Welcome to my story mode house. In this series Stacy Plays and I try


  • Sawyer the Cat 7 months ago

    0:52 you just explained the quantum mechanics of an interdimensional portal and the paradoxys between different universes!! Good job!
    You’re on your way to becoming a dimensional savior, Stampy!

  • Kevman 77 7 months ago

    SIKEEEEEEEEEE a random person…….*crickets*…….but i still <3 stampy's vids

  • bridgett b. 7 months ago

    Ooh editing skills 🙂 also you’re personality shines through in this series and considering I think this is your first series w Stacy, I’m glad you’re still 💯

  • Liam The Best 7 months ago

    Ur channel is dying stamps. Do something fun to get more views!!!

  • THE gaming SAMUEL 7 months ago

    when are you going to make more ep

  • C0WA7D1YTUB14 7 months ago

    Who ever reads this comment have a nice day 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Wally At Me 7 months ago

    Ugh Stasies so annoying

  • Tasnim Oroni 7 months ago

    oops i didnt watch the whole video

  • Cameron Scott Jackson 7 months ago

    say sinking feeling if you watch sinking feeling alought

  • TIANNA DARE 7 months ago


  • laci christiansen 7 months ago

    Stamps oslots spawn in jungle

  • Foxy Mindgamer 7 months ago


  • Turbo Tester 7 months ago

    was it a witch that replaced the sheep baa?

  • Jennifer Wildes 7 months ago

    Stamps! I have something important to confess… MY BUTT SMELLS AWFUL!

  • Jennifer Wildes 7 months ago

    Stampy can you play the Amazing Spider-man 2 game?

  • Jennifer Wildes 7 months ago

    Can you play the Harry Potter games?

  • Jennifer Wildes 7 months ago

    Can you play more Terraria

  • Saffy CuteEars 7 months ago

    so happy stampy and stacy are doing a lets play

  • lucy sandoval 7 months ago

    Tete hay nada noble es yuca esto

  • Gillian johnson 7 months ago

    i love you stampy x

  • prince 7 months ago

    stampy this should be one life style

  • EthanGamingPlace 7 months ago

    stampy theres different color beds each color makes the same color bed

  • Almanza Eightythree 7 months ago

    Stampy, can you even Minecraft??? lol raw salmon!?

  • ProNoob53 7 months ago

    You should let Stacy take over I want to see how that plays out

  • Mark Blahnik 7 months ago

    Panicpanicpanicpanicpan cpanic!!!!🗣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣 -stampycat

  • Darcie Le Boff 7 months ago

    lol for me skin pack is locked…

  • Caden The Troll Master 7 months ago

    Stampy- are you real
    Stacy- ya
    Stampy- (punches Stacy)
    Stacy- hey
    Stampy-let me get the sword to make sure
    Stacy- …
    Stampy- (grabs sword)
    Stampy- (kills Stacy)
    Stampy- yep she’s real
    Stacy- I have a feeling I’m going to die a lot

  • Caden The Troll Master 7 months ago

    Stacy cat and stampy plays

  • Caden The Troll Master 7 months ago

    Stampy was the my first ever youtuber I have ever watched then it was vanoss then popularmmo then ssundee and ya so on so on

  • Mohammad Shoaib 7 months ago

    i love your vids

  • Kysorsene 7 months ago

    I forgot how funny Stacy and Stampy were when they were together

  • Kysorsene 7 months ago

    Me: *dies of laughter*

  • THE GREAT PAPYRUS 7 months ago

    Stacy and stampy,y’all argue in season 2 lol

  • Kysorsene 7 months ago

    Stampy: *Gets blown up* OH NO I’M IN THE WATER
    Stacy: Is the donkey okay?!?!
    Me: Are you saying about your donkey…or are you saying Stampy is a donkey?

  • Jakson_plays _ 7 months ago

    4:51 Stacy made me laugh

  • Qi Fuh Yue 7 months ago

    Stacy is very annoying

  • ryan balanza 7 months ago

    Play more hunger games i missed when you played it

  • Ghost Owl 7 months ago


  • Peter de Haan 7 months ago

    Minecraft story mode season 2

  • Jean Penilla 7 months ago

    you shud make a video with dantdm

  • callum worton 7 months ago

    Stamps when you eat rotten flesh you get hunger

  • The Good Gamer Son 7 months ago

    Who is Reuben my name is Ruben

  • Danielle Tomkinson 7 months ago

    stampy your house is birch and oak on the roof and, oak and sppprrruceee on the sides

  • Erica And Dez 7 months ago

    7:45 Stampy: I think the sheep just laughed at me

  • CoolCreeper PvP - Minecraft and more! 7 months ago

    No lie. My real name is actually Jesse. It really is

  • FIVE JELLY 7 months ago

    Great video but how do you get your stampylongnose skin pack in Minecraft without the party hat

  • FIVE JELLY 7 months ago

    And what skin pack is it

  • Justin Adlai G. Prestoza 7 months ago

    Stampy, when will you continue the minecraft story 2?

  • Super Max 7 months ago

    It is a witch

  • Tai-Tonio Monga 7 months ago

    Jesse plays and Jesse cat 😂😂

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