• Bernadette Sullivan 2 weeks ago

    Sb u are the best YouTuber ever I watch it vids everyday and every hour also every minute keep up the good work 😛

  • the chance of you getting the 2 wither skulls [ I think ] was 1.2.5 Percent

  • Grayson Mclauchlin 2 weeks ago

    In some country’s YOU have to take MINECRAFT classes

  • Shauna McStravick 2 weeks ago


  • Shauna McStravick 2 weeks ago

    SD how many diamonds do you actually have

  • bob jeg 2 weeks ago


  • lemoncloud GT 2 weeks ago

    Looting 3 is better

  • HF Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Sb can u upload more but i understand if ur busy

  • Parkey910 i 2 weeks ago

    Give us a download link to your world

  • Stephen Millane 2 weeks ago

    Sb put a sign saying to go see miles

  • david thompson 2 weeks ago

    What is upstairs of freds office

  • str1ker_adidas 2 weeks ago

    So first Fred has an accident and now FENTON had one. Can things get any better?

  • zoe Kiu 2 weeks ago

    Let’s ban Fenton’s experiment for a month

  • cameron wright 2 weeks ago

    omg that was so cool

  • SavagePsychoWolf 2 weeks ago

    When you put your secrets in your videos I imagine Eima watching your videos then sneaking into your secret places…

  • SonicBoss 1991 2 weeks ago

    Im late cuz I caught a stomach bug yesterday so I couldn’t watch… ;-; I still feel horrible but I HAVE to watch!! I’d be a bad fan if I didn’t.

  • willy woos 2 weeks ago

    Hey sb737 please checkout my YouTube channel I do Minecraft

  • Atomic_ Ice_Cream 2 weeks ago

    Pls play wizard tyccoon on roblox

  • Aaron Mabe 2 weeks ago

    You make awesome videos. Can I upload your world onto my device?

  • prideofthelion13 2 weeks ago


  • Francis Guerrero 2 weeks ago

    Sb737 can you do face cam at sb awesome world

  • Matthew Hale 2 weeks ago

    I got sunburnt today its that hot

  • Bobby Evans 2 weeks ago


  • snakebite278 2 weeks ago


  • Lozza 2 weeks ago

    sb give me a shoutout ive been watching from the start

  • Lozza 2 weeks ago

    you walked past a woooollllllffffffffff😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😵😵😵😵😵😵😱😱😱😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🏠

  • Lozza 2 weeks ago

    hi 🙂 please like to doneate to homeless

  • Detective Dragon001 2 weeks ago

    Sb I’ve done better going to the nether and collecting not 1 not even 2 but 3 wither skulls without realising I was looking for food in my inventory and noticed those 3

  • Rupali Diwan 2 weeks ago

    You didn’t say hello to miles 3 episodes

  • L.C. Tube 2 weeks ago

    Villagers are dumb

  • Sharon Davis 2 weeks ago

    Its my brithday 💎🎈🎊

  • ALFIE PLAYZ 2 weeks ago


  • Zalongshot 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t know what birch trees were till minecraft. It is quit educational

  • Mason YT 2 weeks ago

    Making sb the Minecraft creator sounds really good

  • Cameron Spray 2 weeks ago

    Out of things you give him for challenges maybe he’s making something out of them

  • Amaan Alam 2 weeks ago

    Hey SB no offense but you forgot to add the Blue Stained Glass for Fenton’s bed area. 🙂

  • Samuel Montgomery 2 weeks ago

    How does Fred get your fish

  • Samuel Montgomery 2 weeks ago

    Build a dream house

  • Ben ROBERTS 2 weeks ago

    U got a wither skeleton skull

  • Ben ROBERTS 2 weeks ago

    Tip: when u have a looting sword it’s a 80% chance of getting a wither scull

  • Rory Kenney 2 weeks ago

    And an you shout me out i been watching sense the beging

  • Rory Kenney 2 weeks ago

    I’m your frein d on Minecraft nightshade737

  • Daymon Martinez 2 weeks ago


  • dawn smith 2 weeks ago

    sb lol did not see the sitting dog lolololololol

  • dawn smith 2 weeks ago

    pass at 3 48

  • dawn smith 2 weeks ago

    and he missed a while dog

  • dawn smith 2 weeks ago

    is eye sight is so bad

  • Bobsterrr GAMEZ 2 weeks ago

    Are u ganna do murder mystery 2?

  • Claire McLaren 2 weeks ago

    I love ur singing

  • Happy Happy 2 weeks ago

    I’m from Australia and I love sb’s voice

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