• Besties World 2 weeks ago

    Noice 😎👌

  • Miles Schley 2 weeks ago

    For find the cure, the world would overpopulate and that the earth would turn into a big ball of fire. How do I know this well SCIENCE

  • Miles Schley 2 weeks ago

    At 18:34

  • CrazyKid 2000234 2 weeks ago

    Jen: Clouds my baby

    But he killed you

  • Gerald Evangelista 2 weeks ago

    Pat can I say to Jen congratulations to Jen for hitting 4 million subscribers for Jen congrats

  • Molly Spiegelman 2 weeks ago


  • Carissa Todd 2 weeks ago

    He wouldn’t be invisible. He would have to walk around naked. It didn’t say his clothes were invisible

  • Proboss_268 boss 2 weeks ago

    I lòooooove you guys and keep up the awesome good work <3

  • life space 2 weeks ago

    I would save the planet because we have a short time because, let’s face it we killed our planet. So I would save the planet so we can have a longer time living and we can advance our civilization.

  • Percy Doucet 2 weeks ago

    Do a TNT mod

  • ASMR GIRL GIGI 2 weeks ago

    Something gonna happen on Friday……

  • Emma Kreutner 2 weeks ago

    I would cure diseases so that all of the people who are dying of a disease can be saved and live their life like everyone. Also I’m fighting a disease that eats away the bone in my knee, so eventually I will have to get prostatic legs. ( Idk if I spelled that right.)

  • ASMR GIRL GIGI 2 weeks ago

    Hey Justin Bieber is not THAT bad.i mean have u listen to cold water?

  • Sarah Digges 2 weeks ago

    Your literally my childhood channel and stampy too

  • Carlos aRthuro AbiOn 2 weeks ago

    Sorry i will wait you in stage

  • Joy De Leon 2 weeks ago

    Cloud is a savvage

  • Joy De Leon 2 weeks ago

    I am akid unlike

  • Bestgammer0193 82 2 weeks ago



  • Bestgammer0193 82 2 weeks ago


    Half way hi

    Done sub me

  • Awakened Bahumut 2 weeks ago

    I would be super fast instead of invisible because if you were invisible you would have to be naked for no one to see you cuz you’ll just be floating clothes

  • The cat gaming universe 2 weeks ago

    18:30 lever not button XD

  • Karthik Rohith 2 weeks ago

    You not kept one point

  • Samaneh Mehri 2 weeks ago

    why don’t you ever again play challenge games

  • Terra Lipp 2 weeks ago

    14:50 I would choose burn to death bc u die faster and if u freeze to death u with have lots of frost bites and u might die slower so thats why i choose to burn to death hopefully it makes any sense

  • minh nguyen chi 2 weeks ago

    You choose imagine bilyapple is a YT

  • BC FireNight346 2 weeks ago

    Hi pat and jen only you can make my day happy!!!!

  • Wolf Be Gaming 2 weeks ago

    10:37 Pat it was a tie because you did option one and so did Jen

  • i would rather freeze to death, i live in michigan already.

  • Coated 2 weeks ago

    you no 2b2t ?

  • MadCraze 18 2 weeks ago

    I would go to the past… I’d finally nail my history test!

  • Ryland COLLISON 2 weeks ago

    This my fav theme park

  • Amber Davenport 2 weeks ago

    Play granny

  • Dragon Rage 2 weeks ago

    Pat how do u die ?

  • Catherine Kirit 2 weeks ago


  • Ella Wright 2 weeks ago

    Come on Pat the Earth needs us SAVE OUR🌏🌍🌎

  • Diamond Boy XD 2 weeks ago

    know everything so you know everything ???

  • Sarah Hatch 2 weeks ago

    Do you guys enjoy your food

  • tiffanyhew123 2 weeks ago

    Cloud the killer XD

  • maria nakahata 2 weeks ago

    jen if your a fish you get eaten by a shark

  • CLoVeR lucK 2 weeks ago

    Pat, an alien can be any source of life. If you found , say, a lizard on the Moon it would be classified as an alien.  Plus, if there is any source of life a planet, (an alien if U wanna call it that) it hasn’t been discovered yet.

  • maria nakahata 2 weeks ago

    no eating you die no sleep you become a zombie

  • randomly kids 2 weeks ago

    Eating and sleeping are my fav things ever like sry

  • Goose playz minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Jen don’t kill bugs. What did it ever do to you. You’re evil

  • TR1CKZST3R42 2 weeks ago

    Pat when the flash vibrates super fast he becomes invisible to the naked eye

  • Bob Bit 2 weeks ago


  • Lps awesome 2 weeks ago


  • Lps awesome 2 weeks ago

    Invisible so i can rob banks

  • Lps awesome 2 weeks ago

    Ger front row seats on the field

  • Ty Kun 2 weeks ago


  • Jasmine Puslednik 2 weeks ago

    u didn’t ad the heads in the first game to ur head collection​

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