Part 589 –

Welcome to my Let’s Play of


  • Pusheen wont stop eating meh donuts :c 1 month ago

    This video is a long video of entertainment 😀

  • Todd Olsen 1 month ago

    In the title u can see stamps in the background

  • Kaleb Gaston 1 month ago

    Stampy you’re awesome

  • Boston Celtics 18 1 month ago

    Play fortnite

  • Stan Waqaniboro 1 month ago

    Hey stamps it’s my first time commenting to your video I’ve been watching it for 4 yrs but i know I wouldn’t get pick so I hope I get picked

  • laura ciaramaglia 1 month ago

    this was a long vid

  • Stan Waqaniboro 1 month ago

    Give me a thumbs up if you want stamps to play fortnite🙏

  • Camden Craft 1 month ago

    You were the first person I watched on YouTube I have been watching you for as long as I can remember soon in February is my eleventh birthday and I watched you since I was six or seven years old and you are my most watched channel on my phone and TV I love your channel and I don’t want you to stop any time soon so keep up the good work team stampy for life😺👍🏼🔶◽️🔶◽️🔶◽️🔶◽️🔶◽️

  • tommy magnan 1 month ago

    your my favorite youtuber and i always talk to my sister about if i was one of your helpers. and i have my own character and i named it Payton penguin

  • Rosenda Odrada 1 month ago

    Stampy have you go to philipines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • joel santiago 1 month ago

    I didn’t realize how long this video turned out but I felt it was only 5 minutes

  • Helen Johnston 1 month ago

    Hey stamps i got a joke
    What did the scarf say to the hat
    Answer: I’ll hang around here and you go ahead

  • Parakie Reindeer 1 month ago

    i watche3d the whole thing

  • Ruby Gaming 1 month ago

    I didn’t think he still did Stampys Lovely World❤️

  • Lily Alnwick 1 month ago

    Hey stamps im not asking to be in your love garden but can my name be on a sign in the love garden? 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯😂❤🐯🐯🐯

  • Joe Heather Balkissoon 1 month ago

    Remember me stampy I gave ypu ideas and ypu said you would do them but you didn’t YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!

  • ExtremeChairzardYT Roblox/Minecraft 1 month ago

    Stamps u inspired be to start a YT channel

  • Frostyflytrap 1 month ago

    That’s such a fun looking turn-based game. Might be a great board game too. 😀

  • Paige Selva 1 month ago

    I used to watch you so much. Lost interest hehe


  • TheFancyPheonix :3 1 month ago

    As a name you could call the game blob breaker!!

  • Jodie Pratt 1 month ago

    Stampy, You should build a church, have the outside stone bricks and the inside wood

  • Kelsey Ferguson 1 month ago

    stampy i did something I’m called frank inglis and drew a pic = )

  • Unturned Streams [Not Up Yet] 1 month ago

    can i join your discord pls

  • Jonah Melson 1 month ago

    why do you never use paths

  • Hundredy acre Woods 1 month ago

    36:00 i was shouting at stampy

  • Ender Snow 1 month ago

    Rename it blobs

  • Banana Pepperz 1 month ago

    did anyone else have lag?

  • cute monkey 1 month ago

    Who was seeing Stampy in the backround of the picture of the video.

  • Connor Bentinck 1 month ago

    When will you play with squid again?I have good memories of watching your old videos playing with squid. Good times…

  • Monger Family 1 month ago

    ❤️u stampy

  • Little Kelly Minecraft MCPE 1 month ago

    What is the most nice stamp that eats cake ?Stampy cat

  • Hannah Kachelries 1 month ago

    This was uploaded on my bday

  • Harsha Attanayake 1 month ago

    Is the audio slowed down or is that just my phone?

  • Normal Stella :3 1 month ago

    You were one of my first minecrafers I’ve ever saw! You made me love minecraft. And people dont rlly see me as a gamer but inside i rlly am…thanks stampy. Also ive been her since episode i think 7 😂 love u stampy!

  • Zane Kuma 1 month ago

    Do you still play on the Xbox 360

  • FlowerQueen 1 month ago

    Stampylonghead, LDShadowLady, GamingwithJen, and PopularMMOs are my favorite youtubers!! LDShadowLady and I have the same birthday – October 7th!!!!

  • Agent P 1 month ago

    I love your videos and are always fun to watch

  • cadisfamily 1 month ago

    Who else saw stampy’s in the backround of the thombnail

  • Haroon 1 month ago

    Join my server or else I will cut all your hair with peanut butter

  • Emilyx33x 1 month ago

    whaaaat? 42 minutes… Is this a zoella vlog?

  • SLIME FUN!!! 1 month ago

    I have just watched a video were you made a wishing well you should use it to get rid of hit the target and veefer dash

  • SCRATCHYBIGEARS321 1 month ago

    I’ve been ill all week and I have been on my sofa watching you the whole time thank you for making videos for us all to watch 😊

  • Laura McDermott 1 month ago

    Stampy stampy you are amazing Stampy’s stampy I love you you’re my favourite YouTuber forever!!!

  • nancy sampson 1 month ago

    in your cloths shop change the manicins to armor stands

  • nancy sampson 1 month ago

    u r my favorite youtuber

  • Kitty cat 1 month ago

    Fizzy pop

  • Kacper Krzeczek 1 month ago

    build a chest club.

  • Lil Bee 1 month ago


  • rocket legend 1 month ago

    Dame I just looked at how long the video is going to be

  • Saodan 1 month ago

    dead channel

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