Release date information and prediction for title update 58, the next


  • JustinFTW1234 1 month ago

    They will add slasher

  • EatSik 1 month ago

    build battle?

  • xX_GOOD/ GUY_Xx 1 month ago

    Wish me luck on my first plane ride on October 20th !!!

  • upper gamer 1 month ago

    Maybe shields

  • upper gamer 1 month ago

    A Halloween glide map

  • upper gamer 1 month ago

    On tuesday

  • Jambusters Womens Institute 1 month ago

    It might be a brand new minigame

  • Jambusters Womens Institute 1 month ago

    I think it will be
    Skywars CUS you made a vid

    About it
    Or a Halloween. Thing
    That’s what I think


    i thought they discontinued it.

  • blackraven441 1 month ago

    i dont know about anyone else im tired of getting mini games cause i dont play them and i think they should add more things to survival or mods

  • Sheep League 1 month ago

    So did they stop updating Xbox one or not?

  • Videogamer303 1 month ago

    if its halloween it can be murder mystery

  • Wendy Siefert 1 month ago

    Ok if this update does not go Xbox 360 I’m gonna be mad

  • Owen Hardy 1 month ago

    Ibx toy cat can you answer my question?the old version on Xbox360 doesn’t get update right?

  • Klemen Hvalec 1 month ago

    I dont celebrate hallowen

  • Toycat's Lawyer 1 month ago

    I know I haven’t comment lately but I’m still here and I’m not leaving!

  • ms 061077 1 month ago

    I play Minecraft on the psvita ibxtoycat

  • dreadcraft plays 1 month ago

    I hate the Halloween texture pack

  • LM10Fan 360 1 month ago

    Murderer mystery is kinda halloween like or maybe a new halloween glide map. a name for the murderer mystery minigame can be mystery killer or something. I would like build off to come rather than a hide n seek or murderer mystery. Its been like 7 months since the last mini game? They have to release a new mini game soon. it took 7 months for glide to come out sooo yeah

  • Davido 10101 1 month ago

    I hate the better together update, why can’t they keep the xbox one edition updated?

  • Donutbigboy 1 month ago

    Maybe the 4j mashup pack will come out

  • 621Chief 1 month ago

    If Toycat goes back and picks up all of those torches he will have all the torches he will ever need for the rest of his life

  • KingRamen1116 1 month ago

    Who even cares about the updates that aren’t Better Together anymore?

  • Marty Mcfly 1 month ago


  • Titan_ Gamer198 1 month ago

    What does IBX mean?

  • Carlos Pitta 1 month ago

    Ni puta idea

  • TheOne TrueHero 1 month ago

    Please murder mystery

  • Kvng Lamont 1 month ago

    Quick Question : Can someone tell me why he’s collecting so much sand ???

  • Vidnatic 1 month ago

    Good to now minecraft PS3 isn’t dead!

  • Mrs. Pyrogenic 1 month ago

    Rip my Old xbox elite. Lived for over 12 years, red of deathed

  • EnderFive5 1 month ago

    If anything the xbox one should still be updated cause it’s new and most people probably got it for minecraft and because it’s one of Microsoft’s creations that have one of their games

  • Meme Lord 1 month ago

    Why would they give a Halloween update on the day of Halloween? That only gives you one day of decorating your world according to the holiday then it’s just irrelevant the next day

  • 303 goods 1 month ago

    Shooting shooting soon as I know what it’s going to be

  • 303 goods 1 month ago

    That comment I was posting was a mistake

  • 303 goods 1 month ago

    SOON SOON is that all to is going to be

  • Desiree Myers 1 month ago

    I thought there was going to be no more updates for Minecraft Xbox 360 guess not

  • Enraged Creations Jacob 1 month ago

    When is it?

  • TheOnlyAedyn1 1 month ago

    Yay that’s my birthday 🎂

  • GutierreZ Niket M 1 month ago


  • Nate Breedlove 1 month ago

    My friend plays PSVita

  • Awesome Sauce 1 month ago

    Try to count how many times he says “Halloween”

  • grocamol 1 month ago

    hope it’ll have efficiency 5

  • Laur_ Wolf_XD 1 month ago

    I know why PS3 and PS4 are not part of the BTU but why is Xbox 360 not part of it?

  • lukeshomeschool 9luke1234 halper 1 month ago

    What in the world you macking

  • Israel Aristide 1 month ago


  • TheCombatWombat 1 month ago

    I swear if it’s the new texture changes…

  • Roblox Playah 1 month ago

    can’t wait!!!!

  • Travis R. 1 month ago

    Hide and seek wouldn’t work… what about prop hunt?

  • Thegameing Artest 1 month ago

    Mom said to go to sleep or she would slam my face into the keyboardhhdxutysdujfhcux446&*: ;-4$$: –5__: ;&$46$fdhxdhhdhctsts#_¥¥€©®^€¢®^®Gfxcv

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