Part 340 will be up on Saturday

This series is on the Xbox One


  • Michael McGlynn 1 month ago

    Sb you should make a DR.who shop and have Dr.who themed clothes in it and it could be shaped like the T.A.R.D.I.S.

  • CoolCat343972 on YouTube 1 month ago

    Lol he said we got dog then he said dinnerbone 😂

  • Waqar Ahmad 1 month ago

    Love you and your videos you are my first YouTuber that I’ve ever seen ☺☺☺☺😆

  • Aiden Bottrill 1 month ago

    Your a penguin and your preserving eima jolem

  • Ruben Baker 1 month ago

    kill Eima Jolum. like if u agree!

  • The Knottys 1 month ago

    I’m a fan SB737

  • SuperPugPlays 1 month ago

    Late merry Christmas

  • Ned Vlogs 1 month ago

    Plz do more diamond survival

  • Serkan selim 1 month ago

    Can you do a 3am plz on the game

  • Ned Vlogs 1 month ago

    Do battle mini game plz

  • gavin beacom 1 month ago

    Another stampy asshole!

  • The Golden Fidget Spiner 1 month ago

    Eima Jolum knows about your treasure room now He may watch your videos and Look for secrets

  • Jack Gacek 1 month ago

    I will be there at the same time I don’t have to go to the store and get some rest and feel better soon and that is why I am asking for a friend to talk to you about it when I get home I will send you the link to the video of the World’s I will be there at the same time I don’t have to go to the store and get some rest tonight to the store for a few things to do in the ice and that is what I thought.

  • Squished Lambo 1 month ago

    Merry Xmas sb👵👣👣😓😫🙌

  • Sam Keen 1 month ago

    Iron golem name should be jerry

  • Jane oates Oates 1 month ago

    You should call the golem jeffey

  • Chloe Kennedy 1 month ago

    what day are you going release vids of the
    super flat challenge

  • MineSuprim 1 month ago

    cool video

  • Kos M 1 month ago

    How did he replaced the snow with ice

  • Cerys 13 1 month ago


  • rs wfw 1 month ago

    Penguins don’t feel cold they have blubber

  • Kewl Kid Gaming 723 1 month ago

    For the iron golem name bob

  • Macade Lacy 1 month ago

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever

  • Joshua Wattam 1 month ago

    Merry Christmas

  • Parker Norman 1 month ago

    i am wtaching this on my bb8 beanbag chair i got from christmas 🙂

  • HULLz PrOz 1 month ago

    What is the seed please someone tell me

  • Fiona Moore 1 month ago

    I know what you could add to your Awsome world a sign with my name on it

  • Bailey Dawson 1 month ago

    Why did you record on CHRISTMAS bro!?

  • Puggy Lover 1 month ago

    The horses are taller and the baby ones are cute and fat and small

  • pigkinz 1 month ago

    Name the treasure iron golem Topaz :3
    Like if you agree

  • Gobily Goo 1 month ago

    It’s not fred fred has no apron

  • Kale Petersen 1 month ago

    who think’s he should put face cam

  • Euri Tan 1 month ago

    But you are a penguin….and you say its cold….

  • Melissa Tolley 1 month ago

    I did the dog was up side down!

  • jzaniene conway 1 month ago


  • Ryan Ward 1 month ago

    Do think it would be cool if you put more room underneath your house and do you think you can also build a clock tower because I would like to see what it would turn out like I subscribed
    Have an awesome day 👍

  • THOMAS owem the ravenclaw 1 month ago

    I miss freds challange shack 😢

  • Yvonne Purvey 1 month ago

    please could i be in your glass garden

  • HolyMothers OfMinecraft 1 month ago

    Call the golem barry

  • Kimi and Max 1 month ago

    Omg you trapped him in I’ve lol nice one SB

  • Kimi and Max 1 month ago

    Oh I think it’s fold be audio the thing you did to Ima jolem

  • Kimi and Max 1 month ago

    Well done SB you saved Fred nice video

  • Meme Aziz 1 month ago

    Is it wrong to feel happy for SB when he gets 1k likes while he has 219k subs, After the video . Bajan Canadian has 6 million subs and hardly gets 2k likes? pls let me know

  • Bartol Be Cool 1 month ago

    SB do u Watch Dantdm ?

  • Brother_gamez 1 month ago

    Do a new dog house

  • KoolKris/NavZ 1 month ago

    stampy rip off

  • Leonard Dean 1 month ago

    Why is his dog upside down

  • Seanog Brady 1 month ago

    You should visit Fiona

  • fire dino 1 month ago

    SB you have a dog named lightning, a dog named thunder, but you have no dog named rain

  • Saul Caloca 1 month ago

    Music from mario

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