TU60 JUST RELEASED! For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One &


  • Nick NeverMinds 5 months ago

    Bruv, why talk so fast :/

  • Drew Woods1703 5 months ago

    I’ll just tell myself that the dab for my armor stand is just a attack or blocking motion

  • L.T.C LoganTheCreeper 5 months ago

    Toycat Check out the zombie and skeleton horses

  • TheEmeraldShaft 5 months ago

    I remember when I first subscribed when it was like TU20 or when Toycat was like at like 180,000 or 250,000 subscribers

  • Takamator 5 months ago

    The new horse model sucks.

  • Takamator 5 months ago

    We could really use a feature that allows us to play on any update we want just like pc.

  • BestGamer Eforever 5 months ago


  • Chase Holcomb3 5 months ago

    Can you follow me on Xbox plz & XxRetroBoyzxX2

  • Jp Gaming 5 months ago

    i remember the last video saw was tu 29

  • Devilish Unicorn 5 months ago

    My step sister doesn’t think the horse changed at all she is blind

  • The Underdog TM 5 months ago

    You don’t have to talk so fast calm down

  • Audie Playz 5 months ago

    I can’t express how fast HE CAN FRIGGIN’ TALK

  • Jack Septipie 5 months ago


  • Gage Fry 5 months ago

    Make a tank with the sideways fireworks

  • SmilingFunAndGames 5 months ago

    I would like the video more if you just said the pose update because I’m in the DAB POLICE

  • SmilingFunAndGames 5 months ago

    Mojang realy? Dabbing armor stands But no sheilds?????

    yay they lied and updated the old version. There’s also custom Settings for Tumble and Battle

  • Superaben YT 5 months ago

    Talke slower

  • Clementine 876 5 months ago

    dude why did u make a funky world?

  • Dragon slayer 981 5 months ago

    I just down loaded this update to day

  • Atomic Yardmaster 5 months ago

    HA! GOOD THING ITS NOT ON JAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Insanecheetah 5 months ago

    On my survival world a baby zombie went on a cow I killed the cow it ran and went on another cow and I killed that and it ran on a pig and I gave up ._.

  • AwesomeKevinNewone Playz 5 months ago

    I going to miss it because I’m in
    Vietnam 🇻🇳 I have nothing but my laptop and iPad and that how I type this XD

  • Epicest _gamer 5 months ago

    Idk how to make armor stands dab help plz

  • ninja._. sergio 5 months ago

    I got it

  • IrritatedLemon5 5 months ago

    This update sucks and should be removed

  • lukes party mawson 5 months ago

    I can only do one pose

  • Life As Sophie 5 months ago

    My brothers love minecraft and when the updated it to the servers on Xbox they were so happy and they just updated it now and now they cannot find the servers please help then

  • Shah Khansaheb 5 months ago

    Yaaaaas, Da Dabbing Update

  • Izzy T 5 months ago

    Uh…… what are you saying?! You are talking too fast.😨

  • Amber Mcwhite 5 months ago

    Did they get the saddle crafting recipe yet

  • OFFICIAL ALEX 5 months ago

    Slow down when your talking pls

  • NeZoX 5 months ago

    сука тибе пезда диктуй нахуи атрес блядь, кликбойт сраный

  • Trevor Phillips 5 months ago

    Armor stands aint dapping he just saying they are cuz he dont know its a attack pose

  • Kayden Mendiola 5 months ago

    I have this update it’s also on ps4 and I’m on ps4

  • Kayden Mendiola 5 months ago

    Hey also on this update you can hit wither skulls at anything and how
    You punch like you punch gast fire ball

  • david garrido 5 months ago

    how can you change the poce of the armur stans in the wiiu

  • LUK_3 5 months ago

    This video Really helped me thank-you !

  • Erica The Crystal Gamer 5 months ago

    Can you find a baby zombie on a villager?

  • how to game gamer 5 months ago

    For all of you who Dislikes this video you on Santa’s naughty list lol

  • Jacob Eden 5 months ago

    The update is downloading right now on my console right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Eden 5 months ago

    It just finished

  • potat man 5 months ago

    i think i came from the furture cuz all these things have been here since a few months ago and he even made videos festuring them

  • Edward Vazquez 5 months ago

    Good thing i beat the wither before the update

  • Blue_Husky 1 5 months ago

    Wish we had a choice of choosing what model of horse we want

  • ZayTube 5 months ago

    I’ve watched his videos for so long, that I understand everything he says…. Even when he’s talking super fast

  • ZGAPLAYZ 5 months ago

    how do you change the position of the armor stand in minecraft ps3 edition??? pls reply

  • CASSIE Lennox 5 months ago

    I can’t wait to see mob b this is so caool

  • CASSIE Lennox 5 months ago

    Wene you go in the lava you are orange

  • Anime Girl yt 5 months ago

    Every one listen you asked for new things a better minecraft and we got it and you were all still winging there trying there best I think it’s better if you stop winging and achully support them

  • Israel Fleming 5 months ago

    Wait. Was the ending song from undertale when you fight papyrus?!

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