• SB737 4 months ago

    Hope you enjoy the video!
    Watch More Eima Jolum videos here:

  • Jessica Elswick 4 months ago

    Bro what’s this

  • Andrew Spratlin 4 months ago

    It’s every day bro

  • docptfc 1876 4 months ago

    I thought Eima was gone

  • Dylan Meyer 4 months ago

    SP737 kill Hero Brian

  • SnikeyCube 4 months ago


  • FrostyBear Gaming 4 months ago

    Why do I ship Eima and SB

  • Lauren Doorey 4 months ago

    SB737= Awesomeness

  • Aidan Turner 4 months ago

    Is it Fred or fredrick

  • Tara Cross 4 months ago

    Why did bob cross da road? To watch SN

  • Belinda House 4 months ago

    Herobrine was removed in 1.9 update

  • Sb7373 Aj 4 months ago

    “Do not tell me no” BEST QUOTE EVER SB! =D

  • Liga Varganova 4 months ago

    It is good

  • Gemma wyper 4 months ago

    Happy Halloween everyone

  • Niall Connor 4 months ago

    Why isn’t the house burning?

  • Louise ORourke 4 months ago


  • Boomers 4 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot is great

  • Boomers 4 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot would make a great video

  • Cruz Fleck 4 months ago

    Why did you tell Eima Fred was not dead

  • Boomers 4 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot is great to play and you can play it with others

  • Boomers 4 months ago

    Don’t want to sound repetitive but finding Bigfoot is great

  • BrightStarDance 4 months ago

    were did ima come from

  • Boomers 4 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot is a great game and you can play it with others

  • Diamond Productins 4 months ago

    Pokemon gotta catch herobrine

  • BRANFLAKES700 PLAYS 4 months ago

    187 like

  • JuryVoyage 16145 4 months ago

    Drewsmc was right about Herobrine torches as redstone and griefing house

  • Emoji Gaming 4 months ago

    That is a deffintly sing of clickbait

  • Blue Creeper999 4 months ago

    You are the best SB737!

  • sureshliverpool 4 months ago


  • purple panda girl 4 months ago

    I saw herobrine in Minecraft

  • Kelly Carver 4 months ago

    You are so amazing I love your vidoes❀

  • LavaGamingYT 05 4 months ago


  • AwesomeGamer461 4 months ago

    How do you make herobrines house plz make a video on how

  • Charlie CR 123 4 months ago

    You should become friends with eima I think that’s how you spell it but make a new bad guy

  • Fenton Glasscoe 4 months ago

    Harh. Get me out of this *harh* cage, I’m claust-*harh*-aphobic!

  • carlos noel 4 months ago

    Make a live stream because you will get ALMOST 200K SUBSCRIBERS OMG!

  • Wendy Robertson 4 months ago

    Dude right is always right

  • Gamer Kid 4 months ago

    Where is Cosmo SB make a vid with Cosmo

  • Jacob Kim 4 months ago


  • Racingcar 3 4 months ago


  • Seangamerz2 Bendy 4 months ago

    I knew when he was standing there he was going to pick the egg up we can’t trust him.

  • Matthew Kennedy 4 months ago

    Where is Cosmo ?

  • Alien Gamer 4 months ago

    β–„β–‘β–β–‘β–‘β–‘β–„β–„β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–€β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ U HAVE BEEN SPOOKED BY THE
    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–β–Œβ–€β–„β–€β–„β–€β–β–„β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ SPOOKY SKELETON
    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–β–Œβ–‘β–‘ HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEOPLES!

  • gode hopper 4 months ago

    omg!!!! 22:19

  • Jeroen Aan de Rijn 4 months ago


  • Krist Mardjo 4 months ago

    Eima is so dumb to let herobrine free

  • Seanpatrick Farnen 4 months ago

    Loser world

  • giovana Oliveira 4 months ago

    zvbz. &#&#

  • Stephen Tebben 4 months ago

    I can’t believe you did that to herobrine.

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