Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Scott48723 Russell 6 months ago

    U should do more adventure maps with squid

  • Matias GOD 6 months ago

    Can I don’t get added to the love garden.

  • kaitlyn brinkerhoff 6 months ago

    Hey Stampy I am i south Georgia and I will be hit with Hurrican Irma on September 11 and i am scared out of my mind. I hope I am safe and I just subed to you so hi

  • AwesomeGary279 6 months ago

    You should make an escape room

  • Brooklyn :D 6 months ago

    What came first? The cat or the cake? Love you stampy😂👌

  • wolf king 6 months ago

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want to be on the love garden

  • patricia lankford 6 months ago

    ill allways suport your chanel stampy iv been watching your chanel for 5 years

  • Jamason Caddle 6 months ago


  • Creeper Link 6 months ago

    I just now asked my brother if he knows of stampy, he said yes, I asked him what he liked to eat, my brother guessed, and guessed correctly. He guessed cake.

  • A&J Studios Robinson 6 months ago

    Stampy you always eat cake so how do yoy feel about choclaye cake?

  • Shield Z 6 months ago

    Add me to the love garden… I’m not asking, I’m telling.

  • These Biscuits 6 months ago

    This is so boring

  • These Biscuits 6 months ago

    You are a very dumb cat

  • These Biscuits 6 months ago

    No cake for you

  • Alivia Conway 6 months ago

    I love you

  • Elite Thunder 6 months ago

    I watched you a long time ago when you were around 135 and i can’t believe you made it this far!!

  • Connor Davidson 6 months ago

    You should build a rollcoster a round your lovey world

  • Youtuber's #1 fan 6 months ago

    Stampy i downloaded your stampy lovely world on minecraft’s addons i added dogs and my cousin played as you and named as you

  • Connor Davidson 6 months ago

    Then a na

  • Konner Ferguson 6 months ago

    I love watching your videos their creative and interesting.

  • Dorian Damboiu 6 months ago

    Stanley is life and my fav youtuber for kids he is life and all I watch lol heheheh STAMPYYYY

  • EV SA Announcements 6 months ago

    Good vid 🙂 I haven’t watched in a while I love mini games I’m eating now so I want to say I love your vids you heard me love your vids

  • Kaziyah Williams 6 months ago

    I’ve been watching stamps for 2 or 3 years

  • amy Fulps 6 months ago


  • Bit Bite Chomp 6 months ago

    stampy add me to the love garden so i can make love to your dogs then watch while your sleeping

  • Andrea Hernandez 6 months ago

    Stampy I’ve been watching you  ever since I was 6 you were my inspiration as a little kid I’m 12 your still my favorite youtuber plus your the person I watched played Minecraft 🙂 love you <3

  • xXgaming90 RBLX Yt 6 months ago

    Love u stampy your the best!!!

  • Theod Bubby 6 months ago


  • Monster_Gaming 11 6 months ago

    I used to watch Stampy years ago and my god nothing has changed….I love that

  • Hugo Boss 6 months ago

    Minecraft is no.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!even my dad played minecraft

  • AWSOME KIDS AND COOL 6 months ago

    Stamps I have an idea for you because I always watch all of your videos on this world Stampy’s lovely world you make billions of crafting tables how about you make
    a video of you doing a challenge and try not to make more than two crafting tables is that a good idea?

  • Pranom Rostron 6 months ago

    Are you playing on Xbox1 or PS4 or Xbox 360

  • Nikki Coppa 6 months ago

    Give this comment a thumbs up 👍 if you love ❤️ Stampy and his videos!

  • Dr Horse face 6 months ago

    Who voted on stamps lovely problem ?

  • Archie Playz 6 months ago

    Stampy uses creative to get his blocks

  • kia mcgeorge 6 months ago

    My name is kia

  • Blake Cox 6 months ago

    hi my name is blake and my friend allie gilkerson is in the hospital because she got in a motorcycle accident

  • Rocket League Addictions 6 months ago

    Ur channel is dying

  • vano vlogs 6 months ago

    Good to see you again its been 2 years since I last saw you

  • Turbo Reckon 6 months ago

    My friend was watching the I lost episode and he actually spotted Veeva Dash but he didn’t comment it I told if you had commented it you would be added to the love garden he missed his chance

  • Nathan Wemyss 6 months ago


  • Mikalah Lincoln 6 months ago

    I have been here to watch every single one of your videos I love them oh my gosh you are amazing and stay of the cakes stampy your getting to fat lol LOVE You

  • Matthew Hopkins 6 months ago

    What happened to

  • Matthew Hopkins 6 months ago


  • Matthew Hopkins 6 months ago

    Plz do terraria

  • The Crazy Cow 6 months ago

    Stampy=builder, cake-lover and comedy enthusiast

  • Crispy Fish Gaming 6 months ago

    Stampy Turn off render clouds. It helps you get at least over 38 fps

  • EpicCharizard 6 months ago

    Stamps I think you should make a arcade!

  • BennyGaming 6 months ago

    stampy should build a karate school

  • Van Gondor 6 months ago

    stampy i have a dare: try to make peace with hit the target

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