• Alex Rodriguez 1 week ago

    I think that stapy put the pumpkin seeds instead

  • Alex Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Of the regular seeds

  • Micah Whitworth 1 week ago

    You should build a clossus that is trying to smash your houses because he did it in episode two

  • Mark Bardawil 1 week ago

    19 is great

  • Alandria Kloster 1 week ago

    Really sad funeral. Oh no, Stampy!!! He cursed Mello, by saying that who ever she named (or wanted to) should be the one she didn’t want to die! Stampy WHY!?!

  • co sc 1 week ago

    Me too

  • co sc 1 week ago


  • Anonymous Freak 1 week ago

    Glad You Didn’t Waste The Name Tag

    R.I.P 🐶 🐾

  • JLoganBlockYT 1 week ago

    Blue two you should call him Bluetooth lol

  • Ivan Zhao 1 week ago

    Aww so sad

  • Jermaine Lamoste 1 week ago

    stampy, did yea know that the sunflower is facing the sun so the colour of the sunflower faces the sun whenever the sun goes up or down

  • Endergirl Darling 1 week ago

    You Should Continue The Story Building Well SOME Of Beacon Town Cause That Would Be REALLY Hard

  • Agustin Solano 1 week ago

    Hi Stampy how do you plan a party in space you plan it get it !?

  • Endergirl Darling 1 week ago

    11:39 Lol Open Close Open Close Open Close 😂

  • Martin Morales 1 week ago

    Lucky we didnt waste the name tag.

  • Endergirl Darling 1 week ago

    😱😱😭 Stacy’s Dog DIED!!!!

  • Endergirl Darling 1 week ago

    OH My GOODNESS Why Is Stacy’s Dog Dedicated To The NETHER PORTAL!!!!!! That Isn’t A Very Good Thing 😱

  • Endergirl Darling 1 week ago

    Stampy: Lucky We Didn’t Waste The Name Tag
    Stacy: **Puts Fire In Front Of Stampy**
    Me: Awww It Ended

  • Daniella Castillo 1 week ago

    Lucky we didn’t use the name tag

  • DiamondPro 5000 1 week ago

    The dog died the same way Gregory died #theevilskltin

  • Hector Romero 1 week ago

    Uhh lucky we didnt waste the nametag😛

  • LittleMeowMeow8 1 week ago

    R.I.P. Mellow

    “Bork bork”

  • Kitty Kat 1 week ago

    Sorry Stampy but you can’t have the worst organized chests ever, because you haven’t seen my chests.

  • Brian Morales 1 week ago

    BEST YOUTUBER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coolest cookie 1 week ago

    Stacy should name the donkey

  • Renfrew24 1 week ago

    Here’s an ACTUAL comment!!! Good Vid! I love it!

  • DrawingStudioXX xxx 1 week ago

    Don’t destroy

  • Jordan Pick 1 week ago

    Could you build a Reuben memorial

  • Nugget 1 week ago

    Stampy I’ve been watching you ever since you started and your losing fame and I’m trying to build you fame up love ya stamps 💕

  • Wajed Nasroding 1 week ago

    Build the admin collosus

  • Widow Maker 1 week ago

    *-_- who be lurking*

  • Revankita Dalvi 1 week ago

    You should make an item frame with a bone and then anvil the bone Mellow and put it in the portal.You can put a sign saying “In memory of Mellow”

  • the mystery machine 1 week ago

    those cillors are evil I have to ware one

  • Mousey YT 1 week ago

    Can u release the seed for this world?? And maybe give us the coordinates of where the houses are?

  • TestAccount 1 week ago

    Me and my friend are making something for you now

  • DawsonGaming YT 1 week ago

    R.i.p Melo: Reason to die : shot by thunder or I don’t know…

    😢😢😢😢😢😢 this is sad

  • savage_guy 1212 1 week ago

    Stamps u r lit

  • Blue2dragon 1 week ago

    The next one will be jellow u watch

  • james hays 1 week ago

    if you don’t have any you should gather some redstone and use that when brewing the potions so that they last 8 minutes each

  • My Name's REALLY Jeff 1 week ago

    About the guardians – didn’t you and squid also do an Ocean Monument Challenge?

  • Raidz 1 week ago

    When he said building a giant wall I was building a giant wall on my survival games map. Speaking of which anyone want to help me and play it? My xbx one gamertag is Raidz manner

  • princess tyasia gillam 1 week ago

    Stampy is. A 21

  • Brishy Nose 1 week ago

    Stampy, you are hilarioius!!!!! I hope you will always do this series with Stacyplays

  • Azraf Rahman 1 week ago


  • lilypop 8X 1 week ago

    19:29 to 20:00 Stacy made me cry lol

  • lilypop 8X 1 week ago

    Then 20:04 to 20:10 stampy made me laugh lol

  • Azraf Rahman 1 week ago


  • Andrew Gourlay 1 week ago


  • Chloe Ahearn 1 week ago

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Minecraft Story mode. It’s the best!!!

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