Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These


  • Sergio Martinez 6 months ago

    the slimes wanted to go inside and test the beds. ( they show up in the window) 😆😆

  • WHY DO YOU SAY ZED ????????

  • youcican minecraft 6 months ago

    stampy do you even feed you dogs and your cat?

  • Hobby Zooey TV 6 months ago

    Stampy I saw bubbles in the water in the dog house

  • AshMilkshake 6 months ago

    Do musical beds!

  • Ava Anne 6 months ago

    For the 1 or 2 people who read this I hope you have a
    nice day/night!! 🙂

  • Joju Barron 6 months ago


  • Kayla Farac 6 months ago

    You should have puppies

  • Ava Anne 6 months ago

    Any body wanna talk

  • Maia Chakif 6 months ago

    Great idea

  • Slippery1 The All Mighty 6 months ago

    Stampy can you make an episode talking about n60sean I know u know him

  • The Chaos Gamer 6 months ago

    You know what I just noticed? All of Stampy’s friends are animals or aliens and all his enemies are people.

  • Maia Chakif 6 months ago

    Make a rainbow hotel!!! 😜🏩

  • Orange Monto 6 months ago

    Build a HUGE bridge over the ss stumpy

  • Caeris Blakely 6 months ago

    Did Bengy die? Cause he was my fav and you never take him anymore…

  • Chloe Gibbs 6 months ago

    Stampy you should name the beds by its colors

  • SweetTerrarian606 6 months ago

    stampy maybe the reason fizzy was tired was because of hit the target and his sleepy sleepy time machine ;]

  • Isaiah Eseller 6 months ago

    stampy I miss watching you, 3 years ago…

  • Nicola Hornett 6 months ago

    Your laugh is creepy

  • Thegamingchiron 6 months ago

    I remember when these vids weren’t laggy

  • Roman boy Playz gamez 6 months ago

    You should use boats as cars and the should be water

  • JonuJonu RB 6 months ago

    Why always Wien you fight with Hit The Target you Dong have enchantet bow??!!

  • Andy Black 6 months ago

    What is your world cold


  • Andy Black 6 months ago


  • Andy Black 6 months ago

    So I can help you on my Xbox360 🎃

  • Andy Black 6 months ago

    Hi 👋 thanks 🙏 🌞🍦⚽️🥅🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏠

  • Andy Black 6 months ago

    Hi poly

  • Richard Swain 6 months ago

    Stampy you have inspired me to do all my builds in my worlds I have also built a bed shop too with you sleeping on it . you are the best you Tuber

  • Lara Burgon lego 6 months ago

    Stampy I think you should carry on building because you are a excellent builder

  • lilmixfan154 6 6 months ago

    My god I haven’t watched a video from stampy in 2 years lol I’m baaaaaaack

  • schahrad zarei 6 months ago

    Ju Not uff

  • Jim Falla 6 months ago

    # save stampy

  • Jim Falla 6 months ago


  • Willow_pup 48 6 months ago

    Stampy said breads instead of beds

  • Short n Snappy 6 months ago

    Make a new slime block trampoline park

  • PA Cuber 6 months ago

    Your noob now stampy, unspeakablegaming is better than you

  • Chris Debling 6 months ago

    Why did the Cow cross the road. . .
    . . . Because it flows in a hotel
    By Sienna Debling

  • Mat Parker 6 months ago

    Stampy make a magic show

  • Angela Bunn 6 months ago

    stamps I’m a big fan I love the world you’ve gradually built -beast warrior 17

  • Vera Elizabeth Colling 6 months ago


  • Jess K 6 months ago

    hi stampy i gust want to said you a the best youtuber because you are

    .a good builder
    .and got great helpers

    and i want to said i want to be your helper because it will be epic. i watched your videos for 2 or 3 year so i think when i wake up am i in stampy’s love garden not get 🙁 and i have a sister how loved stampy too

  • Reisss Pin 6 months ago


  • Louise Gaffney 6 months ago

    hello said james

  • Netrisoft 019 6 months ago


  • Netrisoft 019 6 months ago

    BOUNCY BEDS UNDERWATER BIRIDGE!!!!!!……..or.use.slime.if.you.want.:(…….

  • FirstGamerPlayz 6 months ago

    Is it zed or zee?

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