Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Jazzy 2707 3 months ago

    If u put Williams name and fizzys name together it’s wizzy feaber😁😁😁

  • kaikaina onekea 3 months ago

    Was it that added a long time ago

  • MrDigThis 3 months ago

    You should take Barnaby out once in a while! He hasn’t seen the extension of the town! Love your lovely world vids stampy! I’ve been watching since your 100th lovely world video! 😃😃😃

  • Syahmi 2017 THE FANBOY OF ALL OF YOU 3 months ago

    Poem to all

    Someone is nice,
    but you too late,
    come see them,
    but who is amazing?😕😕😕

  • Riseabovehate 102 3 months ago

    Yo i stopped watching stampy 3 yrs ago man now i realize how much ive been missing

  • Wadih El Khalil 3 months ago

    your bread is getting soggy, EAT OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!

  • Zack Septicguy 3 months ago

    I can’t wait for 64 more episodes until the horror number

  • Amit Anand 3 months ago

    Back from my long holiday, i know dis late, but Happy 600th Stampys Lovely World video! 😄 My name is Skye 😊

  • Chris Rodrigues 3 months ago

    Can I be your helper

  • Lucas Aguilar 3 months ago

    Hi stampy can you play with speed bye

  • Smasher90X 3 months ago

    you should make a museum and have a section honoring all of your dead dogs with a hallway of all of them and have gregory at the end

  • scott clark 3 months ago


  • KING jack the IV Jk I'm not a king 3 months ago

    Error 2500 comment section is deleted

  • rapid rally's 3 months ago

    red stone is awsome

  • Nightryder 566 3 months ago

    My cat got hit by a car yesterday and died:(

  • XXxFAKELORDxXX 3 months ago

    Oml memories I remember stopping watching around you 300 video I loved you so much back then

  • Sky Bandits 3 months ago

    Stampy , please play fortnite with squid

  • Sky Bandits 3 months ago

    Also , I have sent u a friend request on Xbox 1

  • Sky Bandits 3 months ago

    Plz accept

  • Sky Bandits 3 months ago

    I love ur vids

  • Sky Bandits 3 months ago

    The name on Xbox is WilderPanda4

  • Mr.Mango 3 months ago

    I watched your let’s play from episode one till around 300 and stopped watching as I grew out of this but I really find it amazing that you are still playing.

  • Read more 3 months ago

    Hey wanna know a trick

    You sure? Ok.

  • Princess Kitten 157 3 months ago

    Sqaishey is polly.

  • radsh1t msp gaming 3 months ago

    You should call a cat or dog stamoy in my boots

  • Penny Thompson 3 months ago

    Stamph why dont you make the game quidich you have to do it in creativet mode cas you gan fly up in the elytra with that mode you dont have to do it

  • Felicia Lukito 3 months ago

    Watch squaishey = polly? Stampy exposed

  • Jen c 3 months ago

    Your my favorite youtuber your nice cool and plays minecraft

  • Brandon Bisson 3 months ago

    Stampy there’s a copy catter he’s making copied videos from you and there’s one extra episode you did not well I don’t even know if you uploaded that video it was the dark thing

  • Wyatt Olis 3 months ago

    I also love all your dogs

  • Fluffy Kin 3 months ago

    Squashy is Polly and when he uses the teleporter he records spinning then stops and then he goes outside and flies to the other teleporter and takes him spinning again in the teleporter

  • Fluffy Kin 3 months ago

    Squashy is Polly

  • surftube 3 months ago

    2:16 wasted a slice of bread

  • Andrew Fuhriman 3 months ago

    stampy have a hide and seek game across your world

  • Kayden Lansberry 3 months ago

    hi it’s your best friend Kaden

  • CJ Green 3 months ago

    This is amazing I haven’t watched you in quite a while and I watch this now and I almost cried this takes me back you were the first youtuber I ever watched Love you stampy

  • HeyItsAtty 3 months ago

    that intro had a very long pause

  • KawaiGirl 236 3 months ago

    Hey stampy quick question:Why is Squid never really in ur vids anymore?

  • Elvia Nava 3 months ago

    How do you get in your love garden

  • ThomasTrain1945 3 months ago

    Dear.stampy i maked your house love graden and you hot buns shop in my minecraft world…

  • Flip Mode 3 months ago

    Do a fun land office

  • anna lee 3 months ago

    If you had to be a kid or teen to watch ur vids, then I would never want to grow up.

  • Chantale Bergeron 3 months ago

    Do you know da way

  • Bri Don 3 months ago

    nice art nate

  • Theara Cool Theara Cool 3 months ago

    HIT THE TARGET is always sry on you mr.stampy cat . PLEASE BE CAREFUL .


  • Calemite 3 months ago

    You are very clearly depressed. Take a hiatus for your own health

  • Alecx bro 3 months ago


  • Z Playz 3 months ago

    I want to watch the first videos of the lovely world 🙁

  • Life On A Farm 3 months ago

    1:30 that’s why the doors were flipped in the 600 tour

  • Choochy Entertainment 3 months ago

    Poly is actually squashie quack

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