finally destroying the last of the woodland mansion. The stream will


  • Timothy Baker 6 months ago

    i was in the stream and i saw him destroy the last block and he noticed me in chat. 🙂 good job. this was a really good idea

  • Winter wolf915 6 months ago

    Ibx help me minecraft deleted my birthday skins do you no how to get it back plz help i lost my 1st bday and 2 and e bday pack :c plz tell me how to fix this if you know or something

  • FreePenguin5000 6 months ago

    This on total probably took almost 10 hours

  • Bradley Morrow 6 months ago


  • Bubstheslime 6 months ago

    Destroy the end city

  • the Gamer's fwend 6 months ago

    ibxLATEcat I mean toycat, showcase the seed
    2887855380074285715 on classic and small biomes, it has a woodland mansion, ocean monument, igloo, village, and witch hut, Leave a link to my channel In the description, I showed the loots

  • Connor Crase 6 months ago

    #Qbutitsastatement Do a livestream where you pretend it’s a video where you pretend it’s a livestream

  • Zadof Hensley 6 months ago


  • chris martn 6 months ago

    Now you should rebuild the woodland mansion

  • Ben Playz 6 months ago

    23rd comment?!

  • Thain Meister 6 months ago

    I cant get haste 2 beacons to work on console can you help toycat

  • Noah Preys 6 months ago

    Saw the thumbnail and said, a huge mansion can fit into three chests… makes sense!

  • J.J. Falcon 6 months ago


  • josiebird2 6 months ago

    Where are all the comments? And who skipped to the end to see him destroy the last of the mansion?

  • Whatever Dwarf 6 months ago

    Why does he keep on putting “Gullible” in the top left of the description below!?

  • LillyWood 6 months ago

    I’m Finally Destroying the woodland mansion? Um more like I’m Finally Demolishing the woodland mansion! Besides I lived in there in peaceful mode! On my PS4! 🙂 BTW I enjoyed your life stream!!!

  • Ibxtoycat's mother 6 months ago

    I am glad that you didn’t die and that you are safe when you did the destruction of the woodland mansion and great job on finishing the project.
    – love mom

  • HTGameZ 6 months ago

    Give the cats lactose free milk

  • Duck Clanian Mapping 6 months ago

    What’s next on the thumbnail again, red arrows and circles and emojis?

  • Ghost Pig 6 months ago

    Sooooooooooo booorrrrriiiiinnnnnggggggg how to do u watch these kind of videos

  • CenturianDoctor 6 months ago

    Toycat your profile pic is not smug enough for your personality

  • Cameron H 6 months ago

    What is the best way for me to dm you a seed I could not on twitter

  • JoeMamaGames 6 months ago

    Hey guys, you are AWESOME!?
    ~~~ I hope y’all have a STUPENDOUSLY awesome day xD

  • Ps3 has tu58 remember do secrets in tu 57 58

  • daunieprogirl yon 6 months ago

    Toy cat you can kill villagers with fireworks btw you can give credit to darienthenoob

  • jake Townend 6 months ago

    Son toycat daddy toycats dad mummy toycats mum

  • haunted ghost 6 months ago

    why do you hate the msnsion

  • Jonas 6032 6 months ago

    Toycat, I found a PS4 seed where a woodland mansion is literally split in half and it’s so strange.

  • Maddie Beatty 6 months ago

    Did anyone notice they also changed the PVP combat.

  • kawaii kitty247 6 months ago

    1 like = you meet youre fav youtuber
    1 sub = you pick a vid i should record
    Comment = I SUB. TO YOU

    Please do

  • DARK NIGHT 6 months ago

    The speed postion has changed

  • Toycat's Mum 6 months ago

    My name is William
    I’m a 10 year old boy who is a geek and LOVES Doctor Who/is a Doctor Who super fan
    I always thought of my self as being the kid in my class has no life…
    So I made this account cause I have no life/I’m a retard
    So yeah…
    You know who I am now…

  • Demi Forbes 6 months ago

    Thank you! You’re seriously the best youtuber ever!!!

  • 555 Droid 6 months ago

    Why did you destroy it?

  • Snake Skull 6 months ago

    Toycat hit a supid cuase ink comes out with one hit

  • DarkGreenYoshi King 6 months ago

    Now rebuild it in survival.

  • Logan Johnson 6 months ago

    Good Job Toycat… now the next project draining an ocean!!! 😂

  • Kawaii's in town 6 months ago

    I would donate to be able to play with you 😭😭

  • Yolodbn gamer 6 months ago

    Hey cat can u plz transfer me a copy of Minecraft Xbox 360 I’ve been so dipressed since my laptop broke and my Minecraft broke

  • JackEnnis1887 6 months ago

    I’ve got a seed for seed sat

    Spawn: on top of a woodland mansion about 25 blocks from a village

    About 60 blocks from stronghold, the strong hold has a spider spawner and 2 libraries

    2 sea temples

    World options : find balanced seed disabled

    World size classic
    Biome scale large
    Seed: Yukki490

  • BucketYT 6 months ago

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Dogman 2 6 months ago

    Well done

  • Martin 6 months ago

    Does someone know wtf happened to youtube

  • moto vloger 17 6 months ago

    Ibx wut are you going to build with all those blocks?

  • Juancho Calope 6 months ago

    You should play Minecraft Historical Roleplay Servers! They use a map of the Earth! Persistent History is an example

  • ProGamer147 6 months ago

    GG you wasted 20 hours of your life

  • Darth_Turtle05 6 months ago

    Yes he finally finished it , congrats

  • Josh Brearley 6 months ago

    Good vid as always

  • Toycat's Dad 6 months ago

    Son… You really grew up quickly😭

  • Ngegame Indonesia 6 months ago

    next challenge: destroy entire Classic world

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