Explaining the confusion around TU63 or 1.13 – the aquatic update For


  • Q Turner 4 weeks ago

    Turtles will be my favorite thing

  • Marctheblue 110 4 weeks ago

    I hope minecraft switch edition gets the update

  • Andrew Dortignac 4 weeks ago

    This both reliefs and worries me

  • Brown Kitty55 4 weeks ago

    you say bear in mind to much

  • Michael Brocaglia 4 weeks ago

    I think they’re having trouble deving the update for the old console edition. That’s the only reason I could think they wouldn’t know anything yet.

  • Dante Tuckett 4 weeks ago

    So will the update be on 360 or not cus that’s all I play UGHH so confusing

  • Ari's Moonlight 4 weeks ago

    if they wont update all the versions there will be players that will leave the game so its kinda dumb of them because they wont make more money and ik they gone money mad with the coin shop so yahh

  • SuperMarioPlush15 4 weeks ago

    If it doesn’t come to Legacy, Ill be done with Xbox. I’ll move to ps4

  • Shark 4 weeks ago

    I’m hoping the Xbox one gets the Update Aquatic. If it doesn’t, I’m hoping the Bedrock version is better developed.

  • Michael Resh 4 weeks ago

    I can say this for sure. I owned a 360. I sold it for the one. If my old console gets an update my newer console don’t get. Honestly. Wtf. Doubt that will happen. If so the need to spend less money on updating and no err e money in lawyers.

  • NinjaGo! Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Will it be out for PS4 because then i would never play minecraft ever again because i only have it for PS4

  • Awesome MB 4 weeks ago

    You scarer me coz i noted: no more updates

  • Dreyden Gaugel 4 weeks ago

    Is it for the Nintendo switch too?

  • Dreyden Gaugel 4 weeks ago

    The aquatic update

  • VGC Player Garrett 4 weeks ago

    And the 4th option, Xbox One gets it, and 360 doesn’t get it because it can’t support it.

  • Love Brothers 4 weeks ago

    This is good, I guess. I really hope we do get it!

  • xwinger 4 weeks ago

    come on come on I really want the aquatic update please >_< I have a Xbox one

  • Berke 4 weeks ago

    is aquatic Comes to ps4?

  • Ben Burk 4 weeks ago

    Will PS4 get it? Because the I’m on it but it was released then I will be so happy (plus I wish later on PS4 had also bedrock)

  • Transmedal2 4 weeks ago

    there probably more 360 minecraft. players peroid so it wouldn’t make a lick of sense or dollars to ignore that platform getting the update

  • FuzzyFox64 4 weeks ago

    I remember this Gameplay.

  • Pheonix Black 4 weeks ago

    aquatic my come in broken up rather than all to gether

  • Asbestos Fish 4 weeks ago

    (._.) <{well okay then)

  • The Epic RainWing 4 weeks ago

    Can we get an update on the switch version? Because the devs on a livestream said that it wasn’t finished

  • 318mizzp 4 weeks ago

    Off subject Hi all can we have some more tutorial on secret in put doors. Love secret rooms stairs with secret inputs please please. Love your tutorials thanks for up dates on xbox. 1 off your fans mizzp😍

  • Ugandan knuckles 4 weeks ago

    I just want to say to everyone that is worrying about ps4 not getting aquatic, ps4 will get aquatic, the console can still handle years of updates, idk why people are so worried, hope this helped

  • LimetheDancingFox 2020 4 weeks ago


  • LimetheDancingFox 2020 4 weeks ago

    phew we still have a chance

  • Creeperslayer_ 14 4 weeks ago

    This doesn’t really effect me because I play on PS3

  • Preston Ferry 4 weeks ago

    I don’t want them to cancel!

  • Player Unknown 4 weeks ago


  • Speed-Gamez 4 weeks ago

    Can’t these people just make up their minds?!

  • Xheross Gaming 4 weeks ago

    yess boi

  • Ghost Virus64 4 weeks ago

    When is it coming out? I forgot

  • [ HermannM ] 4 weeks ago

    *Wait, how can I have the link of the Minecraft Discord?*

  • XxJumirxX Gaming y vlogs 4 weeks ago

    Anyone to play in Xbox 360 My GamerTag is LionelMessi937

  • Avalon 784 4 weeks ago

    Will it come to ps3? And ps4?

  • GD Silence 4 weeks ago

    I don’t get whats going because ps4 didn’t get better together and now possibly Xbox isn’t getting aquatic update

  • cyber 5400 4 weeks ago

    Toycat it doesn’t have sense that xbox 360 should get it instead of the xbox one…

    Well, it’s NOT possible that an 11 year old console that isn’t that powerful should get the update instead of the XBOX ONE, WHICH IS PROBABLY 5 TIMES MORE POWERFUL AND NOT THAT OLD. Please make your mind, and i reapeat it, it’ NOT POSSIBLE, OK?

  • MrArgel2 4 weeks ago

    Is Wii U getting update aquatic or not? Pls reply anyone

  • zach smith 4 weeks ago

    So wait, did something change or are people from the dev team speaking without knowing? I’m confused completely, do they know what’s going on anymore it doesn’t sound like it?

  • Jonathan Simonds 4 weeks ago

    i think there going to make a tool from 360 to bedrock

  • Mr. Moo 4 weeks ago

    Stop calling it canceled! It’s discontinued, not canceled!

  • Liam WaKeHaM 4 weeks ago

    Do you have a cold?

  • Delta Omega 4 weeks ago

    Guessing by all that 4J does is for money they will probably never sort of discontinue the Xbox one’s Legacy Console Edition

  • Dr. Aaron 4 weeks ago


  • L Jay 4 weeks ago

    I don’t care if Legacy gets it later, as long as it gets it. Very disappointed for now.

  • Anar Flameace 4 weeks ago

    You can make the UI in the legacy console edition just like the pc version by following these simple steps:
    1. Open settings
    2. Find classic crafting.
    3. Turn it on

  • Cupcake Girl 4 weeks ago

    If they cancel uptades for xbox 1,then uptades are going to stop on pocket edition and pc/jave edition.

  • Jerahmeel Jones 4 weeks ago

    Yes yes Xbox 360

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