• Thea & Crainer - Minecraft 1 week ago

    Hey guys 😀 Hope you all enjoy this minigame me and Thea played today. Let me know if you want to see more of it!

    Thanks for all the support guys, love you all <3

  • Phalanx Fury 1 week ago

    Srsly Crainer? With the fake arrows and circles in the thumbnail for views?

  • Sandra Hopkins 1 week ago

    I’m going to DC in one week

  • Riverrain123 1 week ago

    nice video I also do daily Minecraft videos! 😀

  • Luis Hernandez 1 week ago


  • Josh-0-Tron 1 week ago

    Savages shouldn’t say “please “

  • Hassan J 1 week ago

    She didn’t win it all because she got it wrong

  • Christiane Harrell 1 week ago


  • Saim Ahmed 1 week ago

    What do you mean Thea is good you told her some of the people

  • Carla Morales 1 week ago

    That is cute

  • Theresa Hooper 1 week ago

    It is cut

  • Arcane AJ 1 week ago

    It’s amazing please play more😘

  • MattCorps 1 week ago

    That’s cute.

  • You have to do tasks

  • Well you have to do objectives

  • Abigail Como 1 week ago

    that’s so cute Thea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys <3 😉 🙂

  • Sir Ninja 1 week ago

    Im in the average burger squad

  • JazzCat_4TW 1 week ago

    Sitting on a pillow is cute Thea!

  • Jack awsome 1 week ago

    Your a screeching works. If you consider giving me a head ache “working”

  • Sam Savage 1 week ago

    So look cute

  • Evils Eve 1 week ago

    Thea didn’t win the first round it said 1kills not 2

  • Jorge Cabrera 1 week ago

    Its so cut

  • Jared Wilson 1 week ago

    Love your vids

  • unbreakable gamer 1 week ago

    It is cute thea

  • the pug cave 1 week ago

    Its cute

  • Bluey10429 1 week ago

    Thea’s Magic cute pillow of awesomeness!!!!!

  • JackGameingGalexy YT 1 week ago


  • Potatos Poto 1 week ago

    Crainer is grown up now

  • Emorej Forelo 1 week ago

    <3 your VIDS ARE cool

  • Mickey Gaming 1 week ago

    Do the wife swap with ssundee

  • Jose Reyes 1 week ago

    Aww soooo cccuuuttee!!!!

  • Mui Hoon Sim 1 week ago

    Crainer do

  • Mui Hoon Sim 1 week ago

    Crainer do a video that you troll Thea with a scream

  • Kiko Games 1 week ago

    i will never hit that bell becus i heard a fart from Thea XD

  • Christian Lanou 1 week ago

    It is cute lol

  • Nam Nguyễn Hải 1 week ago

    can i ask you somethings? You love each other so when will you get marry and when will you have chilldren ?

  • Xport 1 week ago

    We already new she sat on a pillow, on the woopy cution vid I can’t spell

  • Abdullah Al3DWAN 1 week ago

    Crainer I Got You A Music There is The Name DK-SUPER ULTRA
    If You Liked It Favorite The Comment It Is For Everyone

  • Grainne Neary 1 week ago

    i saw the pillow,that was cute

  • Get Wrapped with Adrian 1 week ago

    Do more crazy craft and savagecraft

  • Evie_ 0h 1 week ago

    Here’s You and Thea yelling and screaming at eachother (playfully) and then Ssundee getting kissed by Maddie on camera XD

  • Kossivi Kpogo 1 week ago

    Fuck this squ

  • Chris Burkel 1 week ago

    crainer u are playing it wrong as a hider u have to complete objectives to win if time runs out u lose

  • Rina Arana 1 week ago

    i Work AT pornhun

  • Leland Reyes 1 week ago


  • Niyana Martinez 1 week ago

    Yes 🐶🐶 we love youThea

  • Aidan Jex 1 week ago

    Yep she’s cute

  • Vy Tran 1 week ago

    Remember when Crainer said Thea was shy and didn’t wanna be in a vid then a month later she’s in a vid and now she’s CRAZZYYY AND FUNNY AND HAS THE NERVE TO FART IN FRONT IF 2,000,000 PEOPLE

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