A new update is out tomorrow!For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox


  • i changed my name to WATERMELON 7 months ago

    Oh cmon just a skin pack and a free map they could’ve done better

  • Jayden Hughes 7 months ago

    Will it stay free

  • Felipe Sanchez Aponte 7 months ago

    toycat: everyone’s going to be hyped for this!
    me: is it build battle!? or did they decide they will not do the better together update?
    toycat: skin packs!

  • That one guy 7 months ago

    Yay new skins now I hiiit my heaad on tthw zkeay boabrdsa eod e

  • Kingsavagekid 7 months ago


  • The MoMo Bros 7 months ago

    Alright, there’s a bug when you set a player’s spawn point, they still spawn at the world spawn point. Sleeping in a bed also gets ignored by the world spawn point. Possible bug maybe?

  • The MoMo Bros 7 months ago

    Also, why not just let the community make the Mini games? That way they never have to focus on making mini games but instead just approve of the creator’s worlds. Minecraft is heavily controlled by the player and people are always forced to go through the hassle of finding people with interesting worlds.

  • The MoMo Bros 7 months ago

    Also, any news on PS4? Like can Sony gets its own servers without crossplay?

  • Marc Charlton13 7 months ago

    To be honest the skin pack is better than the new glider map

  • Carrie Baker 7 months ago

    I want bioshock skin pack

  • gamer 2.0 7 months ago

    psvita and ps3 dosent have glide leader boards if they do can someone tell me how to find it

  • jesee jesee 7 months ago

    Oso on Xbox 360

  • spooky Jim 7 months ago

    Why did I get the notification for this video a day after?

  • True Sense 7 months ago

    -Wow I Don’t Care-

  • The Master 707 7 months ago

    This update is already out…..

  • Zachary Trogden 7 months ago

    U.K. Is in the us

  • Terry Bradford 7 months ago

    you even mentioned the name update in item frames in this video. the people who texted you that stuff obviously didn’t watch your videos all the way through.

  • THE UNKNOWN 7 months ago

    And for xbox one better together uptate???

  • David Holcomb 7 months ago

    why do you talk so fast?

  • n00b sk3w3r 7 months ago

    I don’t have the update ;-; like if you don’t too :'(

  • leathalgamer 6657 7 months ago

    Its the 25 when im posting this

  • Blazeking The king of fire 7 months ago

    Says there is something new

    It’s new skin packs

    *smashes face violently against a wall*

  • Leyton Selkirk 7 months ago

    They patched moded maps

  • JAYZEE2407 7 months ago

    So it’s taken me 5 hrs to get this wtf

  • Battery Toxic 7 months ago

    Not to much people play glide !! We want a frking better update with buildbattle or bedwars minigame or skywars minigame!

  • Ireland Boy Productions Fan 7 months ago

    Glide is not fun bOaoOoOoOoOoO I hate miny games 1lose sub

  • AuctionKey 7 months ago

    I play Minecraft on my Xbox One I can’t join my friend game

  • WillMPB/ /MrPizzaBoy57 7 months ago

    I thought it was going to be the update where all systems combine together

  • Noctus 7 months ago

    Why is this even coming to last gen they can barely even handle minecraft in general why add more

  • Kinane864 7 months ago

    I was so exited then when u said a new skinpack I just wanted to throw my ps4 into my pool😡.

  • DKA. GAMING/ART 7 months ago


  • Luke 7154 7 months ago

    So are we ever going to get any more texture packs, or nah?

  • Escope 7 months ago

    You talk to fast

  • Tristan Collins 7 months ago

    I hate glide

  • ZombieZapper 7 months ago


  • Abraham 2.0 7 months ago

    Worst mini game ever why not servers or bed wars

  • MrSevenjr 7 months ago

    I’m sad

  • Forza Fighter 7 months ago

    What a stupid update

  • ice fire wolf Wolfe 7 months ago

    Im cryin cus its so dumb

  • Miss Espeon 7 months ago

    Me: New update tomorrow, yaaaay!!! I hope it’s mods
    Toycat: The new update is gonna be a glide map!!! Oh, and as an added bonus, a new skin pack, Yaaaay!!!

  • MagicBapples 7 months ago

    Finally 1080p for the switch I was getting sick of how bad it looked 👌

  • Lightning Brigade 7 months ago

    I want my shield with my sword in xbox1.

  • TracksJosh 7 months ago

    come ON 4J! Me want Command Blocks.

  • Master Wallace 7 months ago

    I wana kill myself I was hyped😧👌

  • Alexidous Of All Time!!! 7 months ago

    Who’s exited for the better together update?

  • Bait Click 7 months ago

    I thought TU57 was the combat update

  • Lemon Leader 7 months ago

    saw the update

    y u disipoint

  • DooDoo Gumball 7 months ago

    When are shields coming out for the ps4?

  • Karen ORiordan 7 months ago

    I know a Seed which will blow your minecraft the seed is ocean it has 7 Islands 5 oceans monuments 1 woodland mansion 1 witch hut 1 village and unknown amount of crosses

  • fnaf fan 7 months ago

    pleas tell us when they will add illusion blocks I really want and will play Minecraft alot me so pleas btw love u vids

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