Title Update 58 is out now For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One


  • Donut Pig 4 months ago

    I’ve been liking it

  • John Myers 4 months ago


  • Jacob Masson 4 months ago

    This is the worst update ever. Like there is so much they can add. Like command blocks, the shield, furniture, bed wars, and so many more!!! I mean come on this sucks!

  • Sedew 4 months ago

    It is amazing, I have played it and it changes a lot the gameplay.

    *We still need custom Glide!*
    What about Custom items as Mario Kart?
    Can we have fireworks as a special item for elytras for a boost?

  • Joey Vlogs 4 months ago

    Lets start annoying some players!!

  • Riley Leahy 4 months ago

    Who else feels like revolting? I say we all stick to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
    We can show them the new version sucks!
    Share this idea, like if you agree!

  • Sedew 4 months ago

    Don’t be pessimistic guys, at least we had an update when it was believed that there would be no more in the Legacy Console Edition.

  • Derpy Slimeball 4 months ago

    can i edit my own comment

  • Gamer Whale 4 months ago


  • TheMagicalKey100 4 months ago

    how come the Xbox One gets all the cool stuff

  • Teganthetiger 1 4 months ago

    Need arrow or flash skin pack

  • Ken Donohue 4 months ago

    Anyone else get a Stranger Things add before this video?

  • Apro_zbruh 4 months ago

    They also broke the dispensers

  • Ultimatum _525 4 months ago

    Im happy that its for old gen consoles

  • Ultimatum _525 4 months ago

    Its like our own better together update, i have wiiu

  • Lil' Elf 4 months ago

    Oh….. Yay?…

  • No glide? 1

  • Despicable Davian 4 months ago


  • Bo Dallas 4 Sister Abigail 4 months ago

    Mc sucks now

  • m1n3 c7afty 4 months ago

    A huge blow to Xbox one! PS4 fans rejoice!

  • Evan mindcraft 4 months ago

    I have a code for you its code shut your mouth that made me laugh hard scene from stranger things 2

  • II Bonkers II 4 months ago

    I’d love a rick and Marty pack

  • SkiNinja06 Minecraft World 4 months ago

    So no xbox 1 included?????

  • David Belmontes 4 months ago

    whats your gamertag

  • Dino Days 4 months ago

    There are bugs in the new update you can’t invite friends

  • Raymondoswable 4 months ago

    This is horrible on us Xbox One players this is update so cool and I hate the better together we need to get TU58 on Xbox One, Microsoft just wants to be cruel…😓

  • AD Studio 4 months ago

    i have to update for tu57 and tu58 its ganna be a wile and WHEN WILL THE FIX THE SIGNS

  • Red The Retard 4 months ago


  • ATH//AboveTheHorror 4 months ago

    There’s 104 days of summer vacation
    And school comes along just to end it
    So the annual problem for our generation
    Is finding a good way to spend it

    Like maybe…
    Building a rocket
    Or fighting a mummy
    Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower

    Discovering something that doesn’t exist (Hey!)
    Or giving a monkey a shower

    Surfing tidal waves
    Creating nanobots
    Or locating Frankenstein’s brain (It’s over here!)

    Finding a dodo bird
    Painting a continent
    Or driving your sister insane (Phineas!)

    As you can see
    There’s a whole lot of stuff to do
    Before school starts this fall (Come on Perry)

    So stick with us ’cause Phineas and Ferb
    Are gonna do it all
    So stick with us ’cause Phineas and Ferb are
    Gonna do it all!
    (Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!!)

  • Micah Poythress 4 months ago

    I used to go into snowy areas and set time to night and then pretend i’m Will Byers

  • zombiepig2004 4 months ago

    I have problems with inviteing friends to game I dont know if the update made a bug or not

  • KittyCat Nyan7 4 months ago

    Oh Yay,another skin pack -_-

  • Daisy Green 4 months ago

    When will tu59 come out

  • Bobby cat 4 months ago

    toycat you cnan do infefint lives by pushing left analog stick left when your dieciding how many lives

  • american eagle gaming 4 months ago

    Why is there no Xbox one

  • StinkyB0Y 4 months ago

    I have Xbox one….


  • dat boi 4 months ago

    is that it

  • About 50 Cats 4 months ago

    I hate better together. It wiped out most of my map in sync glitch

  • Bloodreaper8831 4 months ago

    Well… Thanks A lot 4j/Microsoft you just lost about 2,000 players

  • Glitchy 4 months ago

    What an Amazing video, ibxtoycat!! Great job!!!

  • POGBAFANBOY 445 4 months ago

    I know a trick

    Read more

  • Aaron Meeke 4 months ago

    How does he have the stranger things skin pack on Xbox one edition???

  • mazda9624 4 months ago

    Come on! I JUST want them to fix performance on Xbox 360 and PS3. They broke both last gen versions about 2 years ago, and they still haven’t vome back and fixed them. Seriously the PS3 version runs below 2 fps is there are enough signs around…

  • Ron Fringe Church 4 months ago

    Why not Xbox me!!!!!!!!!!! 😭

  • AntiqueAshes 4 months ago

    yes stranger things is a brand new show, lol

  • Ruben Reffell 4 months ago

    Doesn’t pc have the Shields

  • EnderNate124 4 months ago

    RIP Xbox one

  • Rage Blazen 4 months ago

    If you guys stick with the things you used to do on minecraft then its still fun dont think about the updates just stick with old minecraft

  • Jason Mumby 4 months ago

    talk slower

  • Beth Campbell 4 months ago

    will this ever come out for xbox one ? it looks so cool 😐 🙁

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