• Mr.Black Spiderman 3 weeks ago

    Python you should try to defeat the Wither storm 👍

  • francis nicolas 3 weeks ago

    Lol what if the nether star was burned in the lava…..

  • Kempy Bass 3 weeks ago


  • Kevin Ricard 3 weeks ago

    Python combine the leggings

  • Hanah K 3 weeks ago

    I love this series I’m glad it is still going. 🙂 Great video as always.

  • thesonofgerbs 3 weeks ago

    Build a library in to put all your enchanted books

  • Smith Playz14 3 weeks ago

    Python won’t the fish die in the panes in the back and sides of the aquarium where there isn’t water

  • Baynefan 6 3 weeks ago

    Hey python can you show use how to respond the ender dragon

  • Jose Ortiz 3 weeks ago

    Wow just binged watched every episode i was wondering if Python could make a secret minecart system to every place in the world so he could just take a minecart to any place he would want to just a idea ^-^

  • Mónica Santos 3 weeks ago

    Wish I could take Wither down that easy! I suck at fighting bosses 😖😁

  • JaytrayIzhypebay 3 weeks ago

    The fish are at the top of the tank because of the bubbles

  • KING HAYDEN 3 weeks ago

    Make a redstone rainbow beacon

  • Scott Nuttall 3 weeks ago

    hi python i have recently started playing Minecraft again because of you and i dont know when 1.13 is released please can you help me with this😁😁😁😁

  • Rachael Maugé 3 weeks ago

    hey Python, it would be be cool if you go to the woodland mansion between ep 55 and 60

  • Mario12267 3 weeks ago

    Yay! Awesome episode! Those withers have nothing on you! Can’t wait to see the challenges! Yay beacons! But no bacon 🙁 lol. Keep up the good work see you in the next one! Have a great day!

  • jerry dees 3 weeks ago

    python for the dragon egg you should put it on top of two blocks of obsidian and then have lava flowing from that in a pool of lava

  • Pumba Tutorials 3 weeks ago

    Hey! I know this might sound wierd but theese episodes of your minecraft letsplay have an magical feel to them and i just get lost in your mc journey. Sorry for bad english. Much love from sweden <3

  • pe no 3 weeks ago

    You are the most pro player i ever seen

  • sonia deguzman 3 weeks ago


  • sonia deguzman 3 weeks ago


  • Louie Del Tron 3 weeks ago

    Hey Phython, love your videos, I think most people would agree if you fixed the entrance to the zombie and skeleton spawner ASAP, it’s long overdue!!

  • Blue & Hazel 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python! If you mainly use those spiral stairs for your storage/enchanting room, maybe you could do something cool with that!

  • The Gaming Bros 3 weeks ago

    Python instead of blue stained glass you can use light blue stained glass because it is a little brighter so you can see the water better also great vid

  • imperial comedy 3 weeks ago

    Hello there mr python subscribe last week and I see this vid and said ay why not so good job on the project hope you see some of my videos and 1.0000000000000000 likes 4 u

  • EZRA EZRA 3 weeks ago

    python you need to add sea pickles in the aqurium because it lights up the aqurium rather than a dark aqurium also you can see it more clear

  • Uaea Iasona 3 weeks ago

    Python can u plz help me I have a a survival world iv played for about 6 years on and off I transferred it from xbox360 to Xbox 1 and started my map at the moment its 5 by 5 so its pretty big I updated to the new mindcraft that’s in the store at the mo .bring my world all is OK .but I can’t find the new drowned zombie and shipwrecks do have to go out side my wall map to find the new mods I have the dolphins the fish and and the New textured blocks plz can anyone help me

  • Crieeza 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python, You should make a automatic Kelp farm..
    For u dont need to go to a ocean so much! 😀

  • Ulamila Kurai Wragg 3 weeks ago

    I love your vids why don’t you put great grand signs in your town/cities

  • Tolbert Gamez 3 weeks ago

    Are you on easy or normal difficulty?

  • red trix137 3 weeks ago

    Well that was easy…

  • ProGaming 3112 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python, can you make a map room in the mansion? It would be cool and easier for you to see the areas that you have visited. (Please make this the comment of the video)

  • Terraria360 Playerz 3 weeks ago

    It will be amazing if we can download you’re map😁

  • Fanalama 3 weeks ago

    0_o When you take like 2 min to kill 2 withers in vinilla….

    Then remember how a puffer fish killed you easily… We all know the true threat now!!! #FearThePuff

  • Just Billy 3 weeks ago

    i love your minecrfat lets play, i watched it all in just a week! i got a suggestion, how about you make a machine that uses pistons to move stained glasses and changes the colur of the beacon using a redstone clock.

  • Mario McLuigi 3 weeks ago

    In the Minecraft combat handbook it says don’t use regeneration potion or strength potions

  • Denko Coolman 3 weeks ago

    The title is kinda a spoiler coz it pretty much tells u that Python defeats the Wither boss…

  • Dracul Hemming 3 weeks ago

    7 people rooted for the Wither.

  • jesse johann 3 weeks ago

    Python I’ve watched all your episodes started 1 and 1/2 days ago it’s some great content I think you should find slim and create an elevator to your main house instead of running up the stairs it’s a great idea tbh

  • zack falcon 3000 3 weeks ago

    man i forgot to tell you! Remember hermitcraft 5. kill the wither the bedrock way!

  • Tina Harrand 3 weeks ago

    Python, phantom membranes can be used in potions to make “slow falling” potions.

  • LightOrigamipLayZ 3 weeks ago

    Dude that took you literally 5 seconds! That’s a world record!

  • Bauer 3 weeks ago

    For your mansion, get darker windows. Gray or something. The color pallet of the mansion is too light. The white stained glass panes worked with the oak logs, but not with the stripped birch logs.

  • Patty Hull 3 weeks ago

    Make a storage room

  • abhklh 3 weeks ago

    you need to make a stable for your horses 🐴

  • Team Pan!c h0rizon_ 3 weeks ago

    I think you could’ve cheese it better if you did the ceiling trick from Hermitcraft, Python

  • Xavier Littlejohn 3 weeks ago

    Python from me can you start doing shout out please

  • Shadow 3 weeks ago

    Is the “industrial district” the official name?

  • George Gizas 3 weeks ago

    Hey python! I love your vids. Continue like this. I have 2 suggestions . 1 obsitian generitor, 2 decorate the nether.

  • Bauer 3 weeks ago

    Use normal glass for the aquarium. You will be able to see everything more clearly.

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