Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Aidans amazing channel 3 weeks ago

    Stampy is a cat not in a hat he’s funny not a bunny
    Stampy your amazing

  • Daisy Chua 3 weeks ago

    Stamps why do you not get elytra? It’ll make your life getting around much better

  • GreenAsh06 3 weeks ago


  • Gaming lover-Mariokart,Roblox and more 3 weeks ago

    Odd one out

  • Bladimir Espinoza Flores 3 weeks ago

    I have watched his videos since I was four really late comment

  • Ballistic Cinema 3 weeks ago

    Damn he still plays this game its been a min

  • fortnite game play 3 weeks ago

    I have bean subed from 3 years

  • Cool Phantom 3 weeks ago

    You are a blast in youtube

  • FoxGamerNL 3 weeks ago

    😃😃😃😃like jou are die best joutjoeber

  • Creeper 745 3 weeks ago

    Play fortnite

  • iiGracey_LoveXx - Fun Gameplays - Mostly Roblox 3 weeks ago

    Stampy you have gotten so far in your videos. Congratulations… You were the first YouTuber I ever watched. Ilysm stamps.

  • Acf studiosTM 3 weeks ago

    Omg I remember watching you years ago wtf happened

  • Joshua Mclean 3 weeks ago

    What do you use to record your Xbox 360 lovely world???? I have xbox 360 and wanna know what you use to record it as i wanna try and record some things on my Xbox 360 but don’t know how to

  • Jon Mark 3 weeks ago

    Love your vids

  • Greig Anderson 3 weeks ago


  • Eris The Pianist 3 weeks ago

    My mum and sister is being rude to you Stampy because of your voice

  • Jillian Brunelle 3 weeks ago

    I miss your videos I haven’t watched you in 4 years I miss it

  • I Am Dat Boi 3 weeks ago

    Play Terraria it’s been updated

  • Ass Sylvester 3 weeks ago

    Stampy think you for making me logging for 4 years

  • Corsa VXR Arctic 3 weeks ago

    play roblox retell tycoon

  • Matthew Hill 3 weeks ago

    My guess is that Stampy’s helpers are in a party with him but they have their mics muted???

  • AMYY P 3 weeks ago

    haha i used to watch you all the time and you still make videos! that’s amazing lmao, keep it up, you are so funny and entertaining!! 💛

  • Creeper Dragon7 3 weeks ago

    I get it now the parrot in the last few episodes they couldn’t tame was cuz it was hit the targets robot parrot the parrot is also seen in this episode trying to spy on stampy

  • Dotterbear 6420 3 weeks ago

    Hey stampy!its been a few years since I last washed you videos!I see you can still make me smile.your wold has gotten a lot bigger but still not a lot has changed,im glad

    I do believe last time I watched a video I was around 8.I’m almost 13 now.just popping in to say hi,and see what’s all going on.

  • Trudy Williston 3 weeks ago

    Play fortnite do the take the l move or the fresh or make it rain $$$$$$$

  • Joseph Clancy 3 weeks ago

    Make an iron farm to make lots of iron for this game!

  • Isaac Jordy 3 weeks ago

    Only 68k views?

  • ASSASSIN PVVP 3 weeks ago

    The bests YouTube all the would

  • Sam Francomb 3 weeks ago

    the parrot is HTT’s pet

  • Kaden Langley 3 weeks ago

    I love your videos:)

  • Rose Schild 3 weeks ago

    You should make a riding stable then make a big competition venue once you’re done

  • Awesome Gamer landon 3 weeks ago

    I love your videos I’m working on building your house

  • Awesome Gamer landon 3 weeks ago

    Cool game

  • Dr. Dawg 3 weeks ago

    I feel so bad for stampy. He’s going to have to switch over to bedrock because Xbox one will not be receiving update aquatic on the console version, and only on the bedrock version.

  • WildPawz Gammer 3 weeks ago

    hi stampy you make a awesome mincraft lets play video see wut i did there

  • Willy Fox 5 3 weeks ago

    I’m gonna call it BOOM!

  • Alexander Sharp 3 weeks ago

    At 46 who saw fizzy

  • LokiLands 3 weeks ago

    Today is my first stampy video anniversary! My first stampy video was What goes up.

  • Frosty Hillz - gaming 3 weeks ago

    Lol all veiwers are 9 lol

  • karl hodgson 3 weeks ago


  • gaming scott 3 weeks ago

    i feel bad for stampy he is the worst at his own game

  • Owen Stockton 3 weeks ago


  • Owen Stockton 3 weeks ago

    Terraria is fun

  • Owen Stockton 3 weeks ago

    Terraria I have watched all of them twice please don’t call me stupid but Terraria

  • Happy Happy 3 weeks ago

    I predict that this Christmas, htt will manipulate Santas pollybot and Santa will get attacked by htt and pollybot

  • Xx calebkav xX 3 weeks ago

    Remind me why hit the target wants his dogs

  • yeah boi 3 weeks ago

    I hope stampy will put his world online so we can play his funland

  • Angus Bennetts 3 weeks ago

    Hey Stampy. I have a suggestion. You should make a game about breeding all the animals in the game, but make it based on luck. 😜

  • BIOPRO 101 3 weeks ago

    so there is only 76k+ minecraft player and 2k loyalist of minecraft player

    but ur voice though seems different i mean i watched you in ur minecraft episode 20+ till 120 and ur terraria series.

  • Jim Falla 3 weeks ago

    Get squid back

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