Title Update 65 Is Now Out and available to download for Minecraft


  • Ruby Cobb 3 weeks ago

    Toycat is xbox 360 getting the aqctic update

  • CyberXarex YT 3 weeks ago

    At least add 3 new blocks

  • Leah R. 3 weeks ago

    WHY????????? More paid DLC. No Aquatic Update. I call shenanigans…..

  • TheGold Knight56 3 weeks ago

    Where the hell is the update aquatic for Xbox 360

  • O Tal do Tony :p 3 weeks ago

    *No aquatic* 😠

  • Melissa Cartledge 3 weeks ago


  • N0VA CaNaDiAn 3 weeks ago

    I bought a skin pack but it disappeared when I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it help me please!

  • POTATO MOOSTACHE 3 weeks ago


  • Timothy Pendleton 3 weeks ago

    is xbox one geetting aquatic im just cincerned

  • knuckles 3 weeks ago

    How is a skin pack and a pack exiting?

  • Villager Game47 3 weeks ago

    I got it on ps3 it said 1.71 so I pressed x and now I can enjoy Egyptian my mythology

  • Hangey Cow 3 weeks ago

    how can u get old update on xbox360 aka tu19

  • Gabriel Bague 3 weeks ago

    Ibxtoycat your the best

  • RoboAustin17: The King of Robots 3 weeks ago

    Do u really think that ps3 will get the aquatic update soon??

  • HuskyTheHyena 3 weeks ago


  • HuskyTheHyena 3 weeks ago

    and BTW almost everything has a limit in minecraft… ;-;

  • Emo Kowai 3 weeks ago

    It’s been 13 hours and the update is still not out for the switch

  • Rawley11405 3 weeks ago

    I want xbox one to get aquatic!!

  • boss anti dab police boss 3 weeks ago

    In 🇺🇸

  • Dajon Hollins 3 weeks ago

    Slow down when talk pls I could not here what you said

  • Elite falcon Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Yaaaaaa last gen Isn’t getting aquatic

  • Alexander Moehl 3 weeks ago

    Your such a clickbaiter -_-

  • OctalJet181966 3 weeks ago

    Tu 69

  • Kideo 3 weeks ago

    i want to know does the minecraft xbox 360 editon work on the xbox one – in xbox 360 compability mode ?

  • Tylerlyt 3 weeks ago

    Ps4. Noice

  • lm-fUSi0n TW 3 weeks ago

    essa é a atualização aquática?espero que seja…eu não entendi nada queria que ele fosse brasileiro ;-; … alguém do brasil????

  • Mlg PLANT 3 weeks ago

    When is the aquatic update coming to PS4?

  • Fun terra Dysonic 3 weeks ago

    guys this video has too fast. all i hear is dubbadub dub dub really fast and hub jub lubaber MINECRAFT…

    CONSOLE. FREEE THREEEEE . i don’t think its free and not for all consoles.

  • john loper 3 weeks ago

    LOOOL MINECRAFT console, he talks too fast, and it sound slike hes gonna win for sports. frreee three COnsole XDDD

  • RainyBump206 3 weeks ago

    Right In time for summer!

  • H + A 2 3 weeks ago

    What about strya

  • Foxnova Yakumo 3 weeks ago

    Gonna unsubscribe from toycat since Wii u is never in the title despite it being one of the 3 major consoles before Xbox one, PS4, and switch

  • Soren Xoras 3 weeks ago

    Aaaand that’s what i get for having hope. a bugfix update. ;-;

  • Zora n 3 weeks ago

    Im from Serbia ay will get ps4 pro in summer ay will buy minecraft fifa 18 and other games. If you want to find Serbia its in Europe go right from Italy and right from Croatia and bom Serbia

  • Goodroid 3 weeks ago

    Wow, no aquatic… TRIGGERED

  • PerfectPeanut 3 weeks ago

    How fast do u talk??? 😂

  • MalachiPlayz YouTube 3 weeks ago

    Wait did they fix that if you have many beacon buffs it I’d laggy on my Xbox 360

  • Callum Pears 3 weeks ago

    Really hope they re-continue the xbox edition. I just bought an xbox one and was gutted to find that I couldn’t get it.

  • TheROBLOCrafter 3 weeks ago

    at least this probably isn’t the last update

  • TheROBLOCrafter 3 weeks ago

    who else thought at the start that this was the update aquatic

  • Seminolegamer - Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    The PS3 version is bugged. If you have a enchanted chestplate and leggings on, enchantment bubbles surround you and it looks like you pulled down your pants. It’s odd

  • OwenHelpsMinecraftKids 3 weeks ago

    This reminds me of when the server lagged when unstoppable luck join that one girls world that had lots of beacons that lagged everything Xdddddddd

  • Soccer Tube 3 weeks ago

    When will the update aquatic come out for the legacy

  • xORCSLAYERx gaming 3 weeks ago

    Damn i was hoping it would be the aquatic update well back to modding hopefully it will be out for ps4

  • Kek still no combat update

  • superflashdan ironman 3 weeks ago

    mojang lied to us omg i am really mad

  • Koolnmthegamer 2 weeks ago

    Herobrine was removed from skinpack 1

  • Pixienome 2 weeks ago

    Is this the last update for Xbox360?

  • emeraldYT 2 weeks ago

    Shame on you u wanker

  • Pat Copland 2 weeks ago

    I’ve got the new mash up pack

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