Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • THE BOEING 747-400 1 week ago

    Who wants to kill Hit The Target.

  • Derek981 1 week ago

    I Honestly cant really believe that his channel is still going with minecraft after that game is pretty much dead

  • Kylepatrick castillo 1 week ago

    I’m your fan who watched your videos when i was 11 years old (2014), now i’m 16 years old and until now i’m still watching your videos. – from Philippines.

  • Pidgeotto Fan 1 week ago

    I am a mew

  • Biohazard Skunk 1 week ago

    The last episode will be 1000.

  • ZEN-VEDA PRINCE-KENT 1 week ago


  • ZEN-VEDA PRINCE-KENT 1 week ago

    Oh Stampy I miss you 😭

  • Browserboom 1 week ago

    Pushing someone of a balcony and breaking his legs is equal for moving your shoes.

  • Fire VyescheslaVoo 1 week ago

    you probably have a paper list beside to see wich dog is who but i guess you remember them all

  • juan mejorado 1 week ago

    Try playing fornite

  • wishman2234 1 week ago

    do a ark survival evolved searis

  • Johncedrick Quiambao 1 week ago

    please play granny horor

  • Alexis Arthurs 1 week ago

    Today i smacked my self with a notebook and my nose blade

  • SammyTurbo10 1 week ago

    Where’s the podcast???

  • Kimbo Kimbo 1 week ago

    Hi I just got home and I’m going home to pick you mastar I want you mastar is a way of fun and then you have a good night at the house with your dad I love him so cool you mastar was a great day I just got home from the lake house so I’ll see if I get a ride to work I love to chat and see you and son love to see him bye love mom bye see if I have time for a little while let him bye love love bye love mom 👋 #happymothersday!

  • Mason Madison 1 week ago

    Uuuuuuuu no refijerators . Edit -ooooooooo i see one 😸

  • Mason Madison 1 week ago

    U sould have added painting too. Edit-and i see a panting 👍

  • Rainboder 21 1 week ago

    9:26 Who stole Stampy!?!😂

  • Llama Potato 1 week ago

    Jesus I haven’t watched him in… about 3 years or this lovely world

  • V Gaming 1 week ago

    Who misses stampy doing aventure maps ✋

  • SunnyJaneRuby 1 week ago

    Name tag the love garden sheep! It’ll disappear if you don’t!

  • Lunar Eclispe123 1 week ago

    I watch the krew now i watch him sometimes to be honest

  • Jenna Fitzgerald 1 week ago

    I polled a prank on you

  • mercury theman888 1 week ago

    Stampy… As I can see, your channel is dying… please play on Xbox one and play fortnite battle royale please

  • Cloud Wolf 1 week ago

    Did anyone else notice the red parrot sitting in the tree at 14:20 ?

  • Ian Scovell 1 week ago

    I have been watching since you first built your house i have sent many drawings and left many comets, i love your channel is not built on money or subscribers its built out of friendship and happiness

  • Darth Kitty 1 week ago

    I know a secret friend PaytonV07 will tell you

  • Darth Kitty 1 week ago

    And he goes on PS4

  • Ashlee Bevan 1 week ago

    stampy there is a parret is there

  • Ashlee Bevan 1 week ago

    in the tree

  • MadMr CoolDude 1 week ago

    I haven’t watched you for a wile

  • Trinitie Wolf 1 week ago

    I love watching ur videos, when I’m ill ur videos make me feel better

  • jack canopin 1 week ago

    Stampy, I know this is weird but can you play Roblox Please….

  • derp king 1 week ago

    Stampy, you should have a four part episode (starting at ep. 666) where Hit the target takes over and all of your old helpers are a part of his army

  • minecraft overload 1 week ago

    Stampy in the next video of this lovely world build a new mini games that involves fighting with no weapons and whoever wins gets a cake

  • carys scott-melville 1 week ago

    Could you play fortnite

  • Andrew G Dixon 1 week ago

    Can I be in the love garden
    1.i have a T-shirt with your name on it
    2i have watched all your videos 9n Minecraft

    I hope you think about it

  • Happy Happy 1 week ago

    1:11-1:13 doesn’t its remind you of Dora’s backpack? 🙂

  • Laura Bunn 1 week ago

    he called flufy barnarby

  • iiXBreXii Scully 1 week ago

    If only there was a update in minecraft where you have to feed your dogs your dogs would probably be dead if u didn’t feed him

  • Priya Muduliar 1 week ago

    I think your video’s are very interesting and fun to watch, and they are also very creative!

  • Priya Muduliar 1 week ago

    Your dome looks great

  • Alex Kaye 1 week ago

    The last time I watched one of his videos was more than a year ago… 😢😢😢 But here I am now 😃😃😃

  • WeighingSwing 34 1 week ago

    620 !? I feel old…

  • Aryan Arjun 1 week ago

    You are the greatest youtuber ever

  • Chips 1 week ago

    At 26:36 there’s a parrot in a tree

  • Donovan Tront 1 week ago

    try to get the elitra

  • Chips 1 week ago

    Who else has been watching since Toth episode of Stampy’s lovely world. By the way love you stampy and keep up the great work

  • Bored Bread 1 week ago

    stampy ur console is staring to lag cause your world has to much to load
    i think its time to make a new world

  • kyle lush 1 week ago

    Name a sheep with a name tag Jeb _

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