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  • MrCoolGuy980 10 months ago

    Dear Ibxtoycat,
    On a recent Seed Sunday video in which the seed is 306959825 you missed a skeleton spawner at the coordinates X:180, Y: 60, Z:-366.

  • Chris Morris27 10 months ago

    I diagnose you with gay

  • Chris Morris27 10 months ago

    It is time someone put an end to *I will like my own comment cause no one else will*

  • Chris Morris27 10 months ago

    I am the one always disliking all comments

  • Nathan56715 10 months ago

    1:26:57 wow that looks cool!

  • Nathan56715 10 months ago

    lol 666th like XD

  • wingedzombie909 10 months ago


  • A a painter, a plumber, and a toycat walk into a bar, can you guess what happens next?

  • Ophelia Lonzo 10 months ago

    If you crouch while flying with elytra you do a cool super man flying pose

  • Sean Wall 10 months ago

    I went into my mansion and yeah apparently when I was in it, half of it went up in flames and me and my army of wolves died

  • Just a Cat 10 months ago

    #QnA Toycat what are you opinions on the Nintendo Gamecube?

  • iBillyYoutube // iBillyGaming 10 months ago

    I got mentioned in the stream yaya! Thanks Toycat! 😀

  • agents of gallifrey 10 months ago


  • Andy Fennell 10 months ago

    You made the Vindicators and Evokers very, very, very, very angry.

  • Michael Moreland 10 months ago

    What if you’re lactose intolerant

  • Toycat's Mum 10 months ago

    What’s the green thing
    And what are these 💪👅👄✌️✍️😈👘👗👗🐇🏫🏫💒🏧♎♎♒♍:3:3:-$^o^(^_-)

  • Scott Connor 10 months ago

    Are we geting the pc combat

  • ilikepizza63 10 months ago

    We don’t say y’all and howdy in new york. That’s just down south

  • Johnson Boys 10 months ago


  • RockYourWorld12 10 months ago

    1980: I bet we will have flying cars in the future.
    2017: England Is My City

  • Anthony Ally 10 months ago

    I love your channel! Everyone plz sub to ibxtoycat. Hope you reach 1 million! Are you ready?

  • Chris is an Artist 10 months ago


  • Pickle Pickle 10 months ago

    You have no life

  • cool gammer cool 10 months ago

    Can u report the invisible glitch to 4j tons of people are using it plz

  • ios gamer 47 10 months ago

    Do a 24 hour stream

  • Cian Hue 10 months ago

    1:21:56 RIP
    Toycat’s Silk Touch Pic
    It will be missed

  • Marisa Mitchell 10 months ago

    I have a black cat & she keeps herself super clean. Her fur is so soft & shiny, I think she’s beautiful!

  • DawsonDaBest 10 months ago

    The God said ibxtoycat will never pin this

  • Zach Craft 10 months ago

    Three things happened today

    1 : my friend said he didn’t like toycat
    2 : my friend got hit by a bus
    3 : I lost my bus driving licence

  • Theepicguy 10 months ago

    Hi Toycat your my favourite YouTuber

  • Theepicguy 10 months ago

    Please reply ToyCat

  • Theepicguy 10 months ago

    I beg you

  • Theepicguy 10 months ago

    Plz plz plz

  • Theepicguy 10 months ago


  • Theepicguy 10 months ago


  • Theepicguy 10 months ago

    I like the video

  • Theepicguy 10 months ago

    I mean livestream

  • Angels Guy 10 months ago

    I just burned it

  • H Mirah 10 months ago

    I was early now I’m late! Grrrrrrrrrrr. Can you do another

  • EyeHawk Crystal 10 months ago

    When ur done turn the woodland mansion into a woodland version of the Eiffel tower.

  • Leah Duggan 10 months ago

    I’ve started to do this challenge but I’ve only done the top floor.. It’s took me about 5 hours at least. But to be fair I’ve done all the walls and roof and everything on the top floor

  • Besher Samer 10 months ago

    Hey toycat why 4j are so quite will it be a new update like every time when they be quite????????? Will it be build battle or another mini game?

  • mr. Pheomix 10 months ago

    Removes entire mansion to see what blocks are it’s composed of

    Even though there is a wiki page

  • Dami Doger 10 months ago

    #Qna Toycat can you do more touring subscribers worlds, because I’ve always wanted someone to tour mine.

  • Littledinosaurg Gaming 10 months ago

    Czxc .. Zx

  • Korblox Gamer 10 months ago

    #QnA Have u been to MR (Mount Rushmore) If u haven’t gone would u like to go?

  • Toycat's Son 10 months ago

    Hi Father (im pretty sure toycat is confused)

  • HyperHawk88 10 months ago

    I think toycat should make a mini version of all of the main structures in the game and put that in the cobblestone cube (including the woodland mansion) instead of just the end city

  • Underswap Papyru 10 months ago

    Recycling a mansion? I did that with a village with a diamond axe, shovel and pickaxe all with efficiency 5 or whatever the highest is on console, and it only took around an hour

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