Part 555 –
Behind the scenes –


  • Newnecker1 8 months ago

    Wish he used the tree train still instead of the teleporter

  • Samichplayz 04 8 months ago

    I smell a hit the target video coming with Polly

  • Also Polly is acting weird!! she keeps going limp and not moving!!

  • Alaydra Fleming 8 months ago

    you need to make a race with ⛵’s again

  • Brandon Marsh 8 months ago

    Please make a McDonald’s

  • Tangentsauce 15 8 months ago

    I’m so impatient waiting for the next Lovley World video.

  • Hugo Torres 8 months ago

    I heard a fart

  • Rachel Turner 8 months ago

    (Barnaby) yay I get to go with stampy whooo !!!
    (Stampy) :drops Barnaby at dog kennel :
    (Duncan) :blows raspberry: HA HA I get to go with stampy whooo!!!

  • Tangentsauce 15 8 months ago

    Where is the next Lovley World video?

  • d2redneck 8 months ago

    Hi stampy I am a relly big fan you make great videos

  • Marco LaMorte 8 months ago

    build a giant stampy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The awesomeness Iron Man 8 months ago


  • He was literally my childhood 😻😻

  • AmazingAngelLove 8 months ago

    The tellaporter was different and I THINK polly is still a robot or has been brain washed!! This HAS to be the start of a HTT and VD video!!!#

  • Dman Gamer 8 months ago

    Polly is acting weird again

  • laykean teoh 8 months ago

    Stampy and hit the target are friend is just a ropeplay

  • David O Neill 8 months ago

    I sen you in a book

  • Benjamin Heinrich 8 months ago

    I don’t think Polly is evil.if he would have revealed it already.

  • datuktea 8 months ago

    Where is Ibalistic Squid?

  • Hannah Quinn 8 months ago

    Yep I think the teleporter has done something to Polly

  • Finley Edwards 8 months ago


  • Hannah Quinn 8 months ago

    Wait I heard that as well STAMPY FARTED

  • Pete Abro 8 months ago

    can stampy or any one else tell me how to enter the love garden

  • Leo Acosta 8 months ago

    14:06 hit the targets mastery

  • Genevieve Joi 8 months ago

    polly is acting a bit stiff :/

  • Blanca Garza 8 months ago

    Hahahaha syampy

  • Blanca Garza 8 months ago

    I don’t care if I spell your name wrong

  • Blanca Garza 8 months ago

    Go William

  • Blanca Garza 8 months ago

    Stamps you did you 3 laps

  • Nicholas Peet 8 months ago

    what happened to hit the target?I miss hime

  • Brandon Gallipoli 8 months ago

    htt did it to polly since shes smart with redstone so she cant fix it

  • Anonymoose 8 months ago

    can you clear your inbox

  • Glitchgirl _Ally 8 months ago


  • Glitchgirl _Ally 8 months ago


  • Glitchgirl _Ally 8 months ago


  • Glitchgirl _Ally 8 months ago

    I bet the next video is going to have something with hot the target

  • MintyRose AJ 8 months ago

    14:09 What was that sound ? XD

  • FireAurora747 8 months ago

    The creepy cave music played after pilly got 2nd place ….interesting

  • FireAurora747 8 months ago

    Polly sorry

  • FireAurora747 8 months ago

    Freez frame during the tp cut screen its htt castle

  • Chava Vallecillo 8 months ago

    Stampy pushed fizzy off

  • Orion Arnold 8 months ago

    14:10 hit the target video soon

  • taylor rendall 8 months ago

    did anyone see the hitthetarget face in the teleporter. I was when the teleporter went all swirly

  • Amelia Morris 8 months ago

    Plz can u do a stream with netty or just on your own

  • Kai Headley 8 months ago

    What’s your lovely world seed

  • Nour Taha 8 months ago

    I’m so happy to have the best day

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