago

    if your looking for a woodland mansion PS4 and ocean monument try this seed -5402650519577891248

  • The755gamer 1 month ago

    On my survival Xbox one world I am ready to fight the ended dragon I found the portal I have 8 ended pearls but I’ve never beat the endear dragon before without duped or creative stuff like his is my first time doing it in an all legit world anyways I need help I would provide those who help with a bow iron leggings iron boots iron helm diamond chest plate 64 carrots and a diamond sword along with half an inventory of cobble to help best the dragon for pillaring up anyone willing to help please post your GT

  • Master Dumb 1 month ago

    you can now spawn 5 withers at the same area

  • Super saiyan god super saiyan rosè 1 month ago

    TO EVERYONE SAYING FIRST AND IM FINALLY EARLY YOU ARE NOT. This was a stream and not an actual video so at most you are over 3 and a half hours late.

  • Morgy Dee 1 month ago

    There are different types of Minecrafters some are good at redstone others at pvp and some at building but there is only one type that describes Toycat it is Badass

  • Gina Cech 1 month ago

    amazing seed you spawn on top of a woodland mansion with another one in the middle left of the map and a witch hut in the center. classic world size with biome scale large and select find balanced seed off. seed is 3021374455957071102

  • zDarbi 1 month ago

    hi toycat [:

  • Michael Braddick 1 month ago

    he just beat all of Minecraft in 3 and a half hours

  • josh19871. 1 month ago

    Need someone to make a survival world with anyone down ?

  • Jesus 1 month ago

    I think the wither is a boss cuz it’s strong af boi and it has that HP bar that the enderdragon does. Others are like minibosses

  • Pokemon Jammer 1 month ago

    who else noticed they removed the piston from the manually crafting system on xbox 360?

  • Calvin Koh 1 month ago


  • Kellie O'Gara 1 month ago

    Great video😜

  • RedstoneRaven 47 1 month ago

    you should be punished for needlessly killing the dragon A**Hole

  • Webkinz 78 1 month ago

    They removed pistons from the crafting table on accident

  • Dylan Robinson 1 month ago


  • Ender Stranger 1 month ago

    dragon 360 at the 2:41;1

  • GamingSlimeYT 1 month ago

    This is how the boss battles should’ve listed , Vindicator thing , elder guardian, wither then the enderdragon

  • Ender Stranger 1 month ago


  • Stefanie Watson 1 month ago

    just to say because you said you hope we’re having a great thursday I wasn’t I was sick

  • U like Breakfast 1 month ago

    toycat if you read this I found two woodland mansions next to each other contact me on Xbox one AceShewchuk no space

  • Lucas Tracy 1 month ago

    if you kill the ender dragon with a friend (online) who gets the trophy? is it the person who gets the final hit or do both people get it?

  • Golden Godzila 1 month ago

    there is no more pistons in survival mode for the Xbox One you can’t make them or you can’t find them in the crafting

  • Shane and Lily 1 month ago

    Hey Toycat what’s the seed for that world?

  • Samich 1 month ago


  • The elder guardian and the evoker are not bosses


    On my survival I got from the first 2 wither Skeletons I killed 2 skulls and got the last one from like the 5th and I did not have looting

  • Mr. Reaper 1 month ago

    what’s the seed for this world?

  • Undercover Cow 1 month ago

    ibxtoycat what’s with the new update for minecraft xbox360/ps3 that came out this morning

  • Quiet Karlos 1 month ago

    YAY! I love these videos.

  • Milo Diaz 1 month ago

    What items can you hold in your other hand in game?

  • FrothierCargo 04 1 month ago

    is in wath o hat

  • Trey Norris 1 month ago

    How about they can’t put the graphic packs on PS4 they are working for Xbox or there are just lazy

  • Jblitz 15 1 month ago

    Even with an extra boss, you did it by half an hour less!

  • Dean Normandin 1 month ago

    Your channel is gay.

  • Dovahkiin 813 1 month ago

    hey what’s a seed that has every thing a jungle water and desert temple a village and a mansion? the seed would be for the 360

  • aislingxqoneill 1 month ago

    use old skin

  • aislingxqoneill 1 month ago

    I love you

  • aislingxqoneill 1 month ago

    this is a nice comment

  • Neo Toresten 1 month ago

    talk slower pls

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