Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Scorzeye42 WF 1 month ago

    my friends say it’s babyish to watch you at 12 but shhhhhhhh. i will always love u

  • The Book Club 1 month ago

    *pets cactus*
    *sees Fizzy faceplant into cacti and Stampy just silently kinda judge him*
    *feels ashamed*
    *feels very angry*
    *fights for cacti to no longer be considered harmful*
    *fails in so many ways*

  • The boys 1 month ago

    I just noticed u added me in your love garden Isabel TYSM

  • Maya Playz 1 month ago

    Stampy,Can you please please please build a statue of yourself in your world,it would look really cool and would fit in your world!Have a great day!

  • Lizard Yellow 1 month ago

    Stampy always makes me feel happy so when I’m sad I watch stampy to cheer me up

  • Parimal Patel 1 month ago

    Kill hit the target on episode 600 Final battle You can do it stampy !!!

  • FluttershyFan #BEST PONY 1 month ago

    Who wants to see if fizzy or William have crushes on Polly?I just want to see for fun!

  • Rvj-GJ Philippines 1 month ago

    Maybe j predict that episode 666 is a Hit The Target Episode

  • Lisa Gilkison 1 month ago

    Stamps should play Cuphead. Who else?

  • Supreme Master21 1 month ago

    You are the best stampy

  • A Marshmallow Cat Stuck In A S’more 1 month ago

    I have not been watching Stampy for a while now, and I absolutely loved him when i was young, and I would wonder if there would be an episode 500, and we are now almost at 600. Stampy should be proud.

  • It's Oksana Alexandria 1 month ago

    …Also,he licks his butt on it😂😂😂😂

  • Redarrow 456 1 month ago


  • The Little Green Duck 1 month ago

    Did anyone else see the arrow fly by as stampy was nerd pilling?

  • The Oli And Darcy Show 1 month ago

    What about a super market

  • Gamer 4 Life 1 month ago

    OMG Stamps you are killin it you’re almost at 600 episodes P.S. Keep Up The great work 😉

  • GalaxyThe Wolf 1 month ago

    Haha Come here Crafting Table omg i can’t stop it’s too much for me p.s . your videos are funny and your so awesome!

  • rjanuardi 1 month ago

    Make an arcade

  • Marc Jewel Agbon 1 month ago

    Please Stampy Do More Stampy’s lovely world videos because i am trying to go in the love garden😭

    Please don’t end a Episode…

  • Fernando Perez 1 month ago

    I haven’t watched Stampy in literally years. I decided to watch again for nostalgia, and I’m surprised. I don’t think I’ll be watching him regularly, I’ve kinda grown out of his intended audience. But it makes me happy that he’s still doing great, and not much seems to have changed, not even the opening music. My nostalgia necessities were satisfied.

  • Bluey and Zac 1 month ago

    Stampy can u jump in a water pit you say CANELBALL’!!!!!!!!!!sorry bad spelling

  • Chris Baez 1 month ago

    You should add a Mooshroom character :3

  • Matthew Trevino 1 month ago

    Only the real ones remember when he still had only 1 love garden 😂

  • REctershi23 23 1 month ago

    “Oh who fed the crafting table? It’s gonna start pooing!”

  • mcatfour4 1 month ago

    You should put Crafting Table in the dog house.

  • Alissa C 1 month ago

    Stampy I love you so much I have been watching you for a couple of years and I still remember the first time I watched you, it was with you and squid and I loved it so much and wanted to watch every episode you made. I love you so much and think you will go so far. I could not do anything without you. I will always love you.😀

  • ThePCExpert99 1 month ago

    Best videos ever! When is the next episode coming out?

  • Joshnyan games 1 month ago

    this is why i love this channel, he says the best things. For example “what do you feed a crafting table? probably sugarcane so then it can poop out sugar” love your videos stampy never change my feline friend.

  • Beckey Mayberry 1 month ago

    Who else thinks that Hit The Target will be in the 600th episode

  • WhoDunnett 1 month ago

    oh ok

  • Idaly dominguez 1 month ago

    Stamps when are you going to take bonby

  • K kristo 1 month ago

    How do you make that stuff🤔

  • DKotz 97642 1 month ago

    stampy also to let you know i will always love your vids and also i love your minecraft world you inspired me to build in minecraft i used to suck at it but now i am good at redstone and building and everything because of you, you inspired me to do all of that just from watching your videos

    sincerly dylan P.S if you want to know where i live i live in america.

  • MC 938 1 month ago

    Soooo close to episode 600 YaY!!!!!

  • pattonsgod1 1 month ago

    Oh god i have over 100 vids to wach

  • Julius Be 1 month ago


  • Abdallah Osman 1 month ago

    Stumpy I’m stuck in a big fan I love your videos so much and I’ve been watching them ever since you started!!!!😆😆😆😆😘

  • Abdallah Osman 1 month ago

    Sorry for spelling your name wrong😞😞

  • Reilly Benson 1 month ago

    Its amazing how you do it.

  • Gave Rielle Delfin 1 month ago

    Yaaaaaaay another vidoe!!!

  • DuhWaddles 1 month ago

    I used to have a bead door

  • GoodGeegan Power 1 month ago


  • Tyler the Diamond Blade 1 month ago

    Ad squid I miss him

  • Viclee Gamer 1 month ago

    Let wait for 11 months for Santa then

  • Dinnah Ampaso 1 month ago

    Hey I want you to play ROBLOX

  • Jackie Gordon 1 month ago

    Stamp why don’t you just carrie around 1 crafting table

  • Sneaky Strategy3 1 month ago

    Is it just me or is Stampy not saying Spruce as…manly..as before 😂 he used to say it funny 🙁

  • *Fun *zac 1 month ago

    Make a song about your pet crafting table #Whofedthecraftingtable!?!?

  • Blayze Vance 1 month ago

    Coud you do a special episode with minigames?

  • Rise Kane 1 month ago

    Your not getting as many views as the good old days

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