Information about title update 60 or whatever the next survival


  • kenny ryan 4 months ago

    quick, everyone complain to mojang to add updates to xbox edition

  • One Crafter17 4 months ago

    Why did you turn off view bobbing?

  • Nightfighter2468 4 months ago

    When is the ps4 getting shields

  • Ryurious 4 months ago

    I think we need an optimisation update. It would make all versions work better: -less lag -less glitches/bugs

  • Ryurious 4 months ago

    *addon to next comment to 4J* maybe they should add a new minigame: boat racing. It will be pretty easy to create.

  • RagexPrince 683 4 months ago

    will it ever get commands???

  • Gene Johnson 4 months ago

    Please turn view bobbing

  • WhiteExplosion Gaming 4 months ago


  • John and John 4 months ago

    Wait there’s a TU60

  • Teammate43 4 months ago

    ToyCat, what do you think that the next boss will look like/how to get the boss/what will it drop?

  • Landon Russell 4 months ago

    It’s 1.8 all over again

  • Storm Creek 4 months ago

    No toycat the consoles are not up to date with pc they are further away

    You are missing the combat update, shields, dual wielding items that were unavailable to be used and others

  • 37384738 4 months ago

    I would like that but we need a bug fix update bc it’s to laggy on my console in some spots in my world only?

  • 37384738 4 months ago

    I would like to see a new mini game for console my favourite is skywars if they did that I would love the game

  • Otters Love To Draw 4 months ago

    I really don’t like the new better together update!
    I have so many memory’s with the Xbox version of minecraft and all the old tutorial worlds and things I’ve built in it!
    R.I.P Minecraft console – killed by – Minecraft pocket edition 😥

  • feijaou 4 months ago

    Well toycat since u have nothing to do with mc console can u help me with Minecraft trophies Ps4

  • Mine Pass 4 months ago

    QnA why can’t we add add-ons with a USB stick?

  • Levi Bain 4 months ago

    Not sure if this is a secret feature or when they added it, but I haven’t seen you mention it so… when you place a map in an item frame it marks that spot on all item framed maps. ( but not hand held maps ) so it’s a way of placing markers on maps.

  • Rick Harrison 4 months ago

    I never play minigames, they are boring and repetitive.

  • Winter wolf915 4 months ago

    Are we ever going to get the mob spawner block in Minecraft consoles in the creative side

  • Master builder 4 months ago

    In my ps3 my mini games has custom mode and you can customize the mini game its cool

  • Dainternetdude 4 months ago

    1.13 Is backend java stuff it won’t be coming to console

  • Trainable Book 4 months ago

    Qna what happened at the beginning of the video?

  • Laura Ward 4 months ago

    What IS a survival update?

  • THE BAT TV 4 months ago

    TOYCAT WHEN WILL YOU PLAY YOUR SURVIVAL WORLD ON XBOX VERSION ON BEDROCK EDITION(seems like you lost alot of your world by playing on xbox 360 version!!)

  • Super_Dev 4 months ago

    When you refer to the console editions, why do you put something like Xbox 360/PS3, Wii U/Switch, or PS4/Switch?

  • Cookieglue 4 months ago

    Toycat, can you please turn view bobbing back on? I feel nauseous.

  • Fraser Stout 4 months ago

    Ewwwww, toycat put your view bobbing on, you’re embarrassing yourself

  • Nightmaregamer 1212. And gameradx 4 months ago

    Cool that 360 and ps3 and 4 are getting updated

  • riflery 4 months ago

    Well when will we get the New combat, Shields, Duel wielding, or the New hunger and Health system? (Hunger lasts a lot longer and health regenerates much slower) A&Q Q&A PSA

  • Elijah Louis-Seize 4 months ago

    stuff we still need: shields, full dual wielding, *arm*or stands, hit cool-down and hardcore mode

  • JCC-GameM 4 months ago

    I WANT NEW BLOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Cavitt 4 months ago

    What about those that are still playing on the Xbox 360, do you think they will add a way to transfer directly from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One Bedrock Edition (since the only people who can access the old Xbox One Edition are those who had it before the switch to Bedrock)?

  • Gamer Galaxy 4 months ago

    I don’t know if Minecraft even has a future, especially thanks to the Better Together

  • Ben Gill 4 months ago

    How about armour stands have arms on this version pls

  • tizgamer074 4 months ago

    Q When is the super duper graphics pack coming out that’s the only big thing I’m waiting for right now

  • snip snap 4 months ago

    Why do I even read the comments? Most of them are just…toxic

  • Nathaniel Nugent 4 months ago

    Hey Ibxtoycat will they fix the spawn points for creative cause when I do a creative world and do a map and change the spawn point to a certain location its in a totally different place hope they fix it

  • The Duffinator 4 months ago

    If they think ps4, Xbox dead then add the combat and shields just give us that since they want everyone on better together just make the ps4 like pc

  • Glitchy 4 months ago

    What a Super Duper Awesome video!!! Great job, ibxtoycat!!! Loving the videos!!!!!

  • Aftor999 4 months ago

    We need mods!

  • What’s supposed to happen to 4J Studios after the Bedrock edition finally “takes over”? The console edition of Minecraft is what they’re known for, I’m curious about what’s going to happen next.

  • icon-reacts 4 months ago

    How could people dislike a video that’s been out for 3 min

  • Frederick Pagliarulo 4 months ago

    I want to dye my cauldron water!

  • Crimbar 4 months ago

    We need a petition for the Xbox 1 Edition back…

  • James Calderon 4 months ago

    Do u think they’ll add the shield in the next update on ps4?

  • FreePenguin5000 4 months ago

    Anyone think that its weird that we were all woried about the last gen not receiving updates anymore, and now the Xbox One isn’t?

  • Nathaniel Redka 4 months ago

    What do you think the new boss mob will be like?

  • Aaron Astle 4 months ago

    add in unlimited item frames and more crafting items and cars!

  • DarkX Matter 4 months ago

    my minecraft broke before summer and i cant get a new one yet put rip in the chat

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