Information on the LAST Update ever For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft


  • Eric pail 1 week ago

    I have Xbox tomorrow none

  • Rot Z 1 week ago

    At least I have a ps4.

  • Sandar Saw Win 1 week ago

    why mojang

  • Mark Shehata 1 week ago

    Minecraft is seriously falling apart

  • ThiccnastyRedneck 1 week ago

    Xbox one?

  • GamerCraft1324 1 week ago

    I see why Sony didn’t want bedrock . so they knew after bedrock came out that console edition would get cancelled so people that want console edition would have to buy their ps4. Cause they knew if they didn’t get bedrock they would continue ps4 edition

  • Rockiecraft! The all in one channel 1 week ago

    Reason I know it’s coming to Xbox one is because I already have it

  • Gamey Centaur 1 week ago

    I’ll trade my account with 300$ of games for one with gold and Call Of Duty: Black Ops zombies dlcs

  • Baconatur 1 week ago

    Just give us custom skins + a few more “commands” for creative + new battle minigame modes. I don’t care for the aquatic update at all, but without a doubt I would pay for custom skins, and it’s safe to say nearly everyone would want commands for creative.

    Drop a hide and seek mode, let players make their own maps for minigames (could only play w/ friends- not a public match), and use the specific items (boost pad, etc.) in their worlds, with the use of host privilege / creative. A copy / paste ability in creative w/ host privilege would be the greatest thing ever.

  • Jaymi Brantner 1 week ago

    mojang obviously goes: “duh, xbox 360 minecraft can like, have update aquatic, but because they r stupid for having lower rated consoles, this is their last update duh.” like if agree

  • NBW Boomstick 1 week ago

    Bedrock fuckin blows on console

  • Gaming Brothers 1 week ago

    I am moving to xbox one today but I have minecraft  xbox 360  donlouded when I move to the one will I still have minecraft but its xbox one edition

  • A guy from Belfast 1 week ago

    Will Minecraft come to PlayStation 5? It may not I think

  • LuCkYL3FtY _14 1 week ago

    Noo, i have a ps3 and my family, is extremley poor, i cant get ps4, well goodbye console. (Cries)

  • where is my shoe 1 week ago

    why do you talk so fast damn

  • Sean Parkes 1 week ago

    Hear him say “time to upgrade!” I think “Oh I can just buy a used 360 on ebay for like $50” then “oh wait….”

  • Kace Johnson 1 week ago

    Aw man, I only have a PS3.

  • krapterjusen 1 week ago


  • Crazy Cat 1 week ago


  • HydralozGaming 1 week ago

    what about the switch

  • Liesel Havenga 1 week ago

    It wont work if only 5% play on console why only update only on ps4 or xbox 1 it just wont work

  • Graciela Tieko Yamasaki 1 week ago

    They should make another bug fix update after this one, wich fixes the new bugs of the new content update and the update also need to make he game lag less, most of my worlds lags too much 🙁

  • Alejandro Mendoza 1 week ago

    wait so the ps4 is getting it but it isnt the last update for them (plz reply

  • I Dont Care 1 week ago

    why would you buy a new CONSOLE for minecraft?

  • White the hedgehog 1 week ago

    Minecraft wii u version is only 2 years old and now will be dead .

  • G Man 1 week ago

    Gonna have to get a switch anyway, Pokemon and all that…

  • Tomasz Puzio 1 week ago

    the last update before the full releace

  • Ash T 1 week ago

    Do we have any news for the Super Duper Graphics Pack?

  • Monster22e The End 1 week ago

    So ps4 is the only console left on minecraft that will keep getting updates sweet

  • Colorless 1 week ago

    So like i got an xbox one for my birthday. My sister bought me minecraft. but like it looks exactly like the aquatic update, but it doesn’t have any of the new stuff. In other words it doesn’t look like ‘old minecraft’ but it is old minecraft. It has the previous update stuff. When i watched my brother play the beta for the aquatic update and i went to go look at my game i was really confused and still am. His normal game looks like old mine craft but mine does not.

  • lamont evans 1 week ago

    The update is never coming out give up

  • Noel German 1 week ago

    People!! It’s better together as long as you have an Xbox….

  • Xero Wing 1 week ago

    Wait so….the wii U, 360, PS3, and PS4 are only gonna get the aquatic update and thats it? So only switch and xbox one will have future updates? Meh. Thats good i guess

  • ryder 1 week ago

    And what about pe?

  • Kirbee 1 week ago

    I play on my phone and sometimes on PS4 (no command blocks in the latter, so I prefer PE)

  • Lapis Septo Flufftail 1 week ago

    As a Java only player i would like to know: What is that thing you’re playing with elytra? I’d really like if we could make things like that on Java, but bedrock is the version they have the minigames and stuff like that, and i assume it’s exclusively mojang that makes said minigames and stuff

  • NeonDynamite18 1 week ago

    X box 2 revives the console edition xD

  • Meghan Marie 1 week ago

    So is the xbox one edition getting cancelled???

  • Spartan X-317 1 week ago

    of all people you’d think Toycat wouldn’t need to recycle background footage knowing how much he plays Minecraft

  • Stevetube 1 week ago

    Just hook your tablet/phone to a tv, get a controller and bam. Free multiplayer without buying gold membership or PS cards.

  • Foxcatgaming 2 1 week ago

    is there a way to get the win 10 bedrock version free if you already own the pocket edition?

  • Heywood Jablome 1 week ago

    Is it possible I could transfer my old worlds on my 360 to my Xbox One?

  • littlewizzle 05 1 week ago

    Wait so is this basically the end of minecraft?

  • Deluxe Burger 1 week ago

    Ps4 club

  • lightinfernoprism 2002 1 week ago

    Dont also forget the new nintendo 3ds edition of minecraft

  • BIG_CLARKY 1 week ago

    Hey, great video.

  • Mhoyag Gamez 1 week ago

    The only good thing that came from better together was command blocks

  • MLG Torch 1 week ago

    Is the Xbox 360 one out?

  • the drake gaming 1 week ago


  • zac_slayer 1 week ago

    Toycat Xbox 1 controolers have Bluetooth so no adapter is needed for phone or iPad and ios I downplay PS but I think they are bluetooth also

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