Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Dylan Atherton 2 weeks ago

    Who else is wating for TU66

  • Mary M 2 weeks ago


  • zachary Zimmerman 2 weeks ago

    ya were is squid

  • Mew's Unboxing 2 weeks ago

    Maybe you could make a rule the duel 2 with a trident 😀

  • Mew's Unboxing 2 weeks ago

    If you have the aquatic update 🙂

  • TheElementalProject 2 weeks ago

    My boi who has plays mc

  • Rileyandgracie Dickerson 2 weeks ago

    Great video Stampy and you are the best Minecraft player ever and I will send you a picture soon

  • Rileyandgracie Dickerson 2 weeks ago

    I forgot to tell you it’s Roseyketchup8357

  • FefePlays 2 weeks ago

    Stampy should build a mall

  • Goku Kakorot 2 weeks ago

    Holy crap. I stopped watching at 102 I’ve got alot to catch up on.

  • Rileyandgracie Dickerson 2 weeks ago

    Sorry but I cannot do the photo because I’ll be embarrassed 😐

  • The Epic Banana Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Play fortnite Stampy

  • Groovy Gazer 2 weeks ago

    Stampy I hate bingo because Bingo is the name of my dead dog

  • Terraria Addict 2 weeks ago

    I have Absolutely no idea what a bingo hall is. Can someone tell me

  • ICEKNlGHT Gaming And More 2 weeks ago

    im sad, if u have seen his other channel stampylongnose he has been talking that its lagging cause he is xbox 360 and he cant do the 1 becuase it doesnt have some of the skins so i fear he will stop it sooner than he was planning, and i have been watching sence the 1rst eposiode and i have so many memories. I just hope you agree love you stampy.

  • DedXRoses 2 weeks ago

    Hey stampz! I’ve been watching your channel since 2012,I’m currently 11 🙂

  • Aster The Skeleton 2 weeks ago

    The love garden makes the game lag a bit, right? Well, Eventually, thw world will probably give you a message saying “THE GAME HAS CRASHED BECAUSE STAMPYLONGHEAD ADDED TOO MANY PEOPLE TO THE LOVE GARDEN”

  • Shereen Farhan 2 weeks ago

    You are good

  • Shereen Farhan 2 weeks ago

    I watch every video

  • Shereen Farhan 2 weeks ago

    You are the beast

  • Shereen Farhan 2 weeks ago

    You have to fix your letter o

  • Maricela Floran 2 weeks ago

    is this channel even alive. I mean, its minecraft on the xbox…

  • John and Joseph’s Supreme Gaming 2 weeks ago

    No one plays Minecraft anymore everyone plays fortnite but your a good youtuber

  • Rod Cann 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos!!!!

  • Brooke Giddens 2 weeks ago

    Hi stampy my name is Brooke, I have 3 ideas for you should billd more to you house,you should billd more rides to you parke, abd you should have a nether cat,and Questions for you,How many animals do u have in tolole,How many games, How many rides.

  • Banans Jeff 2 weeks ago

    You should make a dentists because of all the cakes you eat

  • ayonoumus gaming 2 weeks ago

    Please add my name my name is Ayonoumus Gaming

  • Balthazar skirretica 2 weeks ago

    Play with Iballisticsquid

  • Gewoon Niks 2 weeks ago

    Please say how much blocks it is wide and how much blocks it is long because I want to copy it. Thank you!

  • AEP7222004 2 weeks ago

    I could tell there was a cut between 9:55 and 9:58. I, if I cut it, would make it look smooth into the next part.

  • E The flame 2 weeks ago

    Stampy I have to tell you something Really super duper important!!!!! Hi

  • Daniel meza 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know how long I haven’t seen stampy and yet I still enjoy the videos now

  • Leonardo Pecsy 2 weeks ago

    nice video keep it up PS grate work on your lovely world

  • Harley Flynn 2 weeks ago

    oh and please build a scout hall.

  • fakrul islam 2 weeks ago

    U never run out of space in ‘Stampyy’s llovleyy woorlld’ and u never run out of ideas u fun-filled brain!

  • Jesus Torres 2 weeks ago

    i. IoveyouDampy

  • Jesus Torres 2 weeks ago

    I love you Stamping

  • Jesus Torres 2 weeks ago


  • Ninjakingscorpiuz- 1 2 weeks ago

    Do videos with squid again please

  • Tyler James 2 weeks ago

    you have a dog

  • Tyler James 2 weeks ago


  • The death king 2 weeks ago

    Stampy i subbed

  • Letthepartybe Team 2 weeks ago

    You messed up the G at 15:39

  • CooingThatguy 2 weeks ago

    All the nostalgia… I remember watching this when I was younger… Thanks for all the joy, Stampylonghead

  • ** CENSORED ** 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe I watched this mini porn hub when I was 6 Last Words

  • SonicForcesInfiniteFan2018 2 weeks ago


  • Topi Heikkinen 2 weeks ago

    Continue terraria plz

  • Ava Javan 2 weeks ago


  • Annette Long 2 weeks ago

    You should not call it bingo you should call it blue bingo

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