• Shadow Striker 3 weeks ago


  • Digital 3 weeks ago


  • Yazoo Productions 3 weeks ago


  • Shoyka Shoyka 3 weeks ago

    14 th

  • yasser ach 3 weeks ago

    Gays everybody its for real i see on amazone that you fan pre order it and it Côme out on the 3 october

  • Nitrous XP 3 weeks ago

    Xbox one x is shit

  • Mr dalek 3 weeks ago


  • Anime Master 3 weeks ago

    Beta was working yesterday but now whenever I try to open it it just crashes

  • Sapphire65 Gaming 3 weeks ago

    23rd comment

  • 인챈 TV 3 weeks ago

    Eckosoldier, you are helping me so lot with your video and I feel thank to you

  • TheSpider Master 3 weeks ago

    Xbox one x is the best

  • Laakea Varronlipe 3 weeks ago


  • 100 subscribers with no video challenge 3 weeks ago

    get me to 100 subs for no reason what so ever

  • iLegiTy Xipots 3 weeks ago

    can i share my world with my friends?

  • julie jelniker 3 weeks ago


  • Coach. Frank 3 weeks ago

    When will all of the texture packs and skins be put in the new Minecraft

  • Ollie Playz 3 weeks ago

    As u can get command blocks in the new Minecraft, does this mean you can generate command block creations?

  • Dustycrane 147 3 weeks ago

    Soooo This is a eatting live stream because every 5 sec out talk about food or eat food

  • Monarchy 3 weeks ago

    Does that mean we can use /commands?

  • Best watch 3 weeks ago

    Ill give a big hate for mojang why is the update not for xbox 360

  • TheBlackUnicorn 3 weeks ago


    1. Can I Host and Build My Own Server On PE and Play on Xbox

    2. Can I Use PocketMine plugins

    3. IF not to nun of these is the command blocks same as pc because I code with those and I could just use realms and command block my world

  • Mario DoesanyThing 3 weeks ago

    Do you need Xbox live and is this Xbox one

  • -ItzzPaigee- 3 weeks ago

    Is it for ps4 aswell

  • Gold x Coyote 3 weeks ago

    sometime can we make a survival world? ive never really grinded one because i can never make an insane world like yours is

  • DaRealistOnes 3 weeks ago

    How I get the beta on Xbox one

  • destruction domination master 80955 3 weeks ago


  • Swags Drawing channel 3 weeks ago

    ECKO Stop eating Xd or else u will turn into robin the pig lol

  • Little Homie 3 weeks ago

    Ecko make a Minecraft 3 am vedio

  • mohammad yasin 3 weeks ago

    I cant login in mcpe 1.2

  • mohammad yasin 3 weeks ago

    Ecko help

  • ender king 47 extreme 3 weeks ago


  • miniCooldude Zuniga 3 weeks ago

    PS4 fans be hatin

  • Alpha chan 3 weeks ago

    This updates look cool guys do u see da pick axe is beating lol lel hahahah lel

  • Izzy Allen 3 weeks ago

    Your reaction when you ate those nuts lol XD

  • ThiCC Boii 3 weeks ago

    This update ruined redstone

  • Alpha chan 3 weeks ago


  • Yamen Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Pro nightbot in chate live banned all

  • Goku Black 3 weeks ago

    Why isnt the beta showing up for me in the xbox insiders app

  • Garrett Shine 3 weeks ago

    Roses are red
    Vilots are blue
    I really want 1.2

  • VIPBlacklistYT - YouTUBE 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft Xbox One Edition

  • MERKNinja15 3 weeks ago

    For those who have the problem where they can’t play any games because of a error alert code just uninstall the Xbox insider app and restart your Xbox you should be good to go

  • Hero Beatbox 3 weeks ago

    is this beta for everyone?

  • DraGz Gaming 3 weeks ago

    How do you get custom skins?

  • Logan Iain Bishop 3 weeks ago


  • Catsforlife 101 3 weeks ago

    Leave a like if your like me and love minecraft! Or leave a dislike if your like my friend and hates minecraft with all of your life…

  • William gaming 3 weeks ago

    eckosolier can you make a how to ,to get into the beta

  • Pugeon535 3 weeks ago

    Will pe get the nentendo account sense the switch gets better together

  • Esmeralda Reyes 3 weeks ago

    Everyone knows it is out for Xbox what happened to iOS getting 1.2 what is 1.2 just for Xbox and android and windows 10!!!!! WHERE IS THE BETA FOR IOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Traktaz 3 weeks ago

    I have the digital version, but I can’t find the beta in the xbox insider app. What the hell? 🙁

  • Sklyne 3 weeks ago

    Is it good idea to play Beta as my main survival instead of console edition?

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