• ShoTz_FiVe 2 weeks ago


  • Mid TemPest 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t the beta already released for Xbox one?

  • Tiqew 2 weeks ago

    This summer my ass

  • Travis Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Maybe it will come out tomorrow because tomorrow is Monday aka next week

  • Maxz_YT 2 weeks ago

    459 like 🙂

  • Corey Brown 2 weeks ago


  • Fred bear 11 2 weeks ago

    #770 place

  • ZacharyGunner 2 weeks ago


  • FFMaster1212 2 weeks ago

    waiting on the better together to hit the switch would be so much better to have better trollers trying to troll me

  • Gary Nutt 2 weeks ago

    420 😀

  • Jelly JTK 2 weeks ago

    I downloaded the insider hub and the digital copy of Minecraft the same day, I opened the insider app and have not found it. Am I supposed to play for a certain amount of time?

  • Keith Pineda 2 weeks ago

    So the update is coming for Xbox 1 ?

  • Dakota Price 2 weeks ago


  • Cnash 2099 2 weeks ago

    i didnt get 504… but i got 801

  • JcEcho 2 weeks ago

    Recently I have been watching some your vids and I want to know if I should subscribe? If you reply I’ll subscribe and turn notifications

    P.s. For me it says 666 comments 😱

  • Elvispuppyboy1 Elvispuppyboy1 2 weeks ago

    814 th

  • Jack Lewis 2 weeks ago

    Your the coolest

  • Bill Cosby 2 weeks ago


  • QuanTum Sniping 2 weeks ago

    Hey is anyone on Xbox one and wanna play Minecraft. Comment on this post with gamertags need people to play with when this new update drops

  • MoldyPeregrine9 2 weeks ago

    857th like…Yay

  • clash with paul 2 weeks ago

    Hey Skippy just wondering if you can answer this question for us if I was to start a realm on the Pocket Edition would it be able to carry over to the Xbox when the update comes out

  • Beverly Lemaire 2 weeks ago

    I was 5

  • Caleb Robbins 2 weeks ago

    aubrey norris did not put up a tweet about mods, dumbass… that’s why you didn’t show it onscreen….

  • Sideward Jet Playz 2 weeks ago


  • Dr. Chili Pepper 2 weeks ago

    504 as in davie504?

  • Zombiekid 2 weeks ago


  • c'mon kid //-_- 2 weeks ago

    Skippy 1.0%chance at getting a reply but do we have to download the app and if we do don’t does it effect the update? App “xbox insider hub”

  • MrMIKEtem 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft insider smh

  • Unicorn Nation 2 weeks ago

    Bad time to switch to iOS…damn

  • TimedProductions 2 weeks ago

    It will probably be tomorrow due to the fact that everything big on xbox only happens on Tuesday’s

  • Phantom 2 weeks ago


    _at the end of summer_

  • zombiehero 90 2 weeks ago

    1000th 😀

  • zombie pool 2 weeks ago


  • smill pupstick 2 weeks ago

    It comes tomorrow.

  • William Atkinson 2 weeks ago

    What’s taking them so long😢😢

  • Samuel Pitsilids 2 weeks ago

    How about 360?

  • TheCrystalSlime 9969 2 weeks ago


  • BOXY GAMING 2 weeks ago

    But it has not been released yet so it should be next week

  • BOXY GAMING 2 weeks ago

    Because it is Tuesday

  • ThatBoy Adam 2 weeks ago


  • Melvin Villalobos 2 weeks ago


  • Boys Canales 2 weeks ago


  • Steven Gu 2 weeks ago


  • EnderGamer 125 2 weeks ago


  • Sean Seery 1 week ago

    40th dislike

  • G.O.A.T 1 week ago


  • Natassia Mc 1 week ago


  • Jasper Hanak 1 week ago

    i cant get in the likes becos im in a difrent time zone

  • Gamer Boy 1 week ago

    Lol he’s playing at 1 in the morning

  • Rize Gaming 1 week ago

    Will this be in Xbox 360? Like full version

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