Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • zachary willis 3 weeks ago

    Stampy if you read this here is an idea for the lighting instead of torches you could just make lampposts

  • Pro Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I love your videos

  • GamingNinja 70 3 weeks ago

    I remember when you just started the world and now you are almost on episode 600

  • Cole Hietpas 3 weeks ago

    10:44 the paths make a person xD

  • SunnyDays 3 weeks ago

    Haven’t watched this channel in years and it was a pleasant and nostalgic surprise to see this series is still running, quite impressive! These sorts of videos are just quite relaxing, no matter your age!😂

  • Callie Brewster 3 weeks ago

    You could do Item frames for the sides of the benches, they look pretty nice. 🙂

  • hoosierkelly 3 weeks ago

    I am holding onto my bed

  • Tessa Girl 5 3 weeks ago

    You mean stairs and signs not stairs and ladders

  • Katazard ! 3 weeks ago

    “Though it be madness there is method in it” William Shakespeare

  • Darkwolf of the moon 3 weeks ago

    What! No it’s not what you think. Or maybe it is. Who know. Well maybe you know. Who else noticed that stampy dog house is a bit…. empty.

  • Duck Boy 3 weeks ago

    🥔 potato 🥔

  • Nerka fy 3 weeks ago

    Years go by and the same intro. Ahhh keep up the work

  • Mohamad Awad 3 weeks ago


  • Duckie GamersYTs 2 weeks ago

    How about hoppers instead of cauldrons

  • Namw Namw 2 weeks ago

    when are terraria gameplays coming back?!?!

  • Cali Swiger 2 weeks ago

    Stop laughing

  • Darcelle A. Smith 2 weeks ago


  • Hollie Green 2 weeks ago

    Can you pit the world online for people to play on? Not your WORLD but one for all us to play the done and ready games pls that would be so fun! I would love that so would a lot more people

  • Kestler Hagen 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos stampy

  • Alan Jace 2 weeks ago

    you said ladders instead of sighns. 🙂

  • jcook75 2 weeks ago

    Fizzy and the chicken wants you to make a cookie omelette

  • scott keasey 2 weeks ago

    Is it weird that stampy helps me fall asleep

    not that he’s boring tho he’s awesome


    Ive been watching since you started this let’s play remember when you made your light house

  • Princess Bella the demon Black onix 2 weeks ago

    hey stampy im such a huge fan and I love u u r amazing and I watch vids Alot and I always play Minecraft I wish I could meet u

  • Ultra Bulba 2 weeks ago

    Omg this is my childhood…(I used to watch you and I might just pop in the comments)

  • Caed Blevins 2 weeks ago

    Two episodes away from six-hundred!
    *did you here that?

    *Yup, it’s the HYPE-TRAIN!

  • cK3Houndslayer7 2 weeks ago

    Hit the target at 2:40 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Fadi Dahoud 2 weeks ago

    Just 2 more episodes until 600

  • Quantum Superboy 2 weeks ago


  • Seb Denzil 2 weeks ago

    Hey Stampy, I have a build for you to do. If you don’t already have one, build some kind of tower or tall, noticeable building in the center of your town. It’ll look good!

  • DocCraft 2 weeks ago


  • Chewbacca And Han Solo 2 weeks ago

    2 more episodes until 600

  • Apple Crisp 2 weeks ago

    Love you stamps!!!!i actually made my yearly planner a picture of you and squid!!! Gotta way it again, love you!!!😺😽

  • OP Raider 2 weeks ago

    I thought this channel died.. people still watch Minecraft letsplays

  • pyschocat1 2 weeks ago

    You can clearly see that Hit the Target is coming for two reason Stampy is 2 episodes away from 600 episodes and stamps said he wanted to bring ALL his dogs to the park. How obvious is that you all know it too.

  • Seb Denzil 2 weeks ago

    24:00 You mean signs??

  • LJ playz 2 weeks ago


  • NICOLA DOWLING 2 weeks ago

    Do more stardew valley please😯😯

  • Czernan Castillo 2 weeks ago

    Where is web cam so we can see you do a minecraft video

  • Lisa Verbunt 2 weeks ago

    Stampy dat pikaxe was lee’s pikaxe first

  • Steffi Wee 2 weeks ago

    Dear stamps,I watch every single of your videos. I offer to be your minecraft helper.

  • Awesome Pro 2 weeks ago

    Who else play fortnite all weekend and when it’s Monday thinks ugh

  • Mystic WY477D 2 weeks ago

    23:59 why stairs and ladders??

  • Mystic WY477D 2 weeks ago

    pls build yourself a statue

  • AFL legend 2 weeks ago

    If we had a counter of all the crafting tables you have placed, I’m pretty sure there would be more crafting tables than the videos u have made

  • Zombie In a suit 22 2 weeks ago

    Almost 600 vids

  • Derpmaster 2 weeks ago

    Put in some park benches and lamps

  • Laval 303 2 weeks ago

    hmmmm… Well the cookie was left by Fizzy, he is an elephant. Elephant has 8 letters and Fizzy has 5 letters, he eats cookies so 8-5=3! Egg has 3 letters! boom mystery solved!

  • PHOENIX 2 weeks ago

    Zheng how do screen record ur vids in Xbox 360

  • Rachel Wyeth 2 weeks ago

    Hey Stampy I have got some drawings for you!! I just don’t know how to send them to you. Does anyone know??

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