Welcome to Ocean Den. In this series Sqaishey and I survive, explore


  • Dean Ambrose 7 months ago

    Just to make it clear Dean Ambrose lost to the Miz at great balls of fire and Extreme Rules was because of the Mizes friend and wife okay we clear

  • keira Gamer 7 months ago

    Love u stampy and sqaishy make the world happy

  • keira Gamer 7 months ago

    Pls reply love u both Xxx best utubers ever

  • Protector Finnic -protector of all the galaxy 7 months ago

    #Tiny wool top

  • Karen Santana 7 months ago

    Space den?

  • Jon Turk 7 months ago

    Stampy, I’ve an idea. Rockets normally have stabilizing wings on the bottom, build one on each side above the legs and build them out of the light blue wool!

  • Tatsney Bendy, Tattletail, And Sans 7 months ago

    7:54.. look at the right of Stampy’s screen..

  • Dylan Braam 7 months ago

    Yeah Play With Squid

  • StampyOverload 7 months ago

    ocean den is becoming quest its the same silly talk that questlike if you agree

  • Jayce Go 7 months ago

    FOIW the AROW

  • Lukas C 7 months ago


  • Olivia Haley 7 months ago

    “One of the guys!” needs to be on a t-shirt!

  • Mia38 T 7 months ago

    Stampy cat the rocket guy

    In the tune bill nye the science guy

  • Liz R. 7 months ago

    just stop…….

  • Dog King44 7 months ago

    That be cool if he did zero gravity ping pong in space

  • Jayson Bobenchik 7 months ago

    I’m jk I’m I lost video games for today but lucky me I can play on tablet secret☺

  • Jayson Bobenchik 7 months ago


  • little bunny gamer 7 months ago

    Yall r weird

  • Emilys Role play 7 months ago

    A store by Emilys Role Plays


    One day a duck and a cat wanted to go to space the duck said “I want to go to SPACE!!!!” Mr. Cakes the cat said “We will never be able to do that Mrs. Cakes!!! ”
    “Yes we WILL”

    Part 2 coming 🔜

  • Bracken Laver 7 months ago

    Stampy do you love squashy

  • Diosfer nico Agmata 7 months ago


  • MaxTheScientist 7 months ago

    Fallow the arrow says: Fallow the arrow

  • Miss Maddy 7 months ago


  • Awsome Mustard 7 months ago

    Did anyone see there was a stack of leather in the chest where stampy got the haybail

  • Cherry Playz Games 7 months ago

    stampy should date squaishey.

  • tom clarke 7 months ago

    pls do more vids cause I love these vids thx

  • Jazz Art 7 months ago

    Did anyone else suspect that it was Stampys Birthday because he had a hat on?

  • Jazz Art 7 months ago


  • Willow Monkey 7 months ago

    Hey you guys really need a ping pong training room aha it would be awsome😂😂😂😂

  • Diamondring Thimthom 7 months ago

    Stampy you should make a series with sqaishey and squid

  • Kairi Judith 7 months ago

    Parrots can dance to music boxes! You could use them instead of chickens

  • Karen 7 months ago

    How do you make the banner with a flower?

  • Karen 7 months ago

    Name the ship calcifer :)))

  • Oliver Simmonds 7 months ago

    I love u stamp

  • Mia38 T 7 months ago


  • Daring D5 7 months ago

    Who noticed the slight echo in the intro?

  • BumbleBettas 7 months ago

    After ocean den there should be a a living room den since sometimes living rooms are called dens. It could be a huge living room.

  • abigail west 7 months ago


  • Farah Landry 7 months ago

    I made a hall of YouTube’s it has you fizzy elephant polly reindeer squishy and squid if you want to come see it on my world in Minecraft do hato friend request me

  • Farah Landry 7 months ago

    I made a Hall of YouTube’s it has you fizzy elephant Polly reindeer squid and squishy it is on my Minecraft world if you want to see it you will have to friend request me I play PlayStation 3 My user name is swampgirl

  • Kaiya Stevenson 7 months ago


  • Colorado McSwain 7 months ago

    #team squashy

  • Kawaii Cats 7 months ago

    Stampy and Squashy: **Drives Rocket Ship**

    Stampy: **Starts Crashing**


    Stampy: Nah, I’ll fix it.

    Squashy: **Panics**

    Chicken 1: PANIC!

    Parrot: **Stares Angrily at the Chicken**

    Chicken 2: AT THE DISCO!

    **All Animals Start Dancing Again**

    Lol xD

  • Alex M 7 months ago

    You guys should go to the moon again.

  • Gtab Dev 7 months ago

    “Hey I’m just one of the guys” best american accent by stampylongnose

  • Samantha Toale 7 months ago

    You could use redstone to train parrots to dance.
    Parrots dance when you play a music disc.

    By the way there are parrots in Minecraft now if you didn’t know. lol

  • Peter Morgan 7 months ago

    Hey Stampy, try to figure this out….. There are 20 cows 28 chickens. How many chickens are left? P.S It took me awhile to figure it out

  • Serenity Collazo 7 months ago

    stampy you don’t have your stampy stile boots

  • Adventureman 7 months ago

    Stop building

  • Equestrian Called Kayleigh 7 months ago


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