5 Exclusives to expect from Minecraft in 2018 For Minecraft Xbox 360,


  • ACookie1235 3 months ago


  • Shot Goat 3 months ago

    I want stone cutters

  • David Gobert 3 months ago

    I wonder if the ps4 will get more exclusives one day.

  • Garret Hodgson 3 months ago

    I didn’t know that stonecutters was even a thing in minecraft

  • the Iron wolverine 3 months ago

    What do stone cutters do

  • The Cartographer 3 months ago

    *Thr Future Of Minecraft Console Is Getting Brighter*

  • TheGracefullyFallen 3 months ago

    All I want is the barrier block at this point!!!

  • UnhappyTurip 17 3 months ago

    Go to My CHANNEL!!! PLZZ

  • Plenty Cobble 3 months ago

    Stone cutter block is best block

  • Brandon Gross 3 months ago

    They should make it so when you are in a caldron filled with a potion it gives you the effect, and if you pour multiple potions in a caldrons you can basically make a lucky potion from the lucky block mod.

  • Ricky Thomas 3 months ago

    Q: Do we get text chat in the Switch version too?

  • Air Elemental 3 months ago

    I think people playing ps3/xbox360 should stop complaining and upgrade from their 10 year old console

  • CrazyChris YT 3 months ago

    Wow I love the monster spawner I rally do hope they add it

  • jaxon tuck 3 months ago

    Why would you not just update to bedrock

  • Anthony Usery Jr. 3 months ago

    I’m so glad you don’t work for mojang, thumbs down!

  • Christian Myers 3 months ago

    I still dont understand why we cant mine spawners with a silk touch pickaxe, in any version

  • The unknown rex 3 months ago

    The falling snow layer is horrible, it just doesn’t seem right

  • Nathen Rose 3 months ago

    Why were the horse models reverted back to the original?

  • I3looy Xx 3 months ago

    It’s in PS4 or not

  • MiniMiner2002 3 months ago

    The search thing I don’t need I’ve been playing so long I know we’re all the items are

  • Play_With_Kristóf 12 3 months ago

    snow and decay potion are cool

  • Ciaran Reeder 3 months ago

    I only just noticed that the better together version doesn’t have shrubs I really wanted them for a haunted house but they weren’t there ;( yes I do use them

  • Tomohawktheduck 5 3 months ago

    Will Java get the pe and console edition exclusives

  • DGgamer 3 months ago

    Idk if it is just me but toycat is going downhill no mean harm dude

  • super jedi player 3 months ago

    i would actually really like stonecutters as decorations.

  • Toby Fungus 3 months ago

    You can actually collect snow layers in survival the same way you collect dragon eggs(dropping it on to a glass pane etc.)

  • dom Gaming 3 months ago


  • Slayer65 3 months ago


  • MartinPlayz V2 3 months ago

    u sound like Grian

  • EwanGaming 3 months ago

    1. Snow layers affected by gravity
    2. Mob spawners in creative
    3. Creative search bar
    4. Wither splash potion
    5. Wither arrow

  • Llama craft 3 months ago

    Papyrus music for the outtro?

  • Toycat’s Words of Wisdom…


  • ZeroGaming HQ 3 months ago

    Eeeewww Toycat we already know of these features please if your running out of ideas make minigame videos on Xbox or sonething

  • Clark Gerard Peña 3 months ago

    “If you become an Archaeologist, your carrier will be in *ruins.”* Nice one, Andrew. :p

  • Ben Vlogs 3 months ago

    You talk too fast therefore i dont understand you and therefore i cant know whats coming

  • Bibasik7 3 months ago

    Cross-platform play with the Nintendo Switch.

  • Golden Thunder 3 months ago

    Toycat what is the bedrock adishon

  • Slippery Noko 3 months ago

    Thanks for all the information about the new things 😊

  • ETHAN KUNST 3 months ago

    If they didn’t remove the stonecutter, then why did they remove the nether reactor core and glowing obsidian? Those two are better building materials than the stonecutter.

  • Tom Blasius 3 months ago

    I have Minecraft console edition.

  • Zebbie Zebra 3 months ago

    Yet end overhaul killed frame rate when dragon shoots his breath, so much for maintaining a constant frame rate.

  • Tom Blasius 3 months ago

    are you playing in pe tomcat?

  • JakzTheMan 3 months ago

    Is PlayStation getting this update

  • Matty.D Parker Vlogs. 3 months ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! 2018!!!!!!

  • I’m on Bedrock, and I didn’t know about the mob spawners. I might have to find a way to get them in survival without feeling too cheaty.

  • Alex Monterrosa 3 months ago

    Imagine you could dip the sword into potions… that would be really cool

  • Daniel Pierz 3 months ago

    You got the same creative inventory as me

  • Jesus Lopez 3 months ago

    for once toycat stop talking for like a decade and get to the things ur going to say in the video instead of saying how much ur happy this is coming into the game

  • Insane. Gamer71 3 months ago

    I had a idea that when you’re on hard on Minecraft if you get hit twice by a zombie you get infected it will last 20 seconds and if you’re in multiplayer you’ll attack the other players

  • Eonjet Pretzel 3 months ago

    900th like!

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