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    Boi look at the cover

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    Love you vids

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    Hi love your videos and your my idle

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    Do more like this

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    You guys are the best keep up the good work

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    Cody can u play worlds adrift its a game where u can create ur own flying ship and u can play with friends

  • Javion Crim 2 weeks ago

    Or can u play some more minecraft fortnite

  • Chase Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Do more videos like this

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    Your the best

  • Doctor Dubstep 2 weeks ago

    Zombies fans only in minecraft or anime or cartoons

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    Do some more mod showcase and the mod should be vampirime

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    Oh yes because all rich people have mini guns

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    Do a how’s your daddy video

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    Aw man I was hopping for a real life vid
    But this is fine😊

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    Why didn’t you just use a nuke

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    My name jeff

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    When i saw a helicopter in a forest in this video…dei javu

  • Imran Angell 2 weeks ago

    Helicopter, jet and a tank in a forest reminds me of a bad situation

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    cody this video is alsome 🙂

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    366 1 to 👍👍

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    Cody if you read this please have a massive mob battles Alien versus Predator

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    Do Hide N’ Seek

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    who else thinks Cody and professor pikalis should have staid and saved the creater

  • You sub to me I sub to you 😊

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    You should start a halo craft

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    How do you make a good icon like your own? And to make a good username…

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    You should have helped him

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    I think minecraft is more popular than fortnight.

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    Your a man you’re gonna fight for your life

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    on me

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    Do Rick and Morty ?

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    Pokemon blue n pokemon red

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    how can you do that?how can you take wapons?Im from syria!

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