Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Carly Chapman 6 days ago

    because of you stampy I found my first diamond

  • Wonder Woman Sacca 6 days ago

    You added J3 something again.

  • Caleb 137 6 days ago

    Hit the targets parrot…

  • frinee enriquez 6 days ago

    Apples are not boring

  • Jr Animations 6 days ago

    maybe u could call it Mad Apple IDK love your channel

  • Olivia Yates 6 days ago

    I love apples

  • James Landrum 6 days ago

    It could be hit the target’s parrot

  • Thomas Featherstone 6 days ago

    build a zoo

  • Racoon 6 days ago

    Im sorry but i think the… HELLO THIS IS STAMPY is a bit cringey

  • Beth Parker 6 days ago

    When you bite in to an Apple and leave it for a while it douse actually turn yellow 😄😺😸🍎

  • Twitchpox Tv 6 days ago

    Stampy can you play a game called subnutica its amazing

  • DroidKahar 6 days ago


  • KatieKoolz77 6 days ago

    Can someone answer my question: How on Earth do you dig wood??

  • Tangguh Gamers 6 days ago

    Keep it up!. Never give up I love your channel 😉😎

  • Charlie Taylor 6 days ago

    48 episodes to go…

  • Cameron Biddle 6 days ago

    Hey go to a YouTubers called mumbo jumbo pls

  • KatieKoolz77 6 days ago

    I have a joke
    What do you feed llamas?

    ‘Big Apples’ get it??

  • Jose Perez 6 days ago

    carrots eat cookies

  • Bluish Rose 6 days ago

    Hey stamps Love your vids ^-^

  • Kane Gaming MORE 6 days ago

    Actually Fizzys gold shovel digs faster than a diamond shovel.

  • FROZE GAMING INDO 6 days ago

    hi Stampy ive never see ur vid from 1 year

  • Nolax 6 days ago

    You need melon seeds to tame them SPECIFICALLY MELON NOT ANY OTHER, JUST MELON

  • Aaron Boodoo 6 days ago

    Do some gta5 video you donute

  • Amyra Potapovaite 6 days ago

    Stampy can u say hi to my new pet hamster Livia pls?????? In your next video

  • Olia Sereike 6 days ago

    its coco coco beans

  • JJMadness 1234 6 days ago

    i think you are gonna make a piston feed tape

  • Tesla Puteye 6 days ago

    Stampy I have been watching you since early 2013 and I always enjoyed you and ibalisticsquid doing adventure maps and playing different games (but mostly minecraft) so why cant you guys do that now.

  • Dorito_man gaming 6 days ago

    You already added J3mx_droid

  • Watch my channel _2 6 days ago


  • SoloSnD 6 days ago

    Man I watched u 3 years ago its Amazing u
    still enjoy and upload this game

  • Reuben Hallas 6 days ago

    17:28Stampy: “He doesn’t have a diamond pickaxe so we have a reallly big advantage!”Me: “,Why would he need one when he is playing spleef?”

  • JontyMaster 6 days ago

    Great videos! I really hope you get 10 million subscribers! When I clicked your video i couldn’t stop watching thanks for the awesome videos!

  • NooNooRules: Vlogs, Dolls & More 6 days ago


  • C.T.G 6 days ago

    stampy. im not a hater but i dont really watch you anymore. however. you’re a part of my child hood. i watched you when i was little and your videos are awesome.

  • CoolSkeleton95 6 days ago

    The parrot is probably glitched. The same thing happened to stacy in the last episode of your Minecraft story mode thing.

  • Luka 6 days ago

    Oh man, this video got in my recommendations…Your channel has grown a lot..I remember watching you back in 2013 when I was 11..Loved your videos, they always bring back old memories..Unfortunately the last video I watched from you was “Fight in Flight [212]” a long time ago…Just watched that video again..Keep up stampy and you’ll grow even more…

  • CUCAKE SPRINKLE 6 days ago


    (Hi parrot)

  • Mason Hemmings 6 days ago

    Hit the targets evil pet parrot

  • Kiara Smith x 6 days ago

    You need Mellon seeds I think because I tamed one xx

  • Vishnu Gattupalli 6 days ago

    I think of your videos so much that you come in my dreams

  • matej brtka 6 days ago

    I LOVE apples!

  • Howling Shadows 6 days ago

    Parrot taming is in the new updates on xbox1

  • Silver Clode 6 days ago

    love your video stampy and for a strange reason i thought it was call great apple

  • Lourdes Kirk 6 days ago

    stampy can we go in your lovely world on the xbox 360 in creative mode

  • Aquila Nabong 6 days ago

    Use grass!

  • Gikle 6 days ago

    You need cookies

  • Kayla Krisalyn 6 days ago

    Your Laugh makes me laugh harder and harder! Keep it up!!!! <3
    Ive been with you for 2 years now! I LUV U STAMPS

  • burrito cat productions boi 6 days ago

    I can show you de waye

  • Tessa Watson 6 days ago


  • BenTurbervill 123 6 days ago

    You still do this 😂

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